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If you are looking at growing your business, government tenders are a great place to begin. Central and state governments regularly publish their procurement requirements as tenders, inviting eligible bidders to participate. And while the experience of finding and applying for tenders by state location can get overwhelming, there’s a smarter way to ensure that you get alerts on relevant state tenders in India for your business.


In this article, we will take a look at the some of the top states in India with the most tender notices. As a potential bidder, if you want to apply for specific state tenders or want to expand your business by applying for eTenders in different states, this article will help you to get started.

Explore Tenders by state – List of Indian states with government eTenders

The most reliable way to find the latest state tenders in India is to visit the eProcurement System portal: //

  • You can next click on ‘Tenders by Location’ to filter your search further. However, this filter works better if you enter the city name instead of state name.

Alternatively, you can visit the Central Public Procurement portal homepage: //

  • This portal will provide the latest data on stat-based tenders. You can browse the portal or select a specific state from the dropdown to view all active tenders in the state.

For instance, based on value of tenders in crores (April, 2023), the top 10 states/UT with tenders are:

Top 10 states with tenders in India – June 2023

Applying for tenders by state has its benefits. First, it enables you to work on projects in your state and nearby states (familiarity). Second, you can employ and source raw material locally, in turn providing local employment and saving on costs in logistics and transportation. It also gives your small business credibility, enabling you to apply for more government contracts in the future.

In the following section, we take a look at some of the top states with government tenders.

Note: The list is compiled from Tenders on Tata nexarc, June 2023 (You can also explore top 10 cities with e-tenders and top 10 industries with e-tenders)

(The number of live tenders will change. Please refer to the Tenders main page for the latest details)

1. West Bengal tenders – 15,044 online tenders

Considered as eastern India’s primary centre for business and finance, the state of West Bengal is known for its agricultural sector and small-and-medium sized enterprises, especially in jute textile. The state is also famous for tea cultivation in the hills of Darjeeling, steel plants especially in Durgapur, sugar, chemicals, leather and fertilisers. It also has a robust railways, ports and road transportation system. Its capital city is Kolkata.

As a business owner you can find and participate in relevant West Bengal eTenders. With WB tenders you can explore suitable growth opportunities for your business.

Top cities Top categories Top Tender Authorities
Kolkata tenders Civil Works Zilla Parishad
South 24 Parganas tenders Drainage services Kolkata Municipal Corporation
Bardhaman tenders Road construction Public Works Departments

2. Uttar Pradesh tenders – 13,034 live tenders

Next on the list is Uttar Pradesh government tenders. With Lucknow as its capital city, the northern state of Uttar Pradesh or UP is known for its agricultural produce, especially sugarcane. This has subsequently led to the rise of supporting businesses especially in warehousing and cold storage. The state also has a growing electronics industry especially the Lucknow-Kanpur and UP-Delhi/NCR corridors. Textile, handicraft and handloom are other popular industries. Cities like Meerut, Prayagraj and Bulandshahr are known as small-scale industry hubs, with robust export activities.

The economy of Uttar Pradesh is considered the third largest of all Indian states. Listed below are the top cities, authorities and other tendering opportunities in Uttar Pradesh.

Top cities Top categories Top Tender Authorities
Lucknow tenders Road construction/Civil works Public Works Department

(learn more about PWD Delhi tender registration here)

Gorakhpur tenders Building construction North Eastern Railways
Kanpur tenders Electrical services Ministry of Defence

3. Maharashtra tenders – 11,911 Mahatender opportunities

Maharashtra is a state in the western part of India, with Mumbai as its capital city. One of the most industrial cities, the economy of Maharashtra is the largest in India, with almost 14% nominal GDP share. Some of the top sectors in Maharashtra are energy, agriculture, manufacturing, construction and real-estate, telecommunications, banking and finance and more.

Listed below are cities, tender authorities and categories with maximum tenders in Maharashtra:

Top cities Top categories Top Tender Authorities
Tenders in Mumbai Road construction/Civil works Ministry of Defence
Tenders in Pune

(learn about Pune Municipal Corporation tenders here)

Sale of property & building/ Building construction Public Works Department
Tenders in Nagpur Drainage services Village Panchayat

4. Tamil Nadu tenders – 5,611 tenders online

The southern state of Tamil Nadu is one of the most industrialised and wealthiest states in the country, with an economic goal of touching $1 trillion. From rank #14 on the ease of doing business metric, the state moved to #3. The state is known for its agricultural commodities, metals and minerals. Other popular sectors include mining, energy, manufacturing, automotive, IT/ITeS, textile, defence, electronics, banking and more. Its capital city is Chennai.

