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    Stainless steel is a versatile metal and is used in several industries including construction. In fact, it is an important raw material for projects in the infrastructure and construction industry and it is used in many ways. One such way is the use of stainless roofing sheets. This article elaborates on what stainless steel roofing sheets are, their advantages and pricing.

    What are stainless steel roofing sheets?

    As the name suggests these are sheets made from stainless steel metal and are used for roofing purposes. Stainless steel mainly contains 10.5% or more chromium and is known for its strength. Therefore, it becomes an ideal choice for roofing applications. Usually, it is used in roofing applications in two ways – corrugated sheets and standing seam roofs.

    Stainless steel roofing sheets are widely used in industrial applications such as roofing for oil & gas tanks, over-ground platform roofing, roofing for piping, ducts, animal shelters, etc.

    What makes it an ideal choice for roofing solutions is its features such as corrosion resistance, weather resistance an high strength.

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    Advantages of stainless steel roofing sheets

    Corrosion resistance: Stainless steel is a highly corrosion resistant material. Moreover, even if stainless steel roof rusts, it can be removed easily. As a result, it becomes an attractive choice for roofing.

    Weather resistance: Stainless steel is a weather resistant material. It can withstand different conditions like high rains, snow, low and high temperatures, humidity and so on without corrosion. Therefore, stainless steel roofing sheets can be used in all geographies.

    Durability: Depending on its grade, stainless steel is a low to medium carbon steel, which is known for strength. High tensile strength coupled with features like corrosion resistance and weather resistance, makes stainless steel a durable material. Stainless steel roofs last for around 40-60 years, while high-quality stainless steel roofs can have a lifespan for up to 80-100 years.

    Aesthetic appeal: For many architectural and construction projects, aesthetic appeal holds importance. One of the advantages of using stainless steel is it has an attractive appearance. As a result, it can be used in the exteriors of buildings and other infrastructure projects as roofing solution.

    Low maintenance: Occasional cleaning is enough to maintain stainless steel roof. Meaning that stainless steel roof does not involve a lot of maintenance efforts, time and cost for maintenance. As a result, it becomes a preferred material for roofing sheets.

    Fire resistance: Yet another advantage of stainless steel roof is it is fire resistant. Firstly, stainless steel does not ignite a fire or burn. Also, it is capable of withstanding high temperatures as its melting point is about 1400°C or more. Therefore, it is considered to be a safe material to be used as a roofing solution even in industrial buildings, where high temperatures are likely.

    Note: These properties make stainless steal the perfect match for making steel railings for balconies. It gives durability, elegance, and can be molded into different shapes.

    Procuring stainless steel roofing sheets

    If you plan to use stainless steel roofing sheets, they are easily available in the market. An easy option to procure roofing sheets at competitive rates is Tata nexarc. You can quickly post your requirement, evaluate quotes from various vendors and confirm order. You will get doorstep delivery of your order. Try now.

    Some of the well-known companies producing stainless steel includes , Steel Authority of India (SAIL), Jindal Stainless, and so on.

    Pricing of stainless steel roofing sheets ranges from around ₹120 per kg to ₹300 per kg depending on the quality grade and quantity ordered. In fact, one of the disadvantages of using stainless steel in any project is its high initial cost. However, low maintenance and durability make it a cost-efficient material in the longer run.

    Tips to order stainless steel roofing sheets at a reasonable rate:

    • Invite quotes from different vendors to understand the price range.
    • Try ordering bulk quantities to negotiate with the vendor to get quantity advantage.

    Note: Pricing of steel changes on a daily basis, therefore, it is best to check the prevailing prices.

    Concluding note

    Stainless steel roofs offer multiple advantages however, they come along with the initial cost. It is best to choose the right roofing sheet depending on the project requirements, budget of the project and so on.

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    Frequently asked questions about stainless steel roofing sheets

    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about stainless steel roofing sheets.

    Is stainless steel the right choice for a roofing solution?

    Stainless steel possesses features such as durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., which makes the material an ideal choice in metal roof applications.

    Which is the most popular metal for roofing applications?

    Aluminium is the most popular metal used in roofing sheets. Aluminium is usually a cheaper material as compared to stainless steel.

    What is the ideal thickness of stainless steel roofing?

    Ideally, 0.23 mm to 0.50 mm thick stainless steel sheets are used for roofing. The thickness changes according to the application. As per your requirement, you can get stainless steel sheets with  customised thickness.

    Are there any disadvantages to using steel in roofing?

    One of the major disadvantages of stainless steel is pricing. The upfront cost of stainless steel is higher if compared to other metals used for roofing.  

    How to maintain stainless steel roofs?

    Stainless steel roofs can easily be maintained with occasional dusting and cleaning with regular detergent mixed with water.

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