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If you own a construction company, you might have heard of TMT bars and TMX bars. TMT and TMX bars are steel bars that are used in the construction industry and is important to give structural support to buildings and infrastructure. Learning differentiating factors in a TMT bars vs TMX bars comparison can help you identify the right steel bars for your construction needs.

What are TMT bars?

TMT bars are new-generation-high-strength steel with superior properties. These bars are known for their weldability, strength, ductility, and flexibility which has helped them to meet the highest quality standards.  The abbreviation comes from its manufacturing process which is called Thermo-mechanical Treatment.

What are TMX bars?

TMX is an emerging technology in the steel manufacturing industry. A TMX bar also gets its name from the technology used for its production called Thermex technology. This technology is known for producing high quality steel bars with high tensile strength.

TMT bars vs TMX bars: Differences

There are a few differences between TMT bars and TMX bars:

  • Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of TMT bars involves exposing mild steel to repeated heating and cooling. The process involves rapid quenching of the heated steel in water to make it stronger. On the other hand, TMX rebar is manufactured by expanding a hot-rolled steel bar through a series of dies.

  • Appearance

Comparing the appearance in the TMT bars vs TMX bars analysis, you will find that both have similar appearance featuring a ribbed surface. However, TMX bars have more prominent ribs compared to TMT bars which contributes to upgraded adhesiveness, greater strength and longer life.

  • Strength

TMT bars feature high tensile and yield strength. TMX bars are stronger with added load bearing capacity owing to their unique manufacturing process.

  • Ductility

The repeated heating and cooling of steel to make TMT bars makes them more ductile. TMX bars are not as ductile as TMT bars.

  • Weldability

TMX bars are produced from MS Billets which is a steel standard that provides steel billets free of impurities and balanced in chemical composition. This gives the bars superior welding capabilities for creating stronger bonds.

  • Cost

TMT bars are more expensive than TMX bars as there are additional manufacturing processes involved in making TMT bars. Plus, TMX bars are known to save 17% steel during production compared to the manufacturing process for TMT bars.

Features of TMX steel bars

  • Superior quality steel bars
  • High tensile and yield strength
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Superior resistance to fires
  • Easily weldable
  • Can be used for all construction purposes
  • Saves 17% of steel for steel bar manufacturing using Thermex technology

Additionally, TMX steel bars highlight more heat resistance, which means that it can keep the whole structure safe during fires. They are also capable of providing strength to buildings in earthquake prone areas.

TMX bars are high quality steel bars that can be used as a raw material for any construction purpose. All the above reasons have contributed to the steel industry believing that TMX bars have ushered in a new era of steel for the construction industry.

There are many TMT and TMX bar manufacturers in India guaranteeing the best quality steel bars. If you are looking to source the best TMT or TMX steel bars, visit Tata nexarc’s Procurement platform to contact trusted sellers who offer high quality steel bars.

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