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If you are looking to apply for Tamil Nadu government e-Tenders the easiest way would be to search on the state’s official tender website. The Tamil Nadu e-Procurement portal is hosted by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), and it has similar features as that of the Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) set up by NIC for the central government.


All Tamil Nadu tenders are published on the Tamil Nadu e-Procurement portal and businesses can participate in these tenders if they are registered on the portal. The tender application process is completely online and even the results can be accessed online.

This article is a user manual for e-Tenders Tamil Nadu and discusses how to register and search for tenders on the e-Procurement Tamil Nadu portal, and how to participate in the tender process with details on bid submission and how to access tender results.

How to register on Tamil Nadu e-Procurement system?

Registration on the Tamil Nadu e-Procurement portal is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes. Follow the below steps to register on the portal:

  1. Go to Tamil Nadu e-Procurement portal (
  2. Click on the ‘Online bidder enrolment’ hyperlink located just under the login button on the homepage
  3. Fill in the registration form that appears
  4. Click on ‘Submit’

On successful submission, the registered login id can be used to login, and you can start using the portal as a registered user.

Once you finish the registration you should map your Digital Signature Certificate with your account. This completes the online enrolment process and is the first step to begin participating in Tamil Nadu e-Procurement tenders.

How can you register DSC in Tamil Nadu e-tender portal?

Bidders require a Class 3 DSC with only Signing Certificate, to be mapped on the e-Procurement Tamil Nadu portal. Once you login to the portal with your new credentials you will get a page with a message, “You have not registered with Digital Signing Certificate. Please click on Signing Certificate link below”. Right below this message you will have a link to add the certificate.

Follow these steps to register your DCS on Tamil Nadu e-Procurement portal:

  1. Insert the drive that contains your DSC into the computer
  2. Click on the ‘Sign in Certificate’
  3. Click on the required DSC from the list of certificates that appear under the ‘Digital Signature: Signing’ box
  4. Choose the relevant DSC by clicking on it
  5. Click on ‘Ok’
Note: Your DSC registration will only be successful if you have the latest JAVA software installed in your computer system. If you have doubts about getting a DSC, go to the homepage and click on the ‘Information about DSC’ button located on the right side.  This page has detailed FAQs including a downloadable file containing the names of certified vendors, who you can approach for getting a DSC for your business.

How to search for tenders on Tamil Nadu e-Procurement portal?

Even if you are not a registered user you can search for tender on the portal for Tamil Nadu government e-Tenders. There are three ways to find government e-Tenders on the portal:

  • Main search option

There is a search option that is given on the e-Procurement portal’s homepage. Clicking on it will take you to advanced search where you can filter your tender search options. You can filter your search according to Tender type (e.g., open tenders, closed tenders), Tender ID, Tender reference number, Tender category, Product category, Payment mode, Date criteria, etc. Entering information in all these filters is not necessary. Choosing even one of these filters will give you search results.

  • Search for tenders by organisation, classification and location

Once you visit the e-Procurement website, the homepage will have a display of the latest tenders. You can browse through these active tenders or expand your search by clicking on ‘Tenders by Organisation’, ‘Tenders by Classification’ and ‘Tenders by Location’.

For example: when you select ‘Tenders by Organisation’ you can type the name of the organisation (e.g., Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology) in the search bar to find tenders by organisation. These options are given on the left-hand side of the homepage.

  • Log in and search

This option is the same as the main search option. Log in with your ID and password and click on ‘Search for active tenders’ option. You will get advanced search options same as the main search option on the homepage of the portal.

Three ways to search for tenders on Tamil Nadu e-Procurement portal

There are also private e-Tendering portals like Tata nexarc’s Tenders that can help you find tenders easily according to your preferences. A Tenders subscription will give you easy access to the latest tenders suitable for your business by sending you relevant tender alerts via email/SMS.

How to participate in a bid on the Tamil Nadu e-Procurement portal?

If you want to submit a bid for a project you like then you will have to first find the tender document. The tender document will contain Request for Proposal (RFP), instructions, and other details like eligibility criteria that will be the basis for the preparation of tender proposals by interested sellers.

You will have to read the eligibility criteria and determine your eligibility to participate in the tender before submitting the bid. Follow these steps to download the tender document:

  1. Log in to the e-Tender portal
  2. Click on the ‘Search’ option and search for new tenders. A list of tenders appears on the page with a view button next to each tender invite.
  3. Click on the ‘View’ button of a tender that you wish to participate in. This will take you to tender details with tender documents.
  4. Tap on the Download symbol to download the documents.

Once you download the documents go through the tender details. Prepare a proposal that can help you win the tender invite. Go through the documents required for bid submission and compile the documents in a folder on your computer before you begin bid submission on Tamil Nadu e-Procurement portal.

Given below are the steps to submit a bid on the Tamil Nadu e-Tender portal:

  1. Login to the portal and click on the tender you have chosen
  2. Clicking the view button will take you to another page with a link that reads ‘Proceed with bid submission’. Click on it.
  3. Check the ‘Agree’ box after reading the terms and conditions and click on ‘Next’. This will land you on a page where you will be asked to enter tenderer details like name, address, phone number, etc.
  4. Fill in the form and click on ‘Next’. This will lead you to a page which asks you if you are exempted from paying tender fee and EMD. If you click on ‘Yes’ you will be asked to submit documents to prove the exemption.
EMD for tenders Tamil Nadu
EMD in tender means the amount that is given as a deposit to the company/government department that published the tender. Earnest Money Deposit is refunded to all bidders after announcing the winning bidder. As per Rule 170 of General Financial Rules (GFRs) 2017, Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) are exempted from EMD fees. Keep in mind that EMD is different from tender fees.
  1. Click on ‘Next’. A page will be displayed indicating the total amount to be paid for participating in the tender. The total amount includes the tender fee amount and the EMD amount.
  2. Click on the ‘Encrypt and upload’ button. This will take you to a page where you can upload all the required documents.
  3. Locate two large folder shaped buttons under the label ‘Tender covers’. One folder is for technical documents while the other is for financial documents.
  4. Tap on ‘Click here to upload’ under each folder. A list of documents will appear along with an upload symbol next to it. Clicking on the upload symbol will allow you to upload documents from your computer.
  5. Wait for a dialog box to appear which says, ‘All documents submitted successfully’.
  6. Check for a green tick mark under the folder symbol after uploading the documents. This confirms all your documents have been uploaded successfully.
  7. Click ‘Next’ for payment options.

How to check tender status on Tamil Nadu e-Procurement portal?

The process to check the status of a tender on Tamil Nadu tender portal is similar to that of the CPP portal. Follow these steps to check the status of a Tamil Nadu tender:

  1. Login to Tamil Nadu e-Procurement portal
  2. Click on Tender status on the homepage. The tenders you have applied for will be displayed.
  3. Click on the button labeled ‘Tender Status’ to go to the details of the tender. The below table appears on the screen:
Tender Status
Stages Status Summary
Process 1
Technical bid opening View
Technical evaluation View
Process 2
Financial bid opening View
Financial evaluation View
AOC (Award of Contract) View
  1. Click on ‘View’ button next to each stage to see details about the bidding.

A green tick mark under the status column means that the stage is complete, and you will be able to view the corresponding document. The document will tell you whether you passed or failed the evaluation and if you have failed the reasons for rejection.

To know more about the Tamil Nadu procurement portal or any tender invite on the portal you can contact the e-Procurement Tamil Nadu helpline. They have a few 24 x 7 help desk numbers as well as email assistance. For faster support you can try their chat bot, the NICCI.

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