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    Whether you are a business owner or steel supplier in India working with TMT bars, you will be familiar with the name – JSW Neosteel. A leading manufacturer and supplier of TMT bars, JSW Neosteel is regarded among the top 10 TMT brands in India and needs little introduction. Its most popular products by far are JSW Neosteel 550D and JSW Neosteel 600. Let’s take a look at the brand, its product list, different grades, and JSW Neosteel price list in India.

    For more details on JSW Neosteel, visit the official website: //

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    JSW Neosteel price list: Price per kg, JSW Fe 500 price, 12mm TMT bar price

    As a steel supplier or business owner looking at procuring steel, it’s natural for you to ask – What is the price of JSW steel per kg? Or, what is the price of JSW Fe 500? Or, what is the price of 12mm or 18mm JSW rod?

    We’ll take a look at these questions in the following sections. But first, here’s a look at JSW Neosteel price per kg in India.

    JSW Neosteel price per kg in India

    As we know, the price of steel varies between states and cities marginally due to taxes, freight, packaging, availability, and other factors. Prices also vary based on steel suppliers and the additional service charges they might impose.

    It’s therefore always recommended to buy steel from authorised suppliers and manufacturers to get the best rates on it. In the next section, we’ll compare JSW Neosteel price across different states.

    What is the price of JSW Fe 550D?

    Locations covered: Mumbai (Maharashtra), Bangalore (Karnataka), Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Delhi/NCR, Kolkata – North 24 Parganas (West Bengal)

    Section Price in Mumbai* Price in Bangalore* Price in Ahmedabad* Price in Delhi* Price in Kolkata/North 24 Parganas*
    6 mm ₹216 ₹218 ₹220 ₹218 ₹223
    8 mm ₹367 ₹368 ₹369 ₹368 ₹378
    10 mm ₹561 ₹562 ₹566 ₹559 ₹578
    12 mm ₹792 ₹791 ₹798 ₹787 ₹817
    16 mm ₹1410 ₹1408 ₹1419 ₹1402 ₹1453
    20 mm ₹2204 ₹2206 ₹2222 ₹2190 ₹2271
    25 mm ₹3438 ₹3438 ₹3460 ₹3412 ₹3541
    32 mm ₹5634 ₹5634 ₹5671 ₹5600 ₹5804

    *Price is as per JSW Neosteel website. Please check with your steel supplier or visit the website for additional details. Each TMT bar is of 12 m length and dimensions subject to BIS tolerance.

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    What is the price of 12mm JSW rod?

    As you can see from the table above, a standard 12 metre (length) JSW Fe55D rod price ranges between ₹785 to ₹820 per piece. (Note: Prices in NE states and special category states vary)

    This price will vary across cities and locations.

    City/District 12mm JSW 550D bar price per piece* City/District 12mm JSW 550D bar price per piece*
    Howrah ₹817 Bokaro ₹817
    Visakhapatnam ₹801 Kannur ₹810
    Guwahati ₹820 Bhopal ₹796
    Chandigarh ₹788 Bhubaneshwar ₹810
    Raipur ₹791 Amritsar ₹793
    Gurgaon ₹787 Jaipur ₹795
    Srinagar ₹831 Chennai ₹807
    Agra ₹790 Hyderabad ₹801
    Kanpur ₹798 Manipur (all district) ₹891
    Dehradun ₹794 Tripura (all district) ₹855

    *Price is as per JSW Neosteel website. Please check with your steel supplier or visit the website for additional details. Each TMT bar is of 12 m length and dimensions subject to BIS tolerance.

    What is JSW Neosteel?

    JSW Neosteel is the brand name for TMT bars from JSW Steel. They are manufactured in rolling mills from virgin iron ore to ensure product quality, uniformity, and freedom from impurities.

    *Image for representation only. Not actual.

    Some of the key features of JSW Neosteel TMT bars are:

    • HYQST quality: High Yield Quenched and Self Tempered as per IS 1786:2008
    • Corrosion resistant: Resistant to standard steel corrosion as compared to ordinary steel rebars due to absence of residual stress and uniform microstructure
    • Weldability: Comes with low carbon content percentage leading to higher weldability (also without pre-heating)
    • Bendability: Can be bent into custom shapes due to its unique microstructure (i.e., TMT bars distinguished by their hard exterior and soft core)
    • Fatigue resistant: Special rib pattern allows for high fatigue resistance even after multiple loading instances
    • Seismic resistant: JSW Neosteel TMT bars can provide safety against natural disasters such as earthquakes due to its high UTS/YS ratio of minimum 1.5 for greater energy absorption

    JSW Neosteel is a top quality, pure steel TMT bar. It’s strong and weldable with lowest phosphorous and sulphur content.

