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Keen to apply for government tenders online? This article will help you learn about the government eProcurement system – the CPP portal or Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP), to enable you to find the latest tenders online and bid for them successfully.


What is the Central Public Procurement portal (CPPP)?

Let us begin by understand the meaning of the CPP portal.

The Central Public Procurement portal of the Government of India, is an online platform for all central government organisations, PSUs, and ministries to publish their procurement or tender requirements, corrigenda, and details on the winning bids (i.e., bid awards or results of tenders).

The platform was designed as a single stop for all government tender requirements, and make the e-tendering process seamless, fair and transparent, and to encourage more businesses to participate in it.

Every month, government organisations float thousands of tenders, inviting applications from eligible suppliers for quality products and services. All tender notices are published on the CPP portal making it possible for all registered users to find the latest tenders published and apply to the relevant ones.

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Things to note about the government CPP portal

Link to the CPP portal main page:
  • This is the main page for the CPPP and provides links to navigate to the respective tender pages by organisation, state etc.
  • Explore the ‘Help’ section for training material, FAQs, help with ePublish, downloads and more
  • Click on ‘Contact Us’ for support via email and phone
  • Select ‘Search a Tender’ to find latest active tenders, result of tenders, GeM bids, high value tenders, cancelled tenders, tender calendar for central and state, and more
  • Click on the dropdown on ‘Select Portal’ to navigate to the respective portals, for example:
    • Tenders by State – Haryana tenders, West Bengal tenders, Maharashtra tenders, etc.
    • eTenders for central PSU (
    • eProcure for Central Government Organisations (/eprocure/app)
    • Coal India Limited (CIL) tenders, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) tenders, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) tenders etc.
    • PMGSY tenders, ePublish, eAuction etc.


CPP portal full form: Central Public Procurement portal
CPP portal objective: A single point platform for all government organisations and ministries to publish their tenders for goods and services requirements
What details will the CPPP have: The portal will have complete details on all government tenders online, including tender document requirements, tender ID, opening and closing dates, tender fee details, bidder’s eligibility etc.
Are CPPP and GeM portal the same: The Government eMarketplace portal and the Central Public Procurement portal has been merged to create a Unified Procurement System (UPS)
o Visit GeM portal >> Check CPPP tenders on menu >> Explore tenders 

How to find tenders by organisation on CPP portal?

If you are looking for tenders related to a specific organisation, there are several ways to do so.

Option 1:

  • Click on ‘Select Portal’
  • Choose the organisation from the dropdown (e.g., GRSE, Hindustan Shipyard Limited, CPCL etc.)
  • View page in a new window
  • Browse through the latest tenders, active tenders, or search by location or using advanced search

Option 2:

  • Click on ‘Search a Tender’ on top menu bar
  • Select ‘Latest Active Tenders’
  • Fill in details (e.g., Organisation name: Airports Authority of India, for AAI tenders), keywords, and captcha
  • Click on ‘Search’ to see results

Option 3:

  • Click on ‘Select Portal’
  • Select ‘eTenders for Central PSUs’
  • Click on ‘Tenders by Organisation’ on the left side menu
  • Get list of tenders by organisation and count of tenders
  • Click on the count and view the list of tenders by the organisation with details on location, title, tender ID, closing dates and more
To understand the registration process and how to find tenders, we will consider ‘eProcure for Central Govt. Organisation’:

How to register and login on CPPP?

All CPP portal eProcurement details are available on the public domain. This means that if you want to explore the portal, find latest tenders, view tender details, etc. you can do so without registering your business. However, if you want to apply to any tender invitation as a bidder, you will have to register your business and take the process forward.

Note: For this blog, we will explain the registration and login process for the Central Public Procure Portal (eProcurement)

CPP portal eProcurement system page:

How to register in CPP portal for eProcurement?

For Central Public Procurement (CPP) portal registration, simply follow the steps listed below:

  • Visit the government eProcurement portal (Search for ‘CPPP’ or ‘eProcurement system’ online)
  • Click on ‘Online Bidder Enrolment’ on the right-side menu
  • Create a Login ID (a valid email ID) and update mobile number (valid number) and other details (e.g., Company name, registration number, PAN/TAN, contact details etc.)
  • Enter captcha and select ‘Submit’
  • Check the enrolment acknowledgement details and click ‘Send Verification Code’
  • Enter verification code received, create a password, and enter submit
  • View acknowledgement message
  • Visit Homepage to login with your new credentials

Note: Keep your Udyam registration certificate with URN or GST certificate handy for registering your business on the government CPP portal.

