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Automobile, construction services, FMCG, insurance, pharmaceuticals, real estate etc. – we are looking at some of the top industries in India with government tenders. Applying for tenders by industry is a practical business move as many tenders have relevant work experience as its basic eligibility for tender.


For instance, when it comes to railway tenders qualification, previous work experience is a common technical eligibility criteria.

Example: A tenderer can be considered eligible if his/her company has in the last ‘N’ years completed at least ‘X’ similar projects worth not less than Y% of the current tender value.

As such, if you have not been applying to industry and sector specific tenders in the past, it’s time to relook at your tendering strategy. While there are benefits of applying for top 10 tenders by state and top 10 tenders by city for your business, let’s explore the opportunities presented with industry-specific tenders.

On that note, let us take a look at the top industry government tenders in India for 2023.

Top 10 industries in India with government tenders

If you are familiar with eTendering, then you know that all government tenders are published online on the Central Public Procurement portal and the GeM portal. You can view all tender documents on the CPPP without registration, but to apply for tenders, you need to register and login to CPPP.

For this article, we have referred to Tenders on Tata nexarc to compile the list of top industry tenders. On Tata nexarc, we list the latest tenders from trusted sources to keep it relevant. You can get alerts on suitable tenders, view/download documents and get bidding assistance to apply for tenders or register on the GeM portal or list your products/services on GeM. To get started, explore Tenders now.

Listed below are the top sectors for tenders as of 05 July, 2023.* (Note – Readers are requested to check the CPP portal for latest count).

1. Construction industry tenders – 42,738 government tenders

You can find a list of tenders for Construction Services, Equipment and Material Supplies published every month by different departments and organisations.

There are different types of tenders in construction sector published, namely – open tenders, selective tenders and negotiated tenders. Open tenders are the most commonly floated construction sector tenders as it encourages healthy competition, allows small and medium businesses to participate in the tendering process, and the Tender Authority can get the best value-for-money bid from qualified contractors.

If you want to apply for tenders in construction, consider building a strategy and use these tips to win construction tenders.

Top category Top authority Top city Top state
Road construction Public Works Department Kolkata Rajasthan
Civil works Rural Development And Panchayat Raj Department New Delhi Jammu and Kashmir
Building construction Military Engineer Services South 24 Parganas West Bengal


2. Electrical and electronics equipment tenders – 8,693 tenders online

There is little doubt that the demand for electrical and electronics equipment tenders in India has been growing over the years. Whether it’s for electrical services, power conditioning equipment, circuit protection devices or any other, there are new tenders floated round the clock.

Top category Top authority Top city Top state
Electrical services Military Engineer Services New Delhi Uttar Pradesh
Lights & Bulbs Indian Army Kolkata West Bengal
Switches & controls & relays Public Health Engineering Department Lucknow Maharashtra


3. Distribution, Conditioning Systems and Plumbing Solutions tenders − 6,920 tenders

Plumbing and sanitary systems are important to every society. It accounts for hygiene/drainage and availability of clean water to all. Water management and hygiene is a key task for society and efficiency in managing water can help to reduce wastage and optimise ulitisation. Not surprisingly, there are Distribution, Conditioning Systems and Plumbing Solutions tenders published by central and state governments that businesses can explore.

Top category Top authority Top city Top state
Pumps Public Health Engineering Department New Delhi West Bengal
Cooling – Air Conditioner Indian Army Jalpaiguri Uttar Pradesh
Valves Military Engineer Services Kolkata Maharashtra

4. Power Generation, Distribution and Power Machinery tenders − 5,105 e-tenders

Power generation and distribution is a major sector in every society as clean, affordable and sustainable power is required for running factories, transports, households and almost all sectors. Hydroelectric power, thermal power are the popular types of power generation. These projects are usually medium to high value projects, though there are several low amount projects that one can explore. As an eligible bidder, you can register for NPCIL tenders or find and apply to NTPC tenders or any other to explore new tendering opportunities in the sector.

Listed below are the key highlights of Power Generation, Distribution and Power Machinery tenders in India:

Top category Top authority Top city Top state
Power transmission Military Engineer Services New Delhi Uttar Pradesh
Engine components & accessories Indian Army Mumbai West Bengal
Electrical services Power Development Department Lucknow Delhi

5. Mechanical Components and Spare Parts tenders − 4,820 active tenders

The next industry tender that we have on the list is Mechanical Components and Spare Parts eTenders. This is a growing sector with many small and medium businesses involved in the manufacturing of spare parts (e.g., automotive spare parts). While the industry (especially auto spare parts and components) took a hit during the pandemic, the sector has revived currently and achieving new revenue target goals. For instance, at the end of the fiscal year 2022, the market for auto parts and components stood at USD 56 billion (Source: Statista).

