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    AMMAN TMT steel price is a fixed steel price by the company. It is subject to change with different market and economic conditions. If you are not buying directly from AMMAN Steel, the TMT steel price depends on the supplier you choose as your source of TMT bars.

    AMMAN TMT steel is one of the most popular steel products in south India. When people say AMMAN TMT steel, they are referring to TMT steel bars produced by the AMMAN Steel Group. The company is known for providing quality steel products at reasonable prices.

    AMMAN TMT steel price

    AMMAN TMT steel is officially called AMMAN TRY TMT steel bars. Have a look at AMMAN TMT steel price as per the company’s official website:

    Size of TMT bar Price
    8mm ₹58/per kg + GST
    ₹58475/per tonne + GST
    6mm ₹59/per kg + GST
    ₹59323/per tonne + GST
    10-25 mm ₹57/per kg + GST

    ₹57628/per tonne + GST

    Have a look at the prices of AMMAN TRY TMT steel bars as per the price list of the other suppliers:

    Product Sold by Price
    8 mm AMMAN TRY TMT Bars Soni And Co ₹68000/Tonne
    16 mm AMMAN TRY TMT Bars Siva Amman Agencies ₹88/kg
    10mm AMMAN TRY TMT Bars Muthu Enterprises ₹73/kg
    12mm AMMAN TRY TMT Bar Rajapalayam Steel Company ₹69/kg
    25mm AMMAN TRY TMT Bar Material99 ₹73/kg

    These prices are prevalent at the time of writing. This is subject to change. Please enquire with the manufacturer about updated prices.

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    How to find prices of AMMAN TRY TMT bars?

    Some of the common keyword that construction companies search online is AMMAN TMT steel price per kg today, AMMAN TMT 1kg price near Tamil Nadu and AMMAN TMT steel price. To find the price of AMMAN TRY TMT bars you can check AMMAN Steel’s official website and head over to the ‘Products’ section.

    You can also do a Google search and find out AMMAN TRY TMT prices of different steel suppliers. If you are looking to purchase AMMAN steel and other steel products head to Tata nexarc. With a subscription to our platform, you can get access to a host of steel suppliers who offer certified steel products at reasonable prices. We can also help you with logistics services and deliver steel to your doorstep.

    It would be wise to call and enquire about the prices of the TMT bars with different suppliers before choosing one. Don’t forget to ask for discounts and offers on the purchase to reduce the price.

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    About AMMAN Steel TMT bars

    AMMAN TMT steel bars are made by employing a Belgium-based Tempcore Thermo Mechanically Treated process technology.  According to the company, “AMMAN-TRY TMT Bar is a perfect blend of strength and ductility”. The advantages of AMMAN steel bars are as follows:

    • Corrosion resistance
    • Earthquake resistance
    • Heat resistance
    • 20% steel savings
    • Bendability
    • Weldability

    TMT steel bars of sizes 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm are manufactured by AMMAN Steel. These TMT bars are manufactured as per IS: 1786:2008 and are of Fe500D and Fe500 strength grade.

    Have a look at the chemical and mechanical properties of AMMAN TMT bars:

    Chemical properties
    Properties (%) IS 1786 (2008) Fe500D AMMAN-TRY Fe-500
    Carbon 0.30 (Max) 0.17 – 0.25
    Sulphur, Phosphorus 0.055 (Max) 0.035 – 0.045
    Sulphur + Phosphorus 0.105 (Max) 0.080 – 0.090
    Carbon Equivalent 0.42 (Max) 0.40 (Max)
    Mechanical properties
    Properties IS 1786 (2008) Fe500D AMMAN-TRY Fe-500
    Yield strength (N/mm2) 500 Min 520 – 550
    Tensile strength (N/mm2) 545 Min 590 – 660
    Elongation (%) 12.0 Min 17.0 – 25.0

    Have a look at the weight of different TMT bars sold by AMMAN Steel:

    Section weight
    Section Minimum weight (kg/m) Normal weight (kg/m) Maximum weight (kg/m)
    6 mm 0.206 0.222 0.238
    8 mm 0.367 0.395 0.423
    10 mm 0.574 0.617 0.660
    12 mm 0.843 0.888 0.932
    16 mm 1.500 1.579 1.658
    20 mm 2.393 2.467 2.541
    25 mm 3.739 3.855 3.971

    AMMAN Steel

    AMMAN Steel was started in 1978 in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. It has now become one of the leading steel manufacturers of south India. The company owns and operates two rolling mill plants in Tamil Nadu and an iron making plant in Andhra Pradesh. Apart from TMT steel bars, the company offers rolled steel products and steel billets.

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