How to login on CPP portal?

CPP portal login registration is required if you want to bid for tenders. But, before you can start bidding for tenders, you need to register your Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). If you do not have one, ensure to get one from a Certifying Authority (CA) such as eMudhra, Vsign (Verasys), NIC, SafeScrypt, (n) Code Solutions, among others.

To login to CPPP simply:

  • Visit the CPPP homepage
  • Click on ‘Click here to Login’ appearing on the right side
  • Enter User Login details (the same Login ID and Password you generated during registration)
  • Enter captcha code and click ‘Proceed’

At this point, if you have not registered your DSC on the platform, you will get a message notifying you of the same and prompting you to register your DSC on the platform. To do so, follow the following steps:


How to register DSC on CPPP?
• Click on ‘Signing Certificate’
• Select DSC to register (note: When pop-ups appear, select relevant commands)
• Click OK and wait for enrollment confirmation message

Note: To enable the system to read your DSC, ensure you have Java installed on your system

Once you have your DSC registered, you can start the bidding process for relevant tenders.

How to find government tenders on CPPP eProcurement system?

Once you have registered your business on the CPP portal, the obvious question would be how to find public tenders?

Listed below is a step-by-step guide on how to search for the latest tenders online on the eProcurement portal:

  • Visit the official CPPP eProcurement website (/eprocure/app)
  • Find the ‘Latest Tenders’ in the Homepage
  • Explore the left-hand menu to find Tenders by Organisation, Location, Classification etc.
  • Enter requested details (e.g., Tender category, product category, expiry date, city, classification) and other details for list of tenders
  • Select the specific tender to view details (e.g., e-Publish date, Tender ID, etc.)
  • Click on tender reference link for further details, tender notice, tender documents pdf and zip files (for BOQ)

You can alternatively explore the top menu bar to find ‘Active Tenders’ by Tender ID and title, or view results of tenders on ‘Bid Awards’.

Note: The benefit of searching tenders by organisation, location, and classification is that you can filter relevant tenders on the India CPP portal. This saves time, keeps the search targeted, and is helpful if you are keen to bid for specific tenders.

Example: Searching for tenders on CPP portal by Organisation

  • Click on ‘Tenders by Organisation’ on the left-side menu
  • Fill in the Search filters from the dropdown menu (i.e., Tender Category, Product Category, Tender Expire)
  • Enter captcha >> Click ‘Search’
  • View all relevant tenders published by different organisations (i.e., tender list by Organisation)
  • Find the organisation you are looking for and click on it for viewing published tender details

In many cases, the organisation would have published multiple tenders. In such cases, view the closing date, location, and title (i.e., products/services required) to evaluate if it’s the right fit.

How to use the CPP portal help desk for support

Once you login to the eProcurement system you may be having several queries or face challenges. You can get support in the following ways:

  • View the right-side menu bar for resources and support (e.g., Help for Contractors, Guidelines for bid submission, Information about DSC, FAQs, Bidders Manual Kit)
  • Click on ‘Contact Us’ on the top menu bar for email and 24×7 phone support contact numbers (the numbers work for international bidders as well)
  • Click on the chat icon (bottom right-side) for support through the NIC Chat Interface

Summing up: Things to remember about the CPP portal India for eProcurement

The eProcurement system has been built to make tender search easy and encourage more businesses to participate in the eTendering process. Online tender bidding keeps the process transparent with no discrimination being made, making it possible for large, small and start-up businesses to participate in government tendering.

Winning government contracts is a lucrative way of growing your business. It builds credibility, ensures timely payments, and opens up new opportunities. Not surprisingly, today many micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) are trying for government tendering to grow their business.

At Tata nexarc, our goal is to enable MSMEs find new opportunities and accelerate growth. Our offering – Tenders & Quotations – comes with 1.3 lakh+ tenders, making it possible for businesses to find relevant tenders, get alerts, and never miss an opportunity.

To sum up, here’s a quick snapshot of the CPPP for eProcurement:

  • You can browse and view online tenders without registering on the portal
  • To register/login you will require a Class III Digital Signature Certificate
  • The ‘Latest Tenders’ section is frequently updated (approx. every 15 minutes)
  • To find specific tenders, filter tenders by organisation, location, classification etc.
  • You can explore the ‘Search’ option on the top menu for advanced search options
  • You can also view the archived tenders from the top menu bar
  • Registered users will receive email and SMS messages for specific actions/updates