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Applying to Pune Municipal Corporation tenders can be a smart way to explore better opportunities with government tenders. The Pune Municipal Corporation or PMC is a trusted and reputed government organisation that floats PMC online tenders for qualified suppliers to bid for. Whether you are looking for goods or services tenders, or civil works tenders, there are new opportunities available on PMC eProcurement for your business.


On that note, let us take a look at how to find latest PMC tenders online, the eligibility criteria, and how to apply for relevant tenders for Pune Municipal Corporation.

What is Pune Municipal Corporation online tender (PMC)?

The Pune Municipal Corporation or Pune Mahanagar Palika is a civic body that manages the infrastructure and civic needs of Pune city (Maharashtra). Established on 1950, PMC has several departments such as engineering (e.g., building construction, drainage, road, metro, water supply etc.), solid waste management, nature and environment (e.g., EV cell, gardens etc.), general administration (e.g., vehicle depot) and others.

In order to seamlessly carry out its diverse duties, the Pune Municipal Corporation announces tenders to invite bids for its multiple procurement requirements. These tender invitations are available online and the entire tendering process is carried out online to keep the process transparent, quick, and fair.

You can learn more about the PMC on the official site:

How to find and apply for latest PMC online tenders?

To apply for the latest open tenders in Pune, you will first have to find relevant tenders. This can be a daunting task for those bidding for the first time considering there are numerous tenders published online and scanning through the eligibility and qualifications can be time consuming.

Here’s how you can find and apply for PMC eTenders:

Find live PMC eTenders on Tata nexarc

Tata nexarc is a B2B platform that enables MSMEs and emerging businesses in India to accelerate growth. With a subscription to Tenders on Tata nexarc you can find the latest tenders relevant for your business and never miss an opportunity.

To find relevant Pune Municipal Corporation online tenders, you will have to update your profile, set preferences (i.e., location, tender value, industry, tender inviting authority etc.) and get alerts on matching tenders via email/SMS. You can also view and download PMC tender document, check eligibility, special requirements, etc. and never miss an opportunity.

You can also search for tenders in Pune city to explore more tendering options.

Find PMC tenders on

Alternatively, you can also explore the Maharashtra state eProcurement portal – Mahatenders – to find and apply to PMC online tenders.

How to find/apply PMC online tender step-by-step on

  • Visit the ‘Tenders Maharashtra’ official site:
  • Click on ‘Tenders by Organisation’
  • Scroll the list of organisations to find ‘Pune Municipal Corporation’
  • Click on the Tender Count option to view the full list of all PMC online tenders in 2023
  • Get list of tenders by e-Publish date, opening and closing dates, Tender ID/Title
  • Read the basic details and click on the relevant tender to view full tender details

To apply for Mahatenders PMC or any other, you will first have to register your business on Tenders Maharashtra (Learn how to register for Mahatenders). Registration on the government portal is free and you will need basic documents, an active mobile number, PAN and Aadhaar to get started. You will also need a Class III Digital Signature Certificate that your will have to use during tender application.

Alternatively, explore: (an eTender management system for abcprocure pmc tenders) or the PMC website:

Tender process: Pune Municipal Corporation

Various departments of the Pune Municipal Corporation have procurement requirements across goods and services from time to time. These can be for repair works, annual maintenance contracts, road and building development, plumbing and water works, electrical equipment, uniforms or any other. These requirements are floated as PMC eProcurement tenders for eligible bidders to bid.

  • Most of the PMC tenders floated are open tenders (check tender type) that allow greater participation from businesses, including MSMEs and startups.
  • Eligibility for PMC tenders vary based on the requirements. Bidders are encouraged to read the PMC tender documents thoroughly to check if the tender is relevant to them or not.

Based on the financial provisions of the concerned department, the Revenue and Test Auditors review the requirements. If approved, the Central Store Department shares the requirements with the tender cell for publication.

In the tradition tendering process (i.e., offline tendering), this was done as:

  • Envelope A: Important PMC documents (e.g., can include documents related to technical bid qualifications, designs and drafts for construction tender projects, previous work experience certificate, CA audited financials, and even samples of materials)
  • Envelope B: With other documents and details (e.g., details on commercial bid qualifications)

There are multiple rounds and stakeholders involved in the tender evaluation process, based on the value of the tender. There are separate evaluation teams for PMS tenders worth ₹25 lakhs and below, and for those above ₹25 lakhs.

Once the tender is awarded, for goods supply, the bidder supplies the goods, the quality and count are checked as per the work order, and payment is completed as per the terms and conditions.

For more details on the offline tendering process at PMC, visit:

Pune Municipal Corporation PMC tender eligibility

As mentioned previously, there are some general eligibility criteria for tenders that most open tenders follow. However, the eligibility for PMC tenders varies depending on the specific requirements. Eligibility for providing goods is different from rendering services. Similarly, eligibility for a plumbing job is different from a building construction.

Example: PMC construction tender for housing development, the pre-qualifications or eligibility for contractors can be:

  • Organisation’s background based eligibility – e.g., must be a registered company or Limited Liability Partnership, and have a valid PAN card
  • Technical certifications, details on organisation’s strength such as workforce qualifications, quality and hygiene standards, etc.
  • No history of incomplete projects or ongoing litigation or not currently in IBC (insolvency/bankruptcy)

Pune Municipal Corporation PMC tender documents

Similar to eligibility criterion, there are common documents for tenders that are requested for all tender applications. In addition to these, there are specific documents that the PMC online tender might require.

Example:  PMC tender document might include (for a similar construction project):

  • CA audited balance sheets to verify financial health of the company
  • Annual turnover for the last 3-5 years
  • Minimum available application capacity
  • Minimum 5 years similar experience as a contractor/sub-contractor
  • Designs and drawings, plan specifications and schedule of quantities
  • Power of Attorney and/or Authorisation Letter for lead bidder
  • Previous work experience certification, completion certificate, work orders etc.

While the list is not exclusive, it indicates that based on the project you are bidding for, your eligibility and documentation will change. A minimum-value tender for startups and new businesses might have lenient eligibility and documentation requirements, whereas a high-value tender will have stringent requirements.

As a bidder, ensure that you read and understand the requirements thoroughly before applying.

Next steps: Applying for PMC eTenders

Now that you have an understanding of where to find PMC eTenders, how to check eligibility and prepare documents, the next likely question is: How to apply PMC online tenders?

As mentioned previously, the tendering process for all government contracts is now usually carried out online. This promotes transparency, efficiency and fairness.

The Pune Municipal Corporation eTender application process is similar to any other eProcurement application:

  • Register and login to the respective eProcurement portals (e.g., Mahatenders, Central Public Procurement Portal, PMC eProcurement portal)
  • Upload DSC for eTendering
  • Find relevant PMC tenders, check eligibility and special qualification requirements
  • Collate all requested documents, fill in the tender quote, and prepare a tender bid proposal
  • Review the bid proposal, attach documents in required format, pay the requested tender fees and EMD (as applicable)
  • Upload all files online and submit your application by hitting the ‘Freeze’ (or similar) button

Note: Remember to click on ‘Freeze’. Without this your application to PMC tenders is not complete. Also, once you submit the tender application you can make no changes to the bid proposal.

If you are new to the tendering process or require assistance to write a winning tender proposal, you can always get bid consulting services to help you with it. Bid consultants are professionals with in-depth understanding of how the bidding process works and can help you from the beginning to the end with your tender application process. This will reduce your workload and also ensure that your PMC tender application is compliant, professionally drafted and stands out from competition.