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    Kamdhenu Group is one of the leading manufacturers of steel products in India. The company has a wide range of products such as TMT bars, steel wires, steel pipes, roofing sheets, structural steel and so on.  This article gives an overview of the pricing range of Kamdhenu products.

    Kamdhenu Steel TMT bars price per kg

    TMT bars are widely used in construction. Kamdhenu Group’s TMT bars are known for their quality and high standards. Here is a pricelist of Kamdhenu TMT bars.

    TMT Bars

    Product Specification Price
    Kamdhenu nxt 550 TMT bars Grade: Fe550 ₹48-63/kg
    TMT bars 8 mm ₹55-68/kg
    TMT bars 12 mm Grade: Fe550 ₹50-58/kg
    TMT bars 8 mm Grade: Fe550 D ₹60-65/kg
    TMT bars 10 mm Grade: Fe550 D ₹60-65/kg
    Kamdhenu TMT bars 12 mm Grade: Fe550 D ₹58-65/kg
    Kamdhenu TMT bars 16 mm Grade: Fe550 D ₹58-65/kg
    Kamdhenu TMT bars 20 mm Grade: Fe550 D ₹58-65/kg
    Kamdhenu TMT bars 25 mm Grade: Fe550 D ₹58-65/kg

    Note: Prices are not to be considered as a final rate. GST, transportation and freight charges are not included.

    Kamdhenu Steel pipes price per kg

    Kamdhenu Group also manufactures high-quality steel pipes. Here is a price listing of various types of steel pipes that Kamdhenu Group produces.


    Product Specification Price
    Kamdhenu MS square pipe ₹ 45-50/kg
    MS round pipe ₹ 60-70/kg
    Square hollow section pipe ₹ 60-70/kg
    Kamdhenu black pipe Size 3 inch ₹ 58-70/kg
    Kamdhenu pipe 1.2 mm-2.8mm ₹ 45-50/kg

    Note: Prices are not to be considered as a final rate. GST, transportation and freight charges are not included.

    Kamdhenu roofing sheets price per kg

    The company makes various types of steel roofing sheets including corrugated roofing sheets, galvanised roofing sheets, colour-coated roofing sheets, stainless steel roofing sheets, etc. Here is a pricelist of some of the popular roofing sheets.

    Product Specification Price
    Colour-coated roofing sheet 0.40 thickness ₹ 92-108/kg
    Cold rolled colour-coated sheet 0.5 mm thickness ₹ 90-105/kg
    Cold rolled colour-coated sheet 0.56 mm thickness ₹ 92-108/kg
    Metal roofing sheet 2-3 mm thickness ₹ 100-120/kg
    GI roofing sheets ₹ 90-125/kg
    Galvanised iron roofing sheet 10 ft x 32 inch ₹ 65-85/kg
    Galvanised steel roofing sheet ₹ 90-120/kg
    Galvalume roofing sheet 0.45 mm ₹ 90-115/kg
    Stainless steel roofing sheets ₹ 60-80/kg

    Note: Prices are not to be considered as a final rate. GST, transportation and freight charges are not included.

    Kamdhenu wires pricing per kg

    Steel wires is yet another product Kamdhenu Group manufactures. Here is a price list.

    Product Price
    Binding wire ₹75-90/kg
    Iron galvanised barbed wire ₹80-90/kg

    Note: Prices are not to be considered as a final rate. GST, transportation and freight charges are not included.

    Factors influencing Kamdhenu steel products pricing

    Steel is generally known for its fluctuating prices. As the price of steel fluctuates, it automatically affects the pricing of steel products.

    Additionally, the size and other specifications of the product are yet another factors that influence pricing.

    For corrosion resistance, steel undergoes different surface treatments. They include galvanisation, colour-coating, etc. Pricing of products changes as per the surface treatment they undergo.

    Tips to procure Kamdhenu steel products at a reasonable price

    Here are some tips to procure Kamdhenu Group’s steel products.

    • Understanding and outlining your requirements is crucial. Always analyse your needs, and narrow down on the specifications such as material, surface treatment and so on. For example, if you are looking at buying a roofing sheet, a variety of options like galvanised sheets, and colour-coated sheets are available. Depending on your need, you can specify material, surface treatment and size.
    • Get a quote from multiple vendors: Before you place an order, get quotes from multiple vendors. The lowest cost may or may not be the best quote, you need to consider factors such as delivery timelines.
    Whether you want to buy TMT bars, steel pipes, wires or roofing sheets, you can procure them through Tata nexarc Buy. To know more about the pricing of a particular product, visit the Tata nexarc Buy page and post your requirements. Evaluate quotes received from verified suppliers and select the quote that suits your requirements the best. Explore now.


    Generally, the pricing of steel products also changes depending on the quantity you buy. You may get a better discount on bulk purchases. If you are seeking to buy Kamdhenu steel products, check the price list, get quotes, and select the best one.

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