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A business owner in India knows that establishing and running a successful enterprise is not an easy task. You need specific business licences, trademarks, and other regulatory compliance requirements to keep business functioning hassle-free. A BRN registration is one such requirement that will enable your business to operate seamlessly. A Business Registration Number is an identifier for your business. In this blog we will try to understand what is a BRN number? How to register for BRN online? Why is BRN number required? We will also take the example of BRN registration Rajasthan for clarity.

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What is BRN registration?

BRN full form is Business Registration Number. As can be understood, this is a unique identification number for your business given by the government. This number enables you to conduct business in India (or within a specific state as the case may be) and keeps log of business transactions/interactions for compliance, regulatory and legal purposes.

In general, the BRN number is required for tracking all economic activities of the business. For instance, in Hong Kong, a BRN number functions as a business’s unique tax identification number (TIN) and is required for filing taxes and annual returns.

In the state of Rajasthan (India), for instance, BRN was introduced in September 2016. Upon BRN registration Rajasthan, a company operating within the state will get a unique 16-digit identity number that acknowledges its existence and allows it to do business.

Note: BRN number is now SAN number (Sanstha Aadhaar Number) issued to all institutions in Rajasthan. For more, check the ‘Sanstha Aadhaar’ website (formerly ‘Rajasthan Business Register’).

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BRN registration number format:

The BRN number or BRN code is an auto-generated unique identification number given to a business entity upon online registration through the portal.

It’s a 16-digit number (BRN registration Rajasthan) that verifies the existence of a business and gives it a distinct identifier code for all functions.

Why is BRN number needed?

An obvious question at this point is – Why is a BRN code required?

In India, there are various types of businesses operating. There are sole proprietorships, one person company, limited liability partnership, private limited companies, and others. Depending on the structure of the business entity, it can register itself and leverage the perks (e.g., concessions, exemptions, etc.) that comes with it.

For example, for businesses in the MSME sector, MSME Registration number through the Udyam portal is required. This gives the MSME several benefits with respect to availing MSME loans, loan restructuring, MSME cluster development programmes, technology upgradation, solutions for delayed or deferred payments (through MSME Samadhaan scheme) and more.

But what if a business is starting out and does not have the documents or eligibility to qualify for specific business registration processes or licences?

This is mostly the case with micro businesses and start-ups with one person. In such cases, BRN registration number is useful.

(Note – The government today is streamlining the process of business registration to enable more entrepreneurs to register their businesses seamlessly through minimum documentation).

Benefits of BRN registration:

Some of the benefits of a BRN code are:

  • Business credibility: For an emerging business, building trust and credibility among potential customers is challenging and of paramount importance. With a BRN registration code, you identify the existence and legality of your business. You can also apply for a certificate of business incorporation that adds to your business credibility and can build customer’s confidence in your business entity.
  • Access to finance: Whether you are approaching a bank/NBFC for a business loan or applying to various MSME loan schemes for financial assistance, you will need to prove the existing and legitimacy of your establishment. A BRN number comes handy in such cases.
  • Safeguard business name: Did you know, to register your business you will need a unique name for your company that’s not already in use? Or that, with a trademark registration you can safeguard your brand name and logo from being misused or replicated? In all of these processes, a valid BRN number will be helpful in that it verifies business identity and will streamline otherwise long-drawn processes for you.
  • Alerts on latest notifications: A small business owner wears multiple hats. And at times it’s possible to miss an opportunity or regulatory update. With a BRN number (especially SAN registration in Rajasthan) you will get notified on any latest government updates to ensure that you keep your business compliant.

What documents are required for BRN registration?

Now that we understand the importance of Business Registration Number in India, let’s take a look at BRN registration online process.

Along with a valid email address, phone number (mobile) and address details, the following list of documents for BRN number should be kept handy for BRN registration online:

  • Applicant’s passport size photograph (softcopy)
  • Aadhaar and PAN card (scanned and size up to 100KB)
  • Bank financial statement of the business and GST registration (if applicable)
  • MCA portal registration and Business Incorporation certificate (Also read: Company registration in Karnataka)
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC size up to 50KB) and Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Latest utility bill (i.e., electricity bill)

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How to apply for BRN registration online?

Once you have the documents in place, you can proceed with the BRN application process. This is a totally online process and registration is free. You will have to:

  • Visit the official portal
  • Click on Sign-Up or Apply Now or Register or similar options to begin the process (Note: NGOs, firms and other business entities can apply for BRN)
  • Accept all Terms and Conditions
  • Enter your email address and mobile number and verify using the OTP received
  • Start applying for BRN and enter your business name, address, area type, ID proof, DSC, major business activity, Acts under which business has been registered and other details
  • Submit the form and check email to get your auto-generated unique 16-digit code or BRN registration certificate

To help you understand the process with clarity, we’ll take the example of BRN registration in Rajasthan state.

Note: BRN number is now Sanstha Aadhaar Number (SAN number) in Rajasthan.

BRN registration Rajasthan

In an official notification in September 2016, the concept of BRN registration number in Rajasthan was first introduced. In 2023, this was updated that any institution operating in Rajasthan will require a SAN registration number online.

The portal is developed by the NIC (National Informatics Centre) and integrated with other register authorities to keep the process streamlined.

This is useful to the government as it:

  • Minimises duplicate entries across different portals
  • Provides the government with actual data on businesses across district and state levels
  • Reduces paperwork for businesses and keeps them updated on the latest notifications

Rajasthan BRN/ SAN registration online

In Rajasthan, the former Rajasthan Business Register is now the Sanstha Aadhaar.

  • Visit Sanstha Aadhaar official website:!
  • Browse over the ‘Registration’ tab and click on the action to be taken (i.e., Apply, Update, Update Mobile & Email, Download, Cancel)
  • Click the ‘Apply’ option to start BRN registration online:!
  • Click ‘Apply Now’ on the type of business (i.e., Firm, NGOs, Government, Autonomous/Semi-Government)
  • Read the Instructions provided and check the box at the bottom of the page
  • Click ‘Proceed’ to start the registration process

This is an online application process and can be applied using owner Aadhaar or Jan Aadhaar details. It’s required to get a SAN number in Rajasthan to avail or provide government services and/or grants.

  • Visit the official portal and click on ‘Search SAN’ from the menu bar:!
  • Enter the required details i.e., District, SAN search number, Captcha
  • Click ‘Search’ to view search results

Download SAN certificate

  • Visit the official website
  • Under ‘Registration’ tab, select ‘Download’ option:!
  • Enter the SAN /Reference number and Captcha
  • Click ‘Submit’ to continue

As is obvious, a BRN number is useful for your business and can help you stay updated on latest notifications. It also builds credibility for your business, especially if you are an MSME and helps you to functionally seamlessly by keeping your business compliant.

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