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    You must have heard the term galvanised steel coil several times. However, have you ever wondered what exactly galvanised steel coils are? What is its use? In order to understand galvanised steel better, this guide explains what is galvanised steel, methods of making galvanising, benefits and applications.

    Galvanised steel, after all, is used in several corrosion-resistant items such as nuts and bolts, or pipes, even balconies and staircases. So, whether you are a seller or buyer of galvanised steel, this article will help you learn more about the type of steel for your business.

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    What are galvanised steel coils?

    Galvanising is process in which a protective coat of zinc is applied to steel. So, galvanised steel coils are steel sheets with zinc coating. This application of the zinc coat makes coils durable as it protects the coil from rusting. The coil is available in different sizes and grades as per the use/requirement.

    Benefits of galvanised steel coils

    So, why coat steel? What does the galvanisation achieve? Here are the advantages of using galvanised steel. When you use it in your project, depending on the application, here is what you can achieve.

    1. Protection: Galvanised coating is considered as one of the toughest coatings available in the market. It offers protection offers resistance from mechanical damage that may happen during transit or erection of the structure. Additionally, it protects steel from rust and corrosion. Adding into it, it is suitable for all weather conditions, so weather change does not affect the steel.

    2.Durability: Since it protects steel from rust, corrosion, and weather conditions, chances of steel getting damaged are lesser. This results in longer life span.

    3.Low-maintenance: Galvanised steel parts and structures need low maintenance. As a result, your efforts on maintenance are saved.

    4.Cost-efficient: The initial cost of galvanised steel may be high. However, you save on maintenance and repair cost as it is a low-maintenance product. Additionally, coating offers durability. Therefore, it turns out to be cost effective in longer run.

    Application of galvanised steel

    Galvanised steel finds use in various applications. Here are few of them.

    1. Construction: Galvanised steel coils are mainly used in the construction industry. Mostly builders use these coils in roofing as it does not rust or corrode. It is also used as a protector for ridges and valleys in the roofing solution. Additionally, galvanised steel coils are also used in outdoor applications. It is used for building steel frames, balconies, and other indoor applications too.

    2. Manufacturing: Galvanised steel is also used to in the industrial environment to make various smaller parts. Another use includes tanks. Tanks made from galvanised steel coils are used to store non-corrosive materials.

    3. Other applications: Apart from above mentioned uses, galvanised steel coils are used in various other industries such as automotive, electric equipment, etc. In fact, galvanised steel plays a key role in the automotive industry.

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    To sum up: Procuring galvanised steel

    How to procure galvanised steel at an affordable rate?

    All leading steel manufacturers offer galvanised steel coils as per your requirement. You can source them from your preferred vendor.

    Alternatively, Tata nexarc also helps you to procure raw material. On Tata nexarc’s Procurement, you can buy steel coils, sheets, galvanised steel and more at an affordable price.

    Methods of galvanising steel coils

    Hot-dipped galvanisation: In this process, steel is dipped into molten zinc. This is the fundamental process of galvanising.

    Galvanealing: It is a combination of galvanising and annealing. The process involves hot-dipping in the molten zinc followed by instantaneous annealing. This process creates specialized coating on steel.

    Pre-galvanising: It is same as hot-dipped galvanising method. However, this activity is performed in the steel mill itself. Here, steel is passed through the molten zinc and recoiled immediately. This method offers uniformity in coating and rapid galvanisation is achieved.

    Electrogalvanising: This is a unique method where in steel is not dipped into molten zinc. Instead, it is an electrolyte solution that coats steel with zinc using electric current.

    Galvanising advanced high-strength steel: This method also involves dipping method in the molten zinc. However, what differentiates this method from others is the additional chemical treatment.

    Swati Deshpande

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