Top category Top authority Top city Top state
Metal & Steel products Indian Army


New Delhi Uttar Pradesh


Miscellaneous hardware Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Mumbai West Bengal
Bearings, bolts & nuts South Central Railways Kolkata Maharashtra

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6. Test and Measurement Equipment tenders − 3,879 active tenders

Another industry with live tenders is – Test and Measurement Equipment. Globally, it is estimated that the market will grow to reach USD 25.81 billion in 2023 (Source: Research and Markets). In India, this market has been growing over the years with many enterprises involved in manufacturing equipment and tools to measure, test, analyse, and display electrical data from different devices and flag non performance. Some of the tenders for Test and Measurement Equipment can be found in:

Top category Top authority Top city Top state
Laboratory implements Indian Army New Delhi Maharashtra
Length & thickness & distance measuring instruments Indian Institute of Technology Thiruvananthapuram Kerala
Electrical measuring & testing equipment Public Health Engineering Department Mumbai Uttar Pradesh

7. Real Estate tenders − 4,767 online tenders

If you look around, you will know why the real estate sector features on this list of tenders by industry – top 10 sectors. From residential to commercial projects, the need for real estate work has been sky rocketing in the private and government sectors, across rural and urban sectors. As a business owner, if you offer products/services for the industry, this is an opportune time for you to apply to the latest real estate tenders and grow your business.

Top category Top authority Top city Top state
Sale of property & building State Bank Of India Mumbai Maharashtra
Lease & rental of property or building Debts Recovery Tribunal Kochi Uttar Pradesh
Real estate management services Urban Administration and Development Department Pune Kerala

In addition to this, you can also list your products on the GeM portal for direct orders and selling opportunities.

8. Manufacturing Components and Supplies tenders − 3,519 tender contracts

The next sector on the list is Manufacturing Components and Supplies etenders – not surprising considering manufacturing is one of the most robust industries worldwide. This is a wide market as manufacturing supplies can include any goods used in the facilities, that are not direct inputs for the manufactured products. This may include stationery, paints and primers, cleaning supplies, lubricants for machines, adhesives or any other. For MSMEs especially, this is a potential business opportunity as they can start with basic investments and scale as the need may be.

Top category Top authority Top city Top state
Printing work Indian Army New Delhi Uttar Pradesh
Gaskets Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Kolkata West Bengal
Tapes Public Works Department Lucknow Maharashtra

9. Transportation and Postal Services tenders − 3,408 online tenders

Transportation and postal services tenders are also another popular sector for government tenders. The range of products/services required can be varied such as hiring vehicles for taxi services, to the handling and transport of goods and courier services. Considering India’s widespread roadways systems, road transport is often a preferred mode of transport. If you have a trucking or logistics company, or are a 3PL or 4PL services provider, or a goods transporter (e.g., goods transport service provider in Karnataka) or similar, consider taking a look at tenders in transportation and postal services.

Top category Top authority Top city Top state
Road transportation Food Corporation of India New Delhi Tamil Nadu
Vehicle hiring Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation Limited Jaipur Uttar Pradesh
Material handling services Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited Vadodara Gujarat

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10.  Hospital, Laboratory Instruments and Equipment tenders − 3,313 live tenders

Another top industry for tenders that the government floats tenders for is the Hospital, Laboratory Instruments and Equipment sector. These tenders are Apart from the regular requirements of surgical equipment, laboratory glassware, hospital furniture, etc. there are several other requirements that these tenders have. It is recommended to have a look at the latest Hospital, Laboratory Instruments and Equipment tenders to understand the diverse needs of the sector and apply for those that match your business requirements.

Top category Top authority Top city Top state
Medical equipments Ministry of Defence New Delhi Uttar Pradesh
Laboratory implements Indian Army Noida Maharashtra
Disposable surgical items All India Institute Of Medical Sciences Pune Rajasthan

Growing your business with tenders through Tata nexarc

Whether you are a MSME, a startup or an established business, government tenders are a smart way to grow your business. With a Tenders subscription on Tata nexarc you can easily find relevant tenders, get alerts on the latest matching opportunities, and get expert assistance to write tender proposals and bid successfully.

As a general guideline for eTendering, keep the following in mind:

  • Read the tender notice in detail to understand key requirements, eligibility, timelines and other details
  • Check if you have the skills and capabilities required to complete the project
  • Use bid consulting services to write your tender application in detail and as per the format specified
  • Ensure you submit the tender application in time


Sohini Banerjee

Sohini is a seasoned content writer with 12 years’ experience in developing marketing and business content across multiple formats. At Tata nexarc, she leverages her skills in crafting curated content on the Indian MSME sector, steel procurement, and logistics. In her personal time, she enjoys reading fiction and being up-to-date on trends in digital marketing and the Indian business ecosystem.