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To bid for government tenders, you will have to run a CPPP or GeM portal tender search to find relevant tenders. The CPPP or Central Public Procure Platform and GeM or Government e-Marketplace are two platforms where various government departments, PSUs and ministries publish their procurement invitations. Registration on CPPP and GeM portal can be done without any fees and facilitates government e-procurement in an quick, efficient and transparent manner.


As an e-Marketplace by the government, the GeM portal also allows sellers to list products/services on GeM and get direct purchase orders on GeM.

GeM portal tender search – Meaning and overview

The Government e Marketplace or GeM is a common platform for government departments, PSUs, and organisations to procure goods and services online. It promotes transparency, speed and efficiency in public procurement and provides tools for e-bidding among others. Users can find railway tenders, tenders from CPPP, and more in one platform. However, considering the volume of tenders published on a daily basis, users require to filter and find relevant tenders and apply for it in time to avoid missing on new opportunities.

As such, though it is not mandatory to register on GeM portal to view tender notices, it’s recommended to do so. This will allow users to find relevant tenders more easily, without having to browse through numerous announcements. Moreover, building your profile on GeM will also help you to get notifications/alerts on new tender announcements that match your business needs.

On that note, let us understand how to search for tenders on GeM portal.

How to search tenders in GeM portal? Step-by-step guide

In the next section, we’ll discuss the step by step process on how to search for tenders in GeM Portal.  Remember, you can view the latest tender notices on GeM without registration. However, to apply for any tender, you will have to register and login to GeM portal.

Step 1: Visit the official GeM website

Visit the official GeM portal:

This is the official portal and you can find details on the latest tenders by government organisations, locations, and other filters on this website.

Step 2: Browse the portal

  • Browse the top section to find ‘Bids’
  • Select ‘List of Bids’ from the dropdown options
  • View the list of tenders on GeM portal on the new page (new tab):

Step 3: Use filter options to streamline search

This is the ‘Bid Listing’ page and you can use the filters available to find tender opportunities that are relevant to your business.

Available Filters:

  • Ongoing Bids/RA (RA refers to reverse auction)
  • Bid/RA status (this is to check the status of a tender application)
  • By Bid Type: All Bid/RAs, Product Bid/RAs, Service Bid/RAs, Bid to RAs, Product Custom Bid/RAs, BOQ Bids
  • By Bid Value: High Value Bids (i.e., estimated value of bid is ₹2 crore or above)
  • Bid End Date (From) and Bid End Date (To)

Apart from this you can also use:

  • Sort by: This allows you to sort tenders by date, e.g., Bid Start Date: Latest First, Bid Start Date: Oldest First, Bid End Date: Latest First, Bid End Date: Oldest First

There’s also the option to use the search box to ‘Enter Keyword’ and search.

  • Details you can enter in the search box include: Bid number, Department name, Items, BOQ title, Category name, Consignee location (state and city) and Ministry name
  • Refine your tender search further by selecting ‘Contains’ or ‘Exact Search’ from the dropdown (Note – Exact Search will display results with the exact string of keywords you have entered; Contains will display results with the mentioned keywords anywhere)

Step 4: Use Advance Search for GeM portal tender search

You can also use the ‘Advance Search’ link to find relevant tenders on GeM portal:

The Advance Search option is only available for Ongoing Bids, i.e., active tenders. You can search using one of the four available options:

  • Search by Bid/RA details
  • Search by Ministry/Organisation
  • Search by Consignee Location
  • Search by BOQ title

Search by Bid/RA details

If you want to apply to a specific tender, you can enter the Bid/RA number to search for the specific tender notice.

  • Enter ‘Bid/RA number’
  • Select ‘Category’ from the dropdown
  • Enter Bid End Date (From) and Bid End Date (To)
  • Click on ‘Search’ or ‘View all Bids/RAs’

Search by Ministry/Organisation

This option will enable you to search for GeM tenders published by specific ministries and organisations i.e., tender inviting authorities.

  • Select the Ministry or State from the dropdown (any one is mandatory)
  • Enter Organisation or Department (as applicable)
  • Enter Bid End Date (From) and Bid End Date (To)
  • Click on ‘Search’ or ‘View all Bids/RAs’

Search by Consignee Location

The next advance search filter is for consignee location, where you can enter details of consignee state and city.

  • Enter Consignee State (mandatory) and City
  • Enter Bid End Date (From) and Bid End Date (To)
  • Click on ‘Search’ or ‘View all Bids/RAs’

In general, if you are looking for tenders by city and state, check our list of top 10 city tenders and top 10 state tenders to find tender opportunities that match your business needs.

