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    Table of Contents

    If you are a civil engineer or a construction builder dealing with structural steel, then you must be familiar with IS 800 or the Indian Standard for general construction in steel. The IS code for steel in India outlines the basic guidelines or rules that all need to adhere by in steel design, steel fabrication and steel construction. It also defines the safety and quality standards that all steel structures need to maintain for consistency across steel construction in India.

    Steel is an important construction material used in the construction of different buildings and structures (e.g., towers, bridges, damns, chimneys). And civil engineers, real estate builders and construction companies all have to consult a number of IS codes for structural steel designs before commencing on a project. As such, if there is any discrepancy or conflict in the design/usage, the IS steel code is considered the guiding principle.

    In this article, we will take a closer look at the list of IS code for steel structures and steel reinforcement and why the IS code set by the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) is important for steel.

    List of IS code for steel in India

    The first thing to understand here is that the IS code is applicable to India specifically. Different countries may have their own quality codes to be followed.

    On that note, let us take a look at the list of IS codes for steel that must be followed during construction:

    IS code Meaning/definition/usage of IS code
    IS 2750:1964 Specification for steel scaffoldings
    IS 432:1982 Specification for mild steel
    IS: 432

    IS: 226

    IS: 2062

    Specification for mild steel of grade I
    IS: 432

    IS: 1877

    Specification for mild steel of grade II
    IS 1323:1982 Oxyacetylene welding for structural work in mild steel
    IS 12093: 1987 Code of Practice for laying and fixing sloped roof covering using plain and corrugated steel sheets
    IS: 2062 Steel for general purposes
    IS: 2090 High tensile strength steel bar for prestressed concrete
    IS: 226 Rolled steel made from structural steel
    IS: 2074 Prime coat for structural steel
    IS: 2932 Synthetic enamel paint for structural steel
    IS: 1566 Hard drawn steel wire fabric for reinforcing concrete
    IS: 1785 Plain hard drawn steel wire fabric for prestressed concrete

    Source: ‘List of referred Indian Standard Codes for civil engineers’

    IS code for structural steel design

    When designing steel structures, there are some Indian Standard codes that need to be kept in mind. Below listed are some of the IS code for steel structure:

    IS code for structural steel Meaning/definition/application of IS steel code
    IS: 800: 2007 Guidelines for general construction in steel
    IS: 802 Part 1: 1995 Guidelines for the application of structural steel in transmission line towers and overhead transmission systems (materials, loads, permissible stress)
    IS: 802 Part 2: 1978 Code of Practice for the use of structural steel in overhead transmission systems/towers (fabrication, galvanising, inspection and packing)
    IS: 802 Part 3: 1978 Code of Practice for using structural components in the overhead transmission systems (testing)
    IS: 806: 1968 Code of Practice for use of steel tubes in general building construction
    IS: 811: 1987 Cold formed light gauge structural steel sections specifications
    IS: 1161: 1998 Specifications for steel tube for structural purposes
    IS: 1730: 1989 Specifications of steel plates, steel sheets, strips and flats for use in structural engineering
    IS: 2314: 1986 Specifications of steel sheet piling components
    IS: 2750: 1964 Requirements for steel scaffoldings
    IS: 2062: 1999 Specifications on steel for general structural purposes
    IS: 3502: 1994 Specifications for steel chequered plates
    IS: 4000: 1992 Code of Practice for installing high strength bolts in steel constructions
    IS: 7205: 1974 Safety code for erection of structural steel work
    IS: 7215: 1974 Tolerances for fabrication of steel structures
    IS: 8500: 1991 Weldable structural steel (medium and high strength)
    SP 6 (Part 1): 1964 Handbook for structural steel sections

    Source: ‘IS Codes for Structural Steel Design’ and ‘IS code for steel: A comprehensive list’

    Note: This is not an exclusive list and there are other Indian Standard codes for structural steel that should be looked into during building construction, designing and structural steel fabrication.

    IS code for steel reinforcement

    There is also a list of IS codes on reinforcement (i.e., bending). Mentioned below are some of the IS codes that one should know of.

    IS code for steel reinforcement Meaning/definition/application of IS steel code
    IS: 432

    (stated earlier)

    Mild steel, medium tensile steel bars, hard strained steel wires for concrete reinforcement
    IS: 1786 Concrete reinforcement requirements for high power deformed steel bars and wires
    IS: 2502 Code of Practice for bending and fixing of bars
    IS: 2751 Recommendations for welding of mild steel plain and deformed bars
    IS: 9077 Deterioration protection of steel reinforcement in RB and reinforcement concrete construction

    Source: ‘List of IS Codes on Reinforcement’

    IS code for steel in India: Why is it important?

    The Indian Standard or IS code for steel is 800 used for general construction in steel. The code has undergone two revisions. The previous version was in 1984 and the latest version in 2007 (i.e., IS 800-2007) released on 22 February 2008.

    IS: 800-2007 is based on the Limit State method of design (i.e., load and resistance factor method of designing structures) which is entirely different from the method used in IS: 800-1984 based on the Elastic method. In lays down the guidelines on the different types of steel, the load to be considered in the design layout, and other details on service requirements that should be included in the design.

    The importance of IS code for steel lies in it being a:

    • Consolidated set of rules based on research, learnings, and historical data to reduce challenges and increase success of construction projects (e.g., using steel in building constructions)
    • Guideline on the use of steel, type of steel and more to maintain consistency, safety and quality in all steel structures built in India

    As can be gathered, it is imperative for builders and civil engineers to follow the IS codes during the construction of steel structures. It is recommended to have an efficient procurement process for steel and other raw materials to ensure that quality standards are met and no design challenges are present.

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    Sohini Banerjee

    Sohini is a seasoned content writer with 12 years’ experience in developing marketing and business content across multiple formats. At Tata nexarc, she leverages her skills in crafting curated content on the Indian MSME sector, steel procurement, and logistics. In her personal time, she enjoys reading fiction and being up-to-date on trends in digital marketing and the Indian business ecosystem.