    Trivia: If you speak the language of cricket, and are familiar with Mumbai’s iconic Wankhede Stadium, then you must have been impressed by its suspended cantilever roofs. JSW Neosteel TMT bars were used in the project for reinforcement.

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    How long is a JSW Neosteel 550D bar?

    Steel TMT bars are available in different sizes based on the specific purpose and requirements of the project.

    The standard length of JSW Neosteel 550D TMT bar is 12 m or 40 foot.

    Since the weight and subsequent price of TMT bars vary based on its diameter and length, it’s important to ensure that you are procuring steel bars of the desired length and dimensions.

    What grade is JSW Neo steel?

    JSW Neo steel (Neosteel) is available in different grades. Its popular TMT bar grades available are:

    • JSW Neosteel 550D
    • JSW Neosteel 600
    • JSW Neosteel CRS
    • JSW Neosteel Fastbuild

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    What is the difference between JSW 500D and 550D?

    JSW Steel offers TMT bars of different grades. Its most popular grade is JSW Neosteel 550D TMT bars.

    What does ‘D’ in Fe 550D stand for?

    The ‘D’ in Fe 550D stands for ductility. This refers to the TMT bar’s ability to deform under tensile stress. Higher ductility means that the structures can withstand more stress without failure, making them crucial for ensuring structural safety.

    JSW Neosteel TMT bars come with high ductility, which makes them suitable for construction projects especially in areas prone to seismic activities.

    Comparison between JSW Neosteel Fe 550D vs Fe 500D

    Features JSW Fe 500D JSW Fe 550D
    Yield strength 530 N/Mm2 (minimum) 500 N/Mm2 (minimum)
    Tensile strength 600 N/Mm2 (minimum) 620 N/Mm2 (minimum)
    Elongation 16% at gauge length (minimum) 15% at gauge length (minimum)
    Ductility Higher ductility and bendability Reduced ductility (compared to Fe 500D)
    Earthquake resistance (UTS/YS ratio) 1.10 – Excellent 1.06 – Excellent

    *Visit: // and // for more details

    Fe 550D comes with superior strength and are most suitable for use in residential and commercial projects. They are mostly preferred in areas prone to seismic activities due to their elongation properties. Fe 500D on the other hand comes with higher UTS/YS ratio resulting in greater ductility. This enables them to bear higher loads.

    Based on the project specifications and requirements, the right TMT bar (whether Fe 500D or Fe 550D) should be selected.

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    Which is better Tata Tiscon or JSW Neosteel?

    Tata Tiscon and JSW Neosteel are two of the most popular and prominent TMT bar brands in India. Here are some points of comparison between them to help you make an informed purchasing decision about them.

    Tata Tiscon vs JSW Neosteel comparison

    Features Tata Tiscon 550 SD TMT rebar JSW Neosteel 550D TMT
    Yield strength 570 MPa (minimum) 580 MPa (minimum)
    Elongation (%) 16% (minimum) 15% (minimum)
    Earthquake resistance (UTS/YS ratio) 1.15 (minimum) 1.06 (minimum)
    Price per unit (in Mumbai) for 12m length TMT bar 6 mm – ₹218

    8mm – ₹369

    12 mm – ₹793

    16 mm – ₹1411

    20 mm – ₹2206

    25 mm – ₹3438

    6mm – ₹216

    8mm – ₹367

    12 mm – ₹792

    16mm – ₹1410

    20 mm – ₹2204

    25 mm – ₹3438

    *Details as per brand websites. Please visit the official websites for more information.

    Which is better? Tata Tiscon 550 SD or JSW Neosteel 550D?

    As you can see, there are minor differences in the mechanical properties of steel from the two brands. Even it terms of prices, JSW Neosteel price list and Tata Tiscon rate card is similar. As such, the decision to buy one TMT bar over another have to be based on specific project requirements.

    JSW Neosteel offers higher YS – making them more suitable for projects requiring stability, robustness and structural integrity. They can bear heavy loads and increase building safety (during seismic activities) due to their flexibility and ductility.

    Tata Tiscon however, comes with a unique corrosion resistant composition that makes them ideal for structures in coastal and marine environments. The slightly lower YS can be a determining factor especially when building commercial projects.

    In brief, based on the nature and location of your project, decide which TMT bar to invest in.

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    *This article is for information purposes only. Readers are requested to visit the brand websites and do research individually.

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