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Goods transport service is the main source of revenue for a logistics company. Especially in states like Karnataka which hosts a huge metro city like Bangalore, logistics transport services are always in demand. There are many goods transport services providers in Karnataka’s Bangalore because the city is home to numerous aspirational buyers and urban elite who have completely switched to online shopping.


Bangalore hosts numerous small-scale businesses and startups which are B2C as well as B2B. These businesses hire logistics services and solutions providers to send finished products to their destinations. Karnataka has a wide variety of goods transport service providers to help business firms transport their goods.

List of goods transport service providers in Karnataka

Here is a list of good transport providers in Bangalore that can be easily hired by businesses looking to transport goods in and around Karnataka:

  • Pooja Freight Carrier – Bangalore
  • Veer roadlines and Lorry Suppliers – Belgaum
  • J A P Logistics – Hubli
  • Hindustan Transport – Shimoga
  • Avanti Transport – Gulbarga
  • Radon Packers and Movers – Manipal
  • Sri Kiran Trasnport – Tumkur
  • Shree Ganesh Roadlines – Bellary
  • IK logistics – Mysore
  • VMTC Logistics – Mangalore
  • Radhakrishna Transport – Bangalore
  • Shivaganga Transport – Tumkur

Why is it important to hire the right transport service providers?

Hiring the right transportation company is crucial for any business. The transport service provider you choose should be reliable. The logistics company should be able to provide effective and timely goods transport services.

Whether you need transportation services on a temporary basis or a regular basis, signing up with the right transport company is of great importance. If you need to hire a logistics services company for regular B2C and/or B2B logistics transport, then choosing a reliable firm that can work effectively and dedicatedly to ease your daily operations becomes crucial.

Tata nexarc’s Logistics helps small businesses find reliable goods transport services that promise safe and on-time delivery. You can compare quotes from multiple service providers, check ETAs, and choose a logistics partner best suited to your needs.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a logistics partner:

  • Transparent pricing
  • Real-time tracking
  • User friendly logistics platform
  • Guaranteed safety of the goods in transit
  • A robust customer care center with quick query redressal
  • Reasonable transportation cost

Things to consider before hiring a goods transport service provider

Before choosing a goods transport service you must carefully consider the following factors to make the right choice:

  • Determine your goods transport services needs

Before you start looking for a goods transport service, make a list of your business requirements. Use this list to map your requirements to the features provided by various logistics services. Comparing features and prices of various providers will help you find a solution that better meets your needs.

For example, if you are shipping medical items that need refrigeration and other transit requirements you should ensure your goods transport services can handle them. You should also carefully consider the shipping volumes and frequency, the type of shipment (Partial Truckload, Full Truckload, Less than Truckload etc.) and any special certifications that may be required when hiring goods transport services.

  • Find transport providers that are closer to your customer base

Large logistics companies offer goods transport services from a central hub as well as from multiple hubs across the country. Choosing a logistics partner that is close to your customer’s location can ensure speedy transit of goods without any interruptions or delays.

In the event of rain, traffic jams or other unforeseen circumstances, a logistics provider that is closer to the customer location can reduce the delivery timelines and improve customer service. This is especially true if you are primarily using road transport to move goods.

  • Evaluate costs and match delivery timelines

Find out if the service provider you selected can meet the delivery timelines you need. You should also find out what the cost of transporting your goods safely is within the set timelines. If you need to make adjustments to the timeline the logistics partner should be flexible enough to accommodate the change.

  • Always check the track record of the chosen logistics service provider

Once you find a logistics company with solutions that match your specific shipment needs, you should check the track record of the company. Look for reviews online and consider factors including reliability of service, transparency, responsiveness, and communication.

A logistics service provider should foresee all transit related problems that can cause delays and respond to these problems swiftly with efficient solutions that don’t impact their clients. Avoid hiring goods transport services with a history of poor performance, including unresolved service issues and complaints.

  • Select logistics partners with scalable offerings

Let us say you are a startup offering steel. In the beginning you are transporting up to 5 tons of steel for your clients. But as the business progresses you get more customers, and your transport requirement increases to 10 tons of steel. Here, your logistics or trucking service provider must be able to accommodate your change by providing you with a bigger truck.


There could also be a sudden increase in demand if a client requests 5 tons of steel instead of the regular shipment of 3 tons of steel. Your logistics partner should be able to handle this change and provide you with the necessary transport.

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Wrapping up: Finding the right goods transporter for businesses in Karnataka (and other states)

Considering the numerous business opportunities present in Bangalore and other cities in Karnataka, there are several emerging logistics businesses in the state, especially in the B2B segment. While this provides MSMEs wider options to choose from, it also means careful scrutiny to ensure that the poor performance of the logistics provider does not impact the MSME’s brand name.

For instance, late deliveries, minor shipping damages, non-responsive customer care are all indicators of poor performance that will directly impact how your customers perceive of your brand.

Hiring the right goods transport service is important to deliver your products safely and on time. This improves customer satisfaction and paves way to loyal customers. Find out whether these transport services offer last mile delivery services to save time and convenience for your business.

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