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    If you are a manufacturer in Ahmedabad and looking for steel products as raw materials the first thing to do is find out the daily steel prices in Ahmedabad. Then you would need to find suppliers and then match their quotes with prices you have found.

    The market prices for different products for steel keep changing. This fluctuation makes it difficult to pinpoint the price of steel on any given day. But, knowing the approximate price for the steel product you are buying is necessary to get your shipment at the right price especially if you are getting it from a lesser-known steel supplier in India. .

    Steel prices in Ahmedabad today

    If you are a manufacturer in Ahmedabad looking to procure steel have a look at current steel prices in Ahmedabad for various commodities:

    Category Product Grade Price (₹/MT)
    Flats CR/CRCA (Cold rolled/ Cold annealed) Coil D513 63850
    Flats CR/CRCA Coil D513 62600
    Flats CR/CRCA Coil D513 60850
    Flats HR (Hot rolled) Coil E250 A 57600
    Flats HR Coil E250 A 56600
    Flats HR Coil E250 A 56350
    Flats HR Coil E250 A 55350
    Flats HR Coil E250 A 54600
    Flats HR Coil E350 A 61100
    Flats HR Coil E350 A 60100
    Flats HR Coil E350 A 59850
    Flats HR Coil E350 A 58850
    Flats HR Coil E350 A 58100
    Longs TMT Fe500D 52900
    Longs TMT Fe500D 51900
    Longs TMT Fe500D 53900


    • Prices as of June 21, 2023
    • 1 ton = 1000 kg
    • Prices are not to be considered as a final rate
    • Price: Ex-yard.

    Things to consider before buying steel

    Steel products have a wide range of applications in diverse industries. Steel applications in the aerospace industry include landing cockpit fasteners, chassis, gear components, etc. In the construction industry, steel is used for adding stability to buildings and other structures with products like steel pipes, steel sections, steel beams, etc.

    Since every steel product has a specific function, it is important to consider a few important things before buying steel products:

    • Purpose

    Once you know the purpose of the steel you are going to use you should select the right type of steel that will suit your requirement. For example, if you are building foundation for a house, you would need mild steel foundation, if you are building a garage you would need to procure steel beams for structural support, etc.

    • Grade

    Once you select the steel product, select the grade of steel. There are several grades of steel demarcated according to their yield strength like Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 250, etc. Choose the grade of steel according to the yield strength required for your purpose.

    • Quality

    There are multiple things to consider while checking the quality of steel:

    1. Find out the grade of steel. This will give you an estimate of the strength of the product.
    2. Ask for manufacturer certificates from steel authorities. Every manufacturer will possess a certification which attributes to the quality of steel including BIS certification, ISI mark, etc. These certifications prove that the steel you are trying to source is tested, safe for use, and conforms to the established standards.
    3. Check the brand of steel you are buying. The best steel suppliers of India always have the best steel available as they are equipped with modern production technology.
    • Durability

    The durability of steel is another important factor as steel in general has a long lifespan. While steel is inherently strong, finishing treatments like powder coating or metal plating can add to its durability.

    • Testing

    Many steel suppliers have testing facilities where they have a laboratory and a testing installation to conduct quality checks at different stages of the steel manufacturing process. These steel products go through tests like bend and rebend tests, mass per meter tests, etc., to improve the quality of their steel. This also means that if you have asked for a customised steel product you will be able to source customised products with accurate measurements.

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    Steel prices depend on the quality of steel and brand you have selected. The best steel brands, since they have advanced equipment for their steel production, will charge you more but will give you quality products with accurate measurements.

    Always check the current steel prices if you are looking to source steel products. A simple Google search with search queries like steel prices in Ahmedabad today, steel per kg price in Ahmedabad, etc. Can give you results.

    Alternatively, you can contact Tata nexarc’s Buy to procure steel and know steel prices. We have a host of verified suppliers on our platform featuring a wide variety of products at reasonable prices. You can post your requirement and get matching quotes for your query easily with Tata nexarc’s Buy. Explore now.

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