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    Today, various kinds of steel roofing solutions are available in the market. However, do you know the various types of steel roofing sheets available? This article takes a closer look at the types of steel roofing sheets, steel grades, sizes and much more.

    Types of steel roofing sheets

    Here are some of the types of steel roofing sheets according to the material used:

    Galvanised steel roofing sheets:

    Galvanised steel roofing sheets are usually used in corrosion-prone areas. Galavnisation treatment prevents corrosion of steel making it a choice of material in varied weather conditions.

    Stainless steel roofing sheets:

    Due to its various features such as durability, low maintenance, and so on, stainless steel roofing sheets are preferred in the construction of oil & gas tanks, over-ground platform roofing, roofing for piping, ducts, animal shelters, etc.

    Colour-coated roofing sheets

    Colour-coated roofing sheets are available in various attractive colours. Different kinds of coatings such as polyester (PE), PVDF, Polyurethane, etc., are applied on the steel roofing sheet. The colour coats offer aesthetic appeal as well as corrosion resistance.

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    Popular steel roof sizes

    Here are some of the common steel roof sizes. Apart from these popular sizes, steel roofs can also be custom made according to the desired size.

    Type of steel roof Popular size
    Corrugated steel roof sheet 8ft x 10ft and 10ft x 12ft,
    Standing seam roofing Popular lengths: 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft,
    Steel tile roofing 12 inches x 16 inches and 12 inches x 12 inches

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    Grades of steel used in roofing sheet

    Here are some of the popular steel grades used in roofing solutions.

    Type of roofing sheet Grade
    Steel roof Cold rolled steel
    Stainless steel Type 304, Type 316
    Galvanised steel G-90, G-60
    Colour-coated roofing sheet 550 Mpa,

    Companies offering steel roofing sheets

    Here are some of the leading companies that manufacture steel roofing sheets:

    Company Roofing sheet
    Tata BlueScope Steel Steel roofing sheets
    SAIL Steel roofing sheets
    Bansal Roofing Products Colour-coated roofing sheet
    Bushia Steel Stone-coated steel roof sheets
    Bhushan Power & Steel Galvanised roofing sheets
    LCP India Galvanised roofing sheets, colour-coated roofing sheets
    JBFS Engineering Systems Colour-coated roofing sheets
    Stellar Buildtech Steel roofing sheets, colour-coated roofing sheets

    Factors to consider while choosing the roofing sheet

    Here are a few aspects to consider before choosing the right roofing sheet:

    Purpose of the building: The purpose of the building determines the selection of a roofing sheet. Different kinds of buildings have varied purposes to serve. For example, industrial building roofs require to withstand high temperatures. Therefore, stainless steel roofing may be the right choice.

    Weather conditions: Weather conditions play an important role in choosing the right roofing sheet. Temperature range, humidity and conditions such as probabilities of storms, rainfall, snow, etc., determine the choice of material for roofing solutions. For example, galvanised steel corrodes in humid conditions and may not be suitable to be used in coastal areas.

    Design: Architects’ design also a play key role in choosing the roofing solution. For example, if a design requires a particular colour for the structure, in such cases, colour-coated roofing sheets can be the right choice.

    Maintenance: One of the key criteria is maintenance. Every kind of sheet requires different kinds of maintenance. For example, steel roofing solutions require less maintenance and can be a feasible option.

    Cost: Cost is yet another key factor to consider while choosing the right roofing sheet for the project. Roofing sheets of different materials are available at a wide range of costs. Considering the cost and other important aspects such as weather conditions, aesthetics and so on, one can narrow down on a type of roofing sheet.

    Ease of installation: A proper installation of roofing sheets is necessary for durability and longevity. However, the project’s cost may vary depending on the installation process of roofing sheets. Therefore, it is an important aspect to consider.

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    How to procure and price

    Type of roofing sheet Price range
    Steel roofing sheet ₹120-₹170 per sq. ft.
     Galvanised steel roofing sheets ₹75-₹120 per kg
    Stainless steel roofing sheet ₹80-₹110 per kg
    Colour-coated roofing sheet ₹60-₹100 per kg

    Although there are various ways to procure steel roofing sheets in India, one of the trusted ways is buying through Tata nexarc. Just enter the details such as quantity and quality, get quotes from authorised vendors and select the best quote. You can procure steel roofing solutions in three easy steps.

    Final thoughts: Tips to select the right roofing solution

    • Consider the project expectations, weather conditions and budget. Determine the size of the roof. While popular sizes might be available in the market, you will need to place an order for custom-made sizes.
    • Invite quotes from multiple vendors. This can help you compare pricing and quality.
    • Once you narrow down on the vendor, negotiate with them.
    • Try to buy in larger quantities to get a bulk order’s advantage.

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