For Tamil Nadu eTenders opportunity, listed below are the top cities, categories and authorities inviting tenders:

Top cities Top categories Top Tender Authorities
Chennai city tenders Civil works Rural Development And Panchayat Raj Department
Tiruvallur tenders Building repair Ministry of Defence

(learn more about Defence eProcurement portal registration)

Coimbatore tenders Road construction / Building construction Tamil Nadu Generation And Distribution Corporation Limited

5. Rajasthan state tenders – 11,962 eTender opportunities

The state of Rajasthan is well known for its travel and tourism industry. But the state is a rich source of minerals and mining. From agriculture to textile, cement, salt, edible oils, and dairy, Rajasthan is one of the most thriving and prosperous states in the country. Its capital city is Jaipur and the state is the largest state by area in India. Every year, there are thousands of Rajasthan government tenders published for various requirements – creating opportunities for eligible bidders to apply.

Here are some of the top cities, tendering authorities and categories (work) for you to explore:

Top cities Top categories Top Tender Authorities
Jaipur tenders Stone Public Works Department
Jodhpur tenders Civil works Department of Panchayat Raj
Kota tenders Road construction / Building construction Municipal Council

6. Madhya Pradesh tender – 7,273 MP state tenders

We next take a look at Madhya Pradesh state tenders. As its name suggests, MP is located in central India with Bhopal as its capital city. It’s the second largest state in India by area and is by far an agrarian economy. It is known for its mineral resources, especially diamond and copper. Tourism is another popular and growing sector.

Some of the details on MP tenders w.r.t. top cities, categories (work) and tender authorities are:

Top cities Top categories Top Tender Authorities
Bhopal tenders Road construction Urban Administration and Development Department
Gwalior tenders Drainage services Municipal Corporation
Indore tenders Civil works Madhya Pradesh Rural Road Development Authority

7. Haryana state tenders – 3,779 eProcurement tenders

Haryana is located in the norther part of India. It has 30+ SEZs with Gurgaon (city) as one of the most prominent IT and automotive hubs. The state has a well-developed roadways system and is known for agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, IT, dairy farming among others. The state’s capital city is Chandigarh (which is also the capital city of Punjab).

When it comes to Haryana tenders, some of the top cities, work categories and organisations publishing tender notices are:

Top cities Top categories Top Tender Authorities
Tenders in Faridabad Sale of property & building Department of Panchayat Raj
Tenders in Gurgaon Road construction / Building construction Municipal Council
Tenders in Hisar Road transportation Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited

8. Andhra Pradesh tenders – 5,042 AP state tenders

Situated in southern India, Andhra Pradesh is known for its natural vegetation and mineral resources. It attracts crores of tourists every year, though agriculture (especially rice) and related activities are the key income generators in the state. It also has a strong IT/ITeS and automobile industrial sector. Its capital city is Amaravati.

AP tenders are published throughout the year for eligible bidders to participate. Listed below are the top cities and authorities for tender opportunities in Andhra Pradesh.

Top cities Top categories Top Tender Authorities
Visakhapatnam tenders Drainage services Municipalities
Tirupati tenders Road construction / Building construction Panchayat Raj Engineering Department
Vijayawada tenders Site preparation services Irrigation and Cad Department

9. Chhattisgarh tenders – 4,483 live tenders

Located in the central part of India, Chhattisgarh is one of the rapidly growing states in the country. The state has rich coal and iron ore reserves and is among the few states with surplus power, with Korba district known as the power capital of India. The main industries in the state are mining, energy, cement, manufacturing, textile (tussar and kosa silk) and agriculture. Its capital city is Raipur.

Check the latest Chhattisgarh tenders to find business growth opportunities. Some of the top work categories, cities and organisations with tenders in Chhattisgarh are:

Top cities Top categories Top Tender Authorities
Raipur tenders Electrical services Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited
Korba tenders Civil Works Public Health Engineering Department
Bhilai tenders Pipeline projects Panchayat And Rural Development Department

10. Gujarat tenders – 6,358 eTenders in Gujarat

The state of Gujarat is one of the most industrialised states in the country. From the manufacturing of textiles to chemicals, cement and vegetable oils. It also has a robust agricultural economy along with dairy farming and animal husbandry that foster growth in the rural sector. The state also has a thriving pharmaceutical sector. Gujarat tenders as such floats wide range of tenders to procure goods and services across its diverse industries.

Here’s a look at the top tendering opportunities for Gujarat state tenders:

Top cities Top categories Top Tender Authorities
Ahmedabad tenders Sale of property & building Department of Panchayat Raj
Vadodara tenders Civil Works Municipal Council
Surat tenders Electrical services Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited


Exploring eTenders with Tata nexarc – trusted tender website in India

As a bidder it is natural for you to browse the best tender websites in India to find relevant tenders by states. It can save you time and effort and you can get relevant tender details.

With Tenders on Tata nexarc we help you with more than that. We source the latest tender notice details from trusted sources and send our subscribers regular alerts on tenders matching their business needs. All you have to do is subscribe to Tenders, update your business details and get email notifications on relevant government tenders by state, city, organisation, industry and more. No need to browse multiple tender websites, or search for state tenders – simply update your profile and get notified on the latest tenders. You can view and download documents, and even get bidding support from our tender experts. Explore now.


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