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If you are looking for government PSU tenders for your business, NPCIL eTenders are a great place to begin. Today, there are numerous new projects of NPCIL (Nuclear Power Corporation of India) announced frequently inviting bids from qualified bidders. To learn more about the latest NCPIL online tenders, visit the NPCIL eTender login page:

Is NCPIL a government company?
The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited or NPCIL is a Government of India Enterprise and regarded as one of the most reputed government PSUs in India. Administered by the Department of atomic Energy (DAE), it was established in 1987 to generate electricity from nuclear power.

How to view NCPIL tenders

If you want to find and view active NCPIL eTenders, there are two ways to get started – through the CPPP Home page or through the Nuclear Power Corporation of India website.

Visit CPPP for latest NPCIL eTenders

The Central Public Procurement Portal (eProcurement system) is the single portal where all government departments, PSUs and ministries announce their procurement requirements.

To find the Nuclear Power Corporation of India eTenders on CPPP simply follow the below steps:

  • Visit CPPP Home:
  • Select ‘etenders for Central PSUs’ from the dropdown on the left
  • Click ‘OK’ for the pop-up prompt (it says CPPP not responsible for external website content and privacy policy since you are about to leave the CPPP)
  • You are now on the eProcurement System page:
  • Select ‘Tenders by Organisation’ on the left side menu
  • Scroll down to Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (for organisation name)
  • Click on the available number of tenders (i.e., tender count)
  • Find the list of tenders published by NPCIL with details like tender ID, opening and closing dates, organisation chain
  • View NPCIL tenders by clicking on the tender title/reference number/ID
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Visit NPCIL portal for latest tenders

As a potential tender applicant, you can even visit the NPCIL website, enrol as a new bidder, and apply for NPCIL eTenders.

  • Visit the Nuclear Power Corporation of India login portal
  • The list of live online and offline tenders is displayed
  • Relevant details such as Tender ID, Tender No., Tender type, Tender description, GeM ARPTS, quick links etc, are displayed
  • Click on the ‘Tender No.’ to view more details or download NPCIL tenders documents through the ‘Quick Link’ option (login to check full tender details)


  • Always check the type of tender – i.e., whether it is an open, closed/limited, or negotiated tender. This will help you to eliminate tenders you are not eligible for.
  • Tender information for most online and offline tenders are available in English and Hindi.
  • You can use the Search option to find specific NPCIL eTenders.


How to register for NCPIL tenders?

Government tenders published on the CPP portal are in the public domain. This means that as a user you do not need to register on the portal to view tender details.

So, if you want to view NPCIL tender details only, you can view them from the portal without registering/enrolling or logging in. However, if you want to apply for a tender, you must register your business on the portal and upload a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for eTendering.

NPCIL e tender enrolment

Follow the steps below to enrol on the NPCIL portal and login:

  • Visit the NPCIL portal:
  • Click on ‘Portal Enrollment for New Bidder’ on the top right corner
  • You will be directed to the NPCIL bidder enrolment page
  • Fill in the enrolment form as required with your business details

Guide to bidder’s enrolment on NPCIL portal website (or NPCIL vendor registration)

Here’s a quick look at the New Bidder Enrolment process for eTendering (also known as NPCIL vendor registration):

  • Select ‘Portal Enrollment Type’ – By default it will be Indian Bidder.
  • Fill in your ‘Login Details’ – This is the same as any other bidder registration, i.e., you need to select a login ID, password (alphanumeric and with special characters), hint question and the answer.
  • Fill in the ‘Company Details’ – There are some mandatory fields in this section marked as ‘*’. Ensure you fill in those first. Some of the details you must fill in include company name, company office address, city name and pincode, email id. Next check the right box for ‘Business Type’ e.g., manufacturer, wholesaler, service, retailer, trading company etc. Also select the ‘Type of Ownership’ from the dropdown option e.g., proprietorship, partnership, central/state government, PSU, private/public ltd. etc.
  • Select the ‘Type of Industry’ – Select between micro, small, medium and large enterprises. This will help you to search for NPCIL tenders by relevancy, tender value and eligibility qualifications. As such, it is recommended to get registered on Udyam as a MSME to reap necessary benefits.
  • Identify the ‘Items for which Enrollment is Sought’ – It’s a long and exhaustive list of items for which you want to enrol. Select the ones most suitable for your business.
  • Update ‘Income Tax Details’ – That is, your Income Tax PAN number.
  • Add ‘GST Details’ – This includes current fiscal year turnover, nature of goods etc. There is also provision for special category state for Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, J&K, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Sikkim, Tripura, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
  • Fill in ‘Bank Details’ – This includes bank name, branch and account number as mandatory fields.
  • Add ‘Personal Details’ – This refers to the contact details of the bidder i.e., contact person, designation, mobile number. All fields are mandatory.
  • Ensure to read the ‘Declaration’ to avoid any confusion/issues/challenges in the future
  • ‘Drag to order’ the set of numbers in the box (this is like a captcha code to confirm you are a genuine person).
  • Click on ‘Submit’ to complete the process.

