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    Steel suppliers in India are numerous and these companies offer different types of steel products to their clients. Some widely used steel products in India include steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, TMT steel bars, steel channels, etc.

    If you want a shipment of any of the steel products it is important to find a few reputable brands that provide quality steel at reasonable prices. Here are some of the best steel suppliers of India that has built a reputation of being the top-notch steel suppliers in India:

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    JSW Steel

    A subsidiary of the JSW Group, JSW Steel is the top-ranking company in the BSE stock market index. It has a multinational footprint with companies in USA, Chile, Italy and Mozambique.  They are one of the best carbon steel suppliers in India.

    The company’s total steel production capacity is estimated at 28.5 MTPA in India and USA. In India the company has 14 manufacturing facilities and owns 13 iron ore mines. It claims to have the largest single location steel producing facility in India with the capacity of 12 MTPA in Vijayanagar Karnataka.

    JSW Steel is well known for its sustainability efforts. It was recognised for its efforts in the S&P Global’s Sustainability Yearbook consecutively for 2020 and 2021.

    Products offered by JSW Steel

    • Hot rolled coil
    • Cold rolled coil
    • Galvanised coil
    • Corrugated sheets
    • TMT bar
    • Wire rods
    • Special alloy steel

    Tata Steel

    Founded in 1907 in India, Tata Steel is one the India’s top ten steel producers and one of the best iron and steel suppliers in India. It is the 10th largest steel producer in the world, well-known for producing low-cost steel.

    Tata Steel’s raw material mines are in India and Canada while their manufacturing and downstream facilities are in India, the UK, the Netherlands, and Thailand. The Raw Material Division of the company supplies almost 100% of iron ore and nearly 21% of clean coal requirements for its steel manufacturing facilities in India, while the rest is imported.

    The company’ annual crude steel production capacity is 34 MnTPA. Tata Steel’s consolidated crude steel production capacity in India stands at 20.6 MnTPA with manufacturing facilities in Jamshedpur and Gamharia in Jharkhand, Kalinganagar and Meramandali in Odisha.

    The company has several manufacturing facilities for steel wires, tubes, and bearings. It also has a Ferro Alloys and Minerals division and a heavy-duty engineering and fabrication unit, Tata Growth Shop.

    Products offered by Tata Steel in India

    • Hot rolled coil
    • Cold rolled coil
    • Galvanised coil
    • Wire Rod
    • Rebar
    • Tubes

    Jindal Steel and Power

    Jindal Steel and Power is an Indian steel company based in New Delhi. According to its website the company produces the world’s longest rails [121m] and it is a first in India to manufacture large size parallel flange beams.

    It’s set up the world’s first coal gasification based DRI planned at Angul, Ooisha. This facility uses the locally available high ash coal and converts it into synthesis gas for steelmaking. This reduces the dependence on imported coal.

    Jindal Steel and Power set up the world’s first coal-gasification based DRI plant at Angul, Odisha that uses the locally available high-ash coal and turns it into synthesis gas for steel making, reducing the dependence on imported coke-rich coal.

    Products offered by Jindal Steel and Power

    • Rails
    • Parallel flange beams and columns
    • TMT rebars
    • Plates and coils
    • Steel angles and channels
    • Wire rods
    • Round bars

    APL Apollo

    APL Apollo tubes Limited was established in 1986 by setting up the first manufacturing plant in Sikandrabad, Ghaziabad. It operates eleven manufacturing units in India with a total capacity of 3.6 million MTPA.

    APL Apollo Tubes Limited claim to be India’s largest structural steel tubing company. The company produces 3.6 million tonnes of structural steel tubes per annum and supplies their products to over 20 countries. They also have a strong presence in the steel pipes market. They are one of the best steel and stainless-steel pipe suppliers in India.

    Products offered by APL Apollo

    Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)

    SAIL is government backed player in the iron and steel arena of India. It is a public sector enterprise and one of the largest steelmaking companies in India. The Government of India owns about 65% of SAIL’s equity and retains voting right. The steel company has an In-house R&D centre, centre for engineering and technology and captive engineering shops.

    SAIL produces iron and steel at five integrated plants and three special steel plants, located in the eastern and central regions of India. the company is known for its strategic positioning of its manufacturing facilities close to domestic sources of raw materials.

    SAIL is the second largest iron ore mining organisation in in India. Its Raw Materials Division operates seven iron ore mines, one limestone and one dolomite mine. The iron ore mines provide about 26 million tonnes of raw materials to meet almost the total iron ore for steel production and about 25% of its flux (limestone & dolomite) requirements.

    Products offered by SAIL

    • Wire rods
    • Plates
    • Wheels and axles
    • Electrical steels
    • Stainless steel products
    • Steel pipes
    • Hot rolled products
    • Cold rolled products

    This list has ranked companies according to their respective market capitalisation figures at the time of writing. (Source: Moneycontrol)

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    There are many small-scale steel suppliers in India as well. Even these companies have quality steel products at comparatively lower prices than branded products. Some of them have facilities that allow you to look at their manufacturing process to better judge the quality of steel.

    To find the best suppliers do an internet search and visit websites of these suppliers to know more about their products. You will have to call and enquire to get price quotes.

    There are also online aggregator platforms like Tata nexarc that will match you to reputed steel suppliers based on your requirements. Once you post your requirement on our Procurement platform you can get quotes from multiple suppliers and choose the best fitting quote. We also have doorstep delivery and easy credit options.

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