Search by BOQ title

BOQ stands for Bill of Quantity. This is an essential tender document and most tender authorities share a blank BOQ for bidders to fill in and submit during application.

  • Enter the BOQ title (mandatory)
  • Enter the Bid Value from the available dropdown
  • Enter Bid End Date (From) and Bid End Date (To)
  • Click on ‘Search’ or ‘View all Bids/RAs’

In all these cases, you can Reset the filter options and begin a fresh search.

How to find Railway tenders on GeM? GeM portal railway tender search

You can also search for Railway tenders on the GeM portal. While you can find railway tenders on the IREPS platform (Indian Railways e-Procurement System), the GeM portal is also a reliable platform to search for railway tenders.

  • Visit the GeM portal and click on ‘Railway Bids’ under ‘Bids’
  • View the list Live and Closed railway tenders (Open and Limited tenders):
  • Use the search box to filter and search for railway GeM tenders by tender number or tender title and date
  • Use Sorting option to sort tenders by ascending and descending order
  • Explore the Advance Search option to for further GeM portal tender search

Advance Tender Search for Railway tender search on GeM

  • Enter the Search Criteria, Railway Zone, Railway Unit, Tender Status, Bidding System, Department and Tender Type
  • Select the Tender Date (use From – To calendar date range option or by 3/6 month duration)
  • Use Sorting option to sort tenders
  • Click on Show Results to view list of active railway tenders on GeM

How to find CPPP tenders on GeM portal?

The Government e-Marketplace and Central Public Procurement Portal has been merged to form a Unified Procurement System.

  • Visit the GeM website and click on CPPP tenders on the menu
  • View the list of available government tenders on the CPPP:
  • Use the search box to further filter the search results by Tender ID, Tender Title, Organization Name, Bid Sub. Closing Date, Availability Report ID
  • Click ‘Search’ to view the list

Note: You can enter details for any one or more fields for the best results.

How do I register for GeM portal for tender?

You can register on GeM portal as a seller without any cost. You will need to provide some business related details and can easily register on the portal. Here’s a quick look at the GeM registration process.

Step by step GeM registration process for Sellers:

  • Visit official GeM portal website
  • Browse over ‘Sign Up’ and click on ‘Seller/Service Provider’: //!/seller
  • Fill in the details for the Pre-requisite stage (i.e., Business Type) and check the boxes for the mandatory and optional documents for the registration process
  • Click ‘Proceed’
  • Read the Terms and Conditions list provide, check the box to confirm and agree, and click on ‘Proceed’
  • Complete the verification stage with Aadhaar or PAN details – mobile verification followed by email verification
  • Generate user credentials and proceed to login to your GeM account and update your profile under company profile
  • Submit the caution money on GeM to complete the registration process

Once you have registered and logged in to your account, the GeM portal tender search becomes easier as now you can search and find tenders that are relevant to your business.

How to download GeM tender document?

The GeM portal tender search function helps you to download and view a tender document. Let’s understand with an example.

Steps to download tender document pdf on GeM:

  • Visit the official GeM portal
  • Login to your account (this is recommended as you can find tenders relevant to your business easily)
  • Click on CPPP tenders on the main navigation menu: //
  • Enter the filter details (e.g., Tender ID, Tender Title, Bid Submission Closing Date etc.) to find tenders on GeM portal
  • Check the last column titled ‘Download’
  • Click on the download icon/button (Note – Some tender documents may not be available at the time of search and will have a message similar to ‘Available From: <Date>’)

You can now view the downloaded tender document.

Getting started with e-tendering on the Government e-Marketplace

It’s no secret that e-tendering for government contract can be a great way to build trust in your brand and gain new customers. But, in order to win government tenders on GeM portal, you will first have to register, login, and find the right tenders for your business.

At Tata nexarc, we understand the importance of applying for the right tender opportunities. With Tenders on Tata nexarc, we make it possible for you to find relevant tenders with ease. You will get email alerts, can view tender details, download documents and more. You can find tenders by city/state, categories, tender inviting authorities, top industries, and more. Subscribe now to explore.

Apart from tendering, the GeM portal also allows users to register as a Seller to sell their products and services on the online government marketplace. Sellers can view the latest government department procurement needs, view new product suggestions, dynamic pricing options, and uniformity in purchase related procedures.

Remember, there are no registration fees for GeM portal registration as a buyer or seller. However, there are basic GeM transaction charges sellers have to pay when their sales reach a certain mark.

For any further information or assistance with GeM portal tender search, visit the official website, or contact GeM portal customer care, or get in touch with us at Tenders on Tata nexarc.

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