Things to keep in mind for NPCIL vendor registration process:

  • Registration on NPCIL eTendering portal is free of charge
  • Bidders/vendors must upload scanned copies of relevant documents
  • Bidders/vendors must have a Class II or III DSC with them
  • Any change in business/personal details or any other must be notified immediately
  • If Company Name and/or primary email ID is changed, vendors must re-enrol as a new bidder


How to login to NPCIL portal

Once you have successfully registered as a vendor on the portal, the next step is to login. The NPCIL e tender login process is simple. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the portal homepage:
  • Fill in your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ in the box on the right side. Select ‘Login’ to continue. This is the same that you created during the new bidder enrolment process.
  • You can also check the ‘Forgot your password?’ option if you can’t remember your password. You will have to enter your email ID used during registration to get/reset new password. Hence, it’s important that you keep your contact and business details up to date.


The login utility in NPCIL tender portal has recently been updated (i.e., February 2023). Check the website and follow the steps to update.

How to find new NPCIL DAE tenders?

While we are discussing new projects of NPCIL, let us also take a look at DAE tenders – or tenders by the Department of Atomic Energy.

  • On the DAE website ( select ‘Tenders’ on the top menu
  • From the dropdown you can select between ‘Tenders of DAE Units’ or ‘DAE Sectt. Tenders’
  • Select ‘Tenders of DAE Units’
  • This will redirect you to a page with links to tenders of DAE Units
  • Scroll down the list to find ‘Nuclear Power Corporation of India’
  • This will take you to NPCIL’s page –
  • As per convenience you can change the preferred language to English or keep it as Hindi
  • You can select the ‘Tender’ option on the top menu to find all NPCIL tenders e.g., live e-tenders (works), offline live tenders, expression of interest, orders above 10 crore etc.
  • Based on your selection you will be navigated to the suitable page. For example, if you select Live e-Tenders (Works) you will be navigated to: (Department of Atomic Energy)

There is a detailed 5-step vendor registration process for DAE eTenders via Steps include: Signing up, document upload, class selection, payment, and confirmation.

How to find NPCIL tenders documents?

Whether you are searching for NPCIL tenders on CPPP or on the NPCIL portal, the tender documents with end-to-end details can be downloaded easily.


  • Select ‘Tender by Organisation’ (
  • Scroll down to Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.
  • Click on the tender count to view list of NPCIL tenders
  • Click on the selected tender for tender information
  • Browse through the tender details e.g., Tender type – open, EMD and tender fee details, work item details, critical dates, and tender documents
  • Download the zip file for NPCIL tender documents, usually containing pdf and Excel files for the tender notice and BOQ respectively
  • Check if any other documents are required to be downloaded e.g., tender terms and conditions (instead of the zip file you can also download documents individually)

It is important that you read through the details and prepare the tender document proposal with precision to increase your chances of winning NPCIL tender contracts.

On NPCIL tender portal:

  • Visit the homepage for NPCIL public tenders:
  • View the list of tenders on the homepage
  • Go to ‘Quick Link’ option to download file

Based on the nature of the project the tender might require special documents to be submitted with the tender application. Examples of such list of documents for NPCIL tender application might include:

  • Technical specifications and drawings
  • Bid submission in specified format
  • Relevant technical and quality certificates (ISO certificates for online tendering)
  • Experience certificates of similar work done in the past and CA audited financial statements
  • Receipts of tender fees and EMD paid (or certificates for exemption)

Note: All tender notices come with an opening and closing date. All bidders are encouraged to check the dates thoroughly and not miss the due date. Since it’s an online tender process, no application is accepted after the due date.

How to check eligibility for NPCIL online tenders

All details on NPCIL tender eligibility will be present in the tender document. You will have to browse the tender document in detail to evaluate eligibility and qualifications.

For example, eligibility criteria for a NPCIL tender can be with respect to:

  • The type of business – sole proprietorship, partnership etc.
  • Annual turnover i.e., minimum profitability and turnover over the last 3-5 years
  • Bidder being an OEM or be able to submit an authorised dealership certificate from OEM

Closing thoughts: How to apply to NPCIL tenders online?

If you are eligible for a particular NPCIL eTender opportunity, evaluate if you have the means and resources to undertake the project. At times, even if you are eligible you may lack the resources and funds required to execute the project. You can always check your business loan eligibility with banks/NBFCs or contact us at Tata nexarc for collateral-free business loans up to ₹50 lakhs.

Before you apply to tenders by NPCIL ensure your do the following:

  • Upload your Class III DSC
  • Read the tender documents, understand the key tender terminologies, the project requirements, terms and conditions, payment terms etc.
  • Prepare a bid proposal thoroughly
  • Collate all necessary documents in the requested format e.g., jpeg, pdf, excel etc.
  • Review the tender application document (if required take additional help of bid consulting services)
  • Quote the tender price competitively i.e., it should offer value to the buyer and also earn profits for your business
  • Login to the required portal and fill in the online application
  • Click on ‘Freeze’ to submit your NPCIL tender application

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