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    If you are a business owner trying to procure steel in Delhi, it would be a prudent decision to check the prevailing prices in the market. Daily steel prices in Delhi, like global steel prices, constantly fluctuate in accordance with rise and fall in demand.

    Therefore, it is always better to do online research of current steel prices in Delhi to gather accurate pricing and then compare these prices against the prices quoted by your suppliers.

    Current steel prices in Delhi

    Have a look at steel prices in Delhi for different types of steel products:

    Category Product Grade Price (₹/MT)
    Flats CR/CRCA (Cold rolled/ Cold annealed) Coil D513 63350
    Flats CR/CRCA Coil D513 62100
    Flats CR/CRCA Coil D513 60350
    Flats CR/CRCA Sheet D513 65900
    Flats CR/CRCA Sheet D513 64650
    Flats CR/CRCA Sheet D513 62900
    Flats HR (Hot rolled) Coil E250 A 57100
    Flats HR Coil E250 A 56100
    Flats HR Coil E250 A 55850
    Flats HR Coil E250 A 54850
    Flats HR Coil E250 A 54100
    Flats HR Coil E350 A 60600
    Flats HR Coil E350 A 59600
    Flats HR Coil E350 A 59350
    Flats HR Coil E350 A 58350
    Flats HR Coil E350 A 57600
    Flats HR Sheet E250 A 59650
    Flats HR Sheet E250 A 58650
    Flats HR Sheet E250 A 58400
    Flats HR Sheet E250 A 57400
    Flats HR Sheet E250 A 56650
    Flats HR Sheet E350 A 63150
    Flats HR Sheet E350 A 62150
    Flats HR Sheet E350 A 61900
    Flats HR Sheet E350 A 60900
    Flats HR Sheet E350 A 60150
    Longs TMT Fe500D 53100
    Longs TMT Fe500D 52100
    Longs TMT Fe500D 54100


    • Prices as of June 21, 2023
    • 1 ton = 1000 kg
    • Prices are not to be considered as a final rate
    • Price: Ex-yard.

    How to find steel prices in Delhi and other cities?

    There are plenty of websites online that publishes daily steel prices prevailing in the Indian steel industry for different steel products. These websites also feature state-wise steel price list. This can help you estimate the average prices of various steel products prevailing in a state.

    You can also sign up with Tata nexarc’s Procurement portal to know steel price per kg in Delhi and other states. We can provide you information on specific steel suppliers from various parts of India, steel price per tonne/kg in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and other cities.

    Here are some benefits of signing up with Tata nexarc’s Procurement:

    • Different grades of steel with assured quality from verified sellers
    • Easy credit options
    • Best rates on steel TMT bars, HRC, corrugated sheets, channels and angles
    • Allows you to post your requirement and get quotes from the sellers that matches your requirement

    Tips on how to procure steel

    Here are some points to look at before procuring steel:

    • Find the best suppliers: Always look at the best steel suppliers in India as your first choice for your requirement. These suppliers have premium quality steel as they tend to have the most advanced steel production and refining technology.
    • Look at the certifications: All steel suppliers/manufacturers will have some of the common certifications that will indicate the quality of the products that they are selling. Look for BIS Certification, ISI mark for industrial products or ISO certification.
    • Note your requirements and then look for a supplier that can match your specifications including grade of steel and customisations.

    To source the best steel products, demand aggregator platforms like Tata nexarc’s Procurement platform can help you select the best steel supplier. Once you post your requirement on the platform, it will match your requirement with a host of verified suppliers on the platform and give you the best offer.

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