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    Steel bars also known as rebars, or reinforcing bars are a type of construction material used to build structures such as buildings, bridges, dams, RCC roads, and so on. Also, they are used in the manufacturing of automobiles, ships, and other heavy machinery.

    These bars come in various types such as hot rolled deformed bars, cold rolled deformed bars, mild steel bars (Fe250), welded steel bars and so on. Furthermore, the nominal size of the steel bars is available in 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm, 36 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, and 50 mm.

    What do you mean by a 16mm steel bar?

    The most common sizes of steel bars used in construction are 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. These sizes are used for slabs. 16mm also refers to one of the sizes of steel bars and 16mm, 12mm, 20mm, and 25mm steel bars are used for beams and columns. However, the size of steel bars used in construction depends on the design structure, the span between the columns, the load acting on it, etc.

    It can be stated that the weight per metre of a 16mm steel bar is roughly 1.58 kilograms. Apart from this, location and supplier have an impact on kilogram prices. One bundle of 16mm steel bars can contain anywhere between 5 and 10 bars, depending on the supplier. And due to their durability and structural support, they are frequently used in construction.

    Calculating the weight of 16 mm steel bars

    In India, construction is heavily influenced by the weight of steel bars, such as 16mm steel bars. The typical weight per metre of a 16mm steel bar is 1.58 kilograms. The formula to determine this weight is ‘(D2/162) x L’, where “D stands for the diametre (16mm) and L is the length in metres”. After that, it can be stated that on variables such as market conditions as well as location, the cost of steel bars in India can change depending on the price per kilogram. It can be considered that 16mm, 12mm, and 18mm are typical lengths for steel bars in India. Let’s take a look at how to calculate the weight of a 16mm steel bar, 16mm steel bar per metre, 16mm steel bar per foot:

    The formula for calculating steel bar weight

    Weight (W) = (D^2/162) x L

    • W: Weight of the steel bar in kilograms (kg)
    • D: Diametre of the steel bar in millimetres (mm)
    • L: Length of the steel bar in metres (m)

    In this case, for a 16mm steel bar, D = 16mm

    Examples of 16mm steel bar weight

    16mm steel bar weight for 12 metres length. As the usual length of a 16mm steel bar is approximately 12 meters or 40 feet. Here’s the formula to calculate the same:

    Weight (W) = (D^2/162) x L

    Weight (W) = (16^2/162) x 12

    Weight (W) = (256/162) x 12

    Weight (W) = 18.96 kg

    This means a single 16mm steel bar that is 12 metres long weighs about 18.96 kg.

    Weight of 16mm steel bar per metre

    Now, that you know how to calculate the weight of a 16mm steel bar, let’s calculate the weight of a 16mm steel bar per metre. Here’s a quick calculation:

    Weight (W) = (D^2/162) x L

    Weight (W) = (16^2/162) x 1

    Weight (W) = (256/162) x 1

    Weight (W) = 1.58kg

    Thus, the weight of a 16mm steel bar per metre is around 1.58 kg or approximately 1580 grams.

    16mm steel bar weight per foot

    To calculate 16mm steel bar weight per foot, the formula remains same. However we need to convert the length from per metres to per foot. Now, using the conversion 1 foot = 0.3048 metres, here’s the calculation of 16mm steel bar weight per foot:

    Weight (W) = (D^2/162) x L

    Weight (W) = (16^2/162) x 0.304

    Weight (W) = (256/162) x 0.304

    Weight (W) = 0.482 kg

    This means that the weight of a 16 mm steel bar per foot is approximately 0.482 kg or around 482 grams.

    Steel bar price and ordering

    It can be observed that depending on the supplier, 16mm steel bar bundles typically contain 5 to 10 bars. In India’s construction industry, these steel bars are widely used and provide vital strength and support for a range of building projects, from residential to commercial and infrastructure development. Thus, it can be focused on the cost estimate as well as structural integrity depending on accurate weight calculations. However, To order a specific quantity, you can use this given formula below:

    • Required weight in kg= Per unit weight × Number of units required

    Further, the current price of 16mm steel bars in India varies depending on the location and the manufacturer. The per kg prices of various steel brands of different diameters for Fe 500 grade are as follows (Source: Civil Lead):

    Steel brand Price per kg (in INR)
    Tata Tiscon 64.27
    SAIL 64.14
    JSW Steel 64.32
    Jindal Panther 64.23
    Kamdhenu 64.41

    Note: The prices mentioned above are per kg in rupees, excluding GST, and may also vary depending on your location.

    Uses of steel bars per metre in industry

    Reinforcement product online is applicable to access the overall system with functional value that is creating a bespoke length and shapes of the T16 rebar that is being scheduled. It is making the changes in the system to have the overall changes in function and make the construction industry more successful and effective.

    However, the change in the different industries is using the 16mm reinforcing bars to have cultural value and making the large scale more successful and effective. The majority of steel bars are used in India’s construction industry, with a sizable portion going towards infrastructure initiatives like roads and bridges. According to statistics, 60–65% of India’s total steel consumption is thought to go towards infrastructure and building requirements.

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