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    Tata Steel Limited is the 10th largest steel producer in the world with an annual crude steel production capacity of 34 MnTPA. Tata Steel production capacity in India is recorded at 20.6 MnTPA. Tata Steel products are sold worldwide with manufacturing and downstream facilities in India, the UK, the Netherlands, and Thailand.

    Tata Steel has a wide footprint in the Indian industry. Their products are bought by large and small manufacturers alike as they are one of the top steel suppliers in India producing quality steel products. They boast a wide customer base for their steel products as they possess the competitive advantage of being a low-cost steel producer.

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    Segments catered to by Tata Steel

    Have a look at the segments that Tata Steel products cater to:

    • Agriculture
    • Automotive steels
    • Construction
    • Consumer goods
    • Energy and power
    • Engineering
    • Material handling

    What are the key Tata Steel products?

    According to Tata Steel website these are key products offered by the steel production giant:

    • Hot rolled steel
    • Cold rolled steel
    • Coated coil
    • Tubes
    • Rebars
    • Wire rods

    Let us do a deep dive into the Tata steel products. Given below is the product line featured by Tata Steel along with their brand names:

    1. Automotive steels

    The steel company develops specialised products for automotive segments such as micro-alloyed high strength steels, Interstitial Free (IF) steel and Galva Annealed for two-wheeler fuel tanks. It is the first domestic integrated supplier of hot rolled high-strength steels and outer body panels for passenger vehicles.

    1. Galvanised plain sheets and coils – Galvano (Brand name)

    These steel sheets are superior quality zero-spangled products highlighting excellent surface finish and corrosion resistance resulting in exceeded life expectancy. Featuring a uniform zinc coating it has strict thickness tolerance with higher yields.

    1. Agricultural implements – Tata Agrico

    Tata Steel sells agricultural implements under the brand name Tata Agrico, the oldest brand of Tata Steel. It is a pioneer in manufacturing superior quality agricultural implements. The company produces handheld implements like hoes, shovels, sickles, crowbars, pickaxes and hammers that are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

    1. Hot rolled sheets and coils – Tata Astrum

    Tata Astrum hot-rolled steel coils and sheets cater to customers across industries and different segments, including automotive, railways, yellow goods, agriculture, and fabrication. The brand produces a wide range of coils under different steel grades to match segment specific needs.

    1. Bearings – Tata Bearings

    Tata Bearings, the bearings brand of Tata Steel is one of India’s largest quality bearing manufacturers, with a production capacity of 40 million bearings per annum. These bearings are tested for testing life and endurance by simulating actual operating conditions in a dedicated testing and validation centre. Every bearing goes through 47 stringent quality checks before being sold in the market.

    The product range includes:

    • Deep groove ball bearings
    • Taper roller bearings
    • Special purpose ball bearings
    • Double row angular contact ball bearings
    • Hub unit bearings
    • Clutch release bearings
    • Centre bearings
    • Magneto bearings
    • Carbo-nitrided bearings
    • Seize-resistant bearings
    • Multipurpose grease – NLGI grade 3
    1. Steel pipes – Tata Pipes

    One of the first brands of plumbing pipes in India, these steel pipes are mainly used for carrying liquids and low-pressure gases. It can also be used for applications including plumbing, irrigation, cold storage, HVAC, firefighting and idlers.

    These pipes, belonging to the Tata Steel long products category, are certified under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards and undergo various destructive and non-destructive quality assurance tests.

    1. Steel tubes – Tata Precision Tubes 

    Tata Precision Tubes are famous raw materials for the automotive and boiler industries of India. The company has in-house hot rolling and cold rolling facilities to provide wide range of steel grades for these precision tubes. The length of the tube and the grade of steel used to make the tube can be customised according to client specifications.

    1. Galvanised Corrugated (GC) sheets – Tata Shaktee

    Tata Shaktee GC sheets are 13% wider than the standard 800 mm galvanised corrugated sheets. These sheets are manufactured to the exact parameters of thickness, length, width and zinc coating as per the specified requirements.  They are ISI certified under Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

    1. Cold rolled sheets and coils – Tata Steelium

    Tata Steelium serves the auto ancillaries sector, the panel industry for electrical and telecom operations, the furniture industry, and the packaging industry. They feature consistent thickness and mechanical properties with superior surface finish.

    1. Steel hollow sections – Tata Structura

    Tata Structura is a preferred brand for architects and structural engineers for airports, metro and railway stations, malls, IT and industrial complexes, conveyor galleries and solar support structures.

    Tata Structura’s hollow sections feature uniform material strength, thickness, dimensions, and length. They are known for high ductile strength: making it easy to weld, bend, and fabricate, durability and better resistance to corrosion.

    Tata Structura steel hollow sections are of four types:

    1. Rebars – Tata Tiscon

    Tata Tiscon is one of the best rebar brands of India. “From a super ductile product range, made specifically for seismic-prone areas to Tiscon 500 grade for heavy-duty construction, these rebars provide superior strength with minimum quantity of steel used,” according to Tata Steel.

    For more information on Tata Steel products catalogue please visit the Tata Steel website. Tata Steel has other products under its solutions category like welded wire meshes, stirrups (rings), ready-to-use rebars, etc.

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