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    If you are a steel metal supplier in India, then it’s likely that you are familiar with TMX steel, which is basically, a high-quality, more weldable and high tensile TMT bar. TmT bars have been one of the most widely used steel types in the construction sector. But in recent times TmX bars are also gaining popularity especially because of its tensile strength and heat resistance. Let us on that note, take a closer look at TmX steel meaning, TMX bar properties, TmX prices in India, and how to choose between TmX and TmT bars for your projects.

    What is TMX steel?

    TmX full form is Thermex steel and are high-quality TMT bars (thermo mechanical treatment). They are manufactured using Thermex Technology, a German patent technology (also known as Thermax) that makes the steel bars strong, weldable and increases its tensile strength. Thermex TmT bars are also highly heat and fire resistant that makes it safe to use them in construction projects (especially buildings).

    TMX steel full form:

    Thermex steel or as commonly called new generation steel bar or fresh generation high strength steel.

    How are TMX bars manufactured?

    The manufacturing process of TMT bars use the Tempcore technology (Belgian) which is a metallurgical process that involves compression, forging and rolling using heat and quenching. The bars are exposed to high temperature and then cooled, creating a hard surface and soft inner core.

    TMX bars on the other hand are built using Thermex technology. Here, during the cooling process, the steel bars are exposed to high-pressure water to harden the exterior of the bars. As the bars are exposed to atmospheric temperature, further cooling takes place. There is heat exchange between the inner core (hot) and the hard martensite exterior (cold). The reduction in temperature is usually from 1000◦C to 450◦C. The inner core of TMX steel bars thus gets its fine grain ferrite-pearlite characteristics.

    Key properties of TMX bars

    Now that we understand TMX steel meaning and the TmT steel manufacturing process, let us look at its key characteristics or properties.

    • Weldability: TMX steel rods have are built from mild steel billets. The low carbon content ensures that the chemical properties of the final rods are balanced. This also makes the bars and free from impurities making them easy to weld and have a strong grip.
    • Ductility: German TMX bars are tough and highly ductile. The heating-cooling method of manufacturing, gives the bars strength, brought about by tempered martensite on the surface and fine-grain ferrite-pearlite in the core. This is cost-effective in the long run as less quantity of steel is required.
    • Straightness: Thermex bars are strong and straight due to the rolling process during manufacturing.
    • Elongation: TMX bars have high elongation properties of 16% – 23% which is above the average elongation of steel.
    • Firm grip: TMX rods have strong prominent rib designs. This gives them an adhesive characteristics that enables them to bond with cement/concrete when used in construction projects.
    • Corrosion resistance: The Thermex method of manufacturing German TmX Fe 550 (for instance) makes it corrosion resistant. The raw steel used for TMX bars have less carbon content (0.15%) and hence are more resistant to corrosion. There is less scale and carbide formation during manufacturing, further making the steel corrosion resistant.

    How to know if TMX steel is the right choice?

    Selecting the right type of steel for business can never be an easy decision. But what should govern your decision is the purpose.

    For instance, when choosing between TMT bars vs TMX bars for a project, identify the safety requirements and purpose of the project. For instance, both these bars are heat and corrosion resistant, but German TMX steel is more expensive. As such, if the structure in question is unlikely to be exposed to fire/flames, then TMT bars are more suitable.

    Similarly, both TMT bars and TMX steel can be used for building construction projects. Fe 415 and Fe 500 TMT bars are often used for low-rise residential buildings and high-rise constructions respectively. But TMX bars are more tough, ductile and strong and have greater elongation making them resistant to earthquakes and a preferred alternative in seismic prone areas.

    Also, it’s known that TMT bars provide safety in seismic prone areas. But TMX steel has higher elongation (up to 23%) and are hence more flexible. This develops higher resistance in TMX rods making them earthquake resistant and a preferrable choice for construction in areas prone to similar natural calamities.

    TMX bars vs TMT bars

    Here’s a quick snapshot of the main differences between TMX and TMT bars to help you decide better:

    Properties Thermex TMX bars TMT bars
    Manufacturing process German patent Thermex technology Belgian Tempcore technology
    Elongation 16% – 23% Varies between different types of TMT bars (~14.5%)
    Corrosion resistance Less carbon content (0.15%) and hence more corrosion resistant (than CTD bars) More carbon content (less than 0.30%) and hence less corrosion resistant
    Price More expensive

    (starting ₹44/kg

    More affordable (price varies based on size and type)

    Where to get TMX bars?

    German Thermex bars make up almost 70-80% of the market in India as more and more businesses are considering using TMX steel in their projects.

    There are several Top German TMX manufacturers and companies in India today where you can buy steel TMX. Some of the noted brands are:

    • Rudra TMX – Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    • Steelmax TMX – Palakkad, Kerala
    • German TMX – Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    If you are looking to buy quality TMT bars at competitive prices, try Tata nexarc. We have onboarded verified sellers and offer quality steel with easy credit options and doorstep delivery. Get in touch now to know more about the new and hassle-free way to buy steel.

    Sohini Banerjee

    Sohini is a seasoned content writer with 12 years’ experience in developing marketing and business content across multiple formats. At Tata nexarc, she leverages her skills in crafting curated content on the Indian MSME sector, steel procurement, and logistics. In her personal time, she enjoys reading fiction and being up-to-date on trends in digital marketing and the Indian business ecosystem.