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Round bars can be made from different metals and are used in a variety of industries for load bearing tasks. A steel round bar is the most popular type of round bar in industries, especially in the construction and engineering industry. These round bars are famous products of the steel industry because of their versatility. They are used for manufacturing various components like pumping shafts, machine tools, surgical parts, pins, etc.


What is a steel round bar?

Also referred to as a steel bar stock, it is a cylindrically shaped bar used for industrial applications and construction sites. They are available in different sizes so that they can be used to fulfill specific industry requirements.

A round bar is typically measured by considering its diameter. The bars can be manufactured in different diameters ranging from ¼-inch to large 24-inch-thick round bars for heavy-duty use. While round bars featuring thicker diameters are preferred for construction and heavy engineering works, the thinner bars are used for automobiles and other light industry purposes.

Types of steel round bars

Steel round bars are classified based on the type of steel used in their construction. Given below are the common types of bars sold by steel round bar manufacturers in India:

  • Mild steel round bar – Made of mild steel, this round bar has good malleability and high tensile strength
  • Tool steel round bar – Known for its hardness and resistance to wear and tear making it perfectly suited for use in machining and tool making.
  • Stainless steel round bar – Round bars made of stainless-steel showcase excellent rust resistance and durability.

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Advantages of steel round bars

Steel round bars have multiple advantages especially in the construction and machinery sector. Here are the top benefits of steel round bars

  • Strength – Steel round bars are not for their high strength nature and tenacity. Bars with higher diameters have excellent load bearing capacity and are used in construction and heavy machinery manufacturing.
  • Malleability and ductility – These two properties of steel make it easier for structural steel fabrication workers to cut and shape round bars according to specific requirements.
  • Durability – Steel has excellent corrosion resistance and can last for many decades without much wear and tear.

Steel round bars vs steel rods

Steel round bars and rods have similar appearance and are used in similar applications, however, there are some key differences between the two. This can have a major impact on the functionality and durability of your project.

Here are a a few major differences between steel round bars and steel rods:

Steel round bar Steel rod
Used in applications where the finished product needs to be machined or machined and heat treated Used in applications where the finished product needs to be heat treated but not machined
Made from hot-rolled steel rods Usually made from cold-drawn steel
Less expensive More expensive
Less production costs High production costs
Good wear resistance Better wear resistance compared to round bars because of the higher manganese content

Applications of steel round bar

Given below are a few uses of steel round bars in various industries:

  • To make steel beams, column stirrups and pipelines
  • To erect steel structures
  • Production of medical tools
  • Production of heavy machinery
  • Automobile parts
  • To make trellis and rails

Steel round bars find multiple applications in various industries as it can be cut and shaped easily into required designs. If you are looking for steel round bar suppliers in India, visit Tata nexarc’s nexProcure. We can help you source the best quality steel round bars at reasonable prices from reputed steel companies in India.