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APL Apollo Steel Pipes is one of the leading companies that manufactures steel pipes and tubes. The company makes over 1000 varieties of pipes and tubes including pre-galvanised tubes, structural steel tubes, galvanised tubes, MS black pipes and hollow sections, and so on. This article elaborates on the pricing of some of the popular products from the APL Apollo Steel Pipes.

APL Apollo Steel pipes price list

Steel pipes from APL Apollo Steel are available in different shapes, lengths, thicknesses and materials. Therefore, their prices change. Here is a price list of some of the popular pipes produced by Apollo Steel Pipes. (Prices in per kilogram).

Variety Thickness/specification Price
MS round pipes >1 mm ₹58-63/kg
MS round pipes >5 mm ₹60-70/kg
Mild steel galvanised round pipes 6 mm ₹42-52/kg
Mild steel galvanised round pipe 8 mm ₹42-52/kg
Copper coated black round pipes 3 mm ₹65/kg
Galvanised square pipe 0.8 mm ₹40-65/kg
Mild steel square pipes > 3mm ₹60/kg
Mild steel square pipes >5 mm ₹60-70/kg
Square hollow section pipes 1″x1″ ₹58-62/kg
Galvanised rectangular pipes 0.8 mm ₹65/kg
MS rectangular pipes 1-2 mm ₹60-70/kg
Galvanised rectangular pipes 6 mm ₹55-65/kg
MS rectangular pipes 8 mm ₹52-60/kg
Mild Steel square pipes 10 mm ₹65-75/kg
MS square hollow pipes 12 mm ₹65-75/kg

Note: Prices of steel pipes are subject to change frequently. Therefore, prices are not to be considered as a final rate. It is best to check the final price with the vendor.

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Factors influencing steel pipes prices

The range of steel pipes varies. Here are some of the factors influencing the pricing of steel pipes.

  • Raw material: Although mild steel is one of the key materials used for making steel pipes, it can be of various types of steel depending on the application. For example, pipes made from carbon steel are used in the oil and gas industry while stainless steel pipes are preferred in the medical industry.
  • Surface treatment: Steel pipe pricing also changes as per the surface treatment they undergo. Some of the popular surface treatments include galvanisation, copper coating, and so on.
  • Manufacturing process: Steel pipes are generally made with two different types of manufacturing processes – seamless and welded. Seamless pipes are generally more expensive as compared to welded pipes.
  • Size and specifications: Size and specifications also impact the pricing of steel pipes.
  • Market demand: Steel prices heavily depend on the demand and supply ratio. For example, demand for steel is higher in the market and supply is lesser, prices tend to increase. Steel is the raw material for making steel pipes. Steel prices have an impact on the pricing of pipes.

Tips to procure steel pipes at a reasonable price

If you are seeking to procure steel pipes at a reasonable rate, here are some tips for you.

  • Specifying requirements: Firstly, it is important to understand and specify your requirements. Steel pipes are used for a wide range of applications. However, depending on the use, specifications such as shape, type, length, material, etc., of steel pipe change. For example, steel pipes used for water supply are different from steel pipes used in the transportation of oil or gases. Therefore, specifying requirements is essential.
  • Doing research: It is important to explore multiple suppliers and compare their prices. Sometimes different suppliers can quote different prices for the same APL Apollo Steel pipe. This can be because transportation costs may vary for each one of them. Therefore, it is important to get in touch with multiple vendors before placing an order.
  • Purchasing in bulk: You can negotiate better when you have a bulk order to place. Vendors prefer bulk orders. Therefore, specify the quantity you need. If you are undertaking a similar project in the near future, you can consider placing the order for the project to get a cost advantage.
  • Relationship with the vendor: This is yet another factor that plays an important role. Many vendors offer discounts on repeat orders. Therefore, you can maintain healthy relationships with vendors who offer high quality Apollo steel pipes at a reasonable rate.
  • Timing of order: It is important to place the order well in time. Often, if the order is placed on tight timelines, transportation costs increase. Hence, make sure you give adequate time for transportation.
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APL Apollo Steel Pipes is not only a market leader but also known for quality products. Therefore, the steel price from the company may be higher than other non-branded products. However, it provides assured quality products.