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    MS flat or Mild Steel flat is a term used to refer to mild steel flat strips. These flats are rectangular strips of mild steel with length usually starting at 20m. The thickness of the flats begins at 3mm. These flats are widely used in fabrication projects.

    What is MS flat?

    Mild Steel flat is simply a flat piece of mild steel in the form of a rectangular strip with fluctuating thickness of the strip. These flats have low carbon content, features good weldability and machinability making it a versatile material for industrial projects.

    These are considered to be the most basic structural steel components. They are dimensionally superior and made with precision and accuracy. Coupled with flexibility and formability, it is a great material for manufacturing and construction uses.

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    Benefits of MS flat

    There are several advantages of using MS flat in manufacturing and construction projects:

    • Versatile

    MS flat can be used in a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, automobile, etc. This is because MS flat bars can be easily customised into different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses to fit specific needs and requirements.

    • Provides structural support

    The high level of workability and strength exhibited by MS flat has allowed it to be utilised as structural support in virtually many kinds of products. They can be used as beams, frames, supports, brackets, and other structural elements.

    • Excellent machinability

    They accompany excellent machinability contributing to ease of fabrication. The flat and uniform surface allows for precise cutting and welding, while the straight edges simplify the fabrication process. They can be cut, welded, and shaped into various configurations to fit various applications.

    • Durability

    Mild Steel flats can withstand long exposure to harsh environmental conditions and heavy use without suffering significant damage. Therefore, MS flats are best suited for industrial applications that require sturdy and long-lasting materials.

    • Corrosion resistance

    MS flats are known for their corrosion resistance. These flats can withstand exposure to harsh environmental conditions like moisture, saltwater, and chemicals, without undergoing any significant degradation. Therefore, they remain structurally sound for extended periods without the need for constant maintenance.

    Uses of MS flat

    MS flat is a versatile steel product that finds uses in multiple industries. Mild steel flats are used to build:

    • Link plates
    • Auto components
    • Bodies of truck trailers, rails, tippers
    • Lift and elevator baseplates for scaffolding
    • Constructional frames
    • Home appliances
    • Intricate designs and shapes for aesthetic appeal

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    MS flat sizes

    While MS flat sizes can be customised by manufacturers, there are some standard sizes available in the market. Here are the common sizes available in India:

    • 20m (length) x 4mm (thickness)
    • 25m x 4mm
    • 25m x 8mm
    • 25m x 12mm
    • 30m x 4mm
    • 30m x 5mm
    • 32m x 6mm
    • 32m x 10mm
    • 38m x 3mm
    • 38m x 5 mm

    There are plenty of other sizes available with different manufacturers.

    How to buy Mild Steel flats?

    Buying MS flat must be from a reputable manufacturer. You must consider the following things while buying flats for your project:

    • Length and thickness of the flat
    • Weight of the flat
    • Machinability and weldability
    • Tolerance measure
    • Tensile strength
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Price per kg

    The average price per kg of MS flats in India ranges from ₹50 to ₹70.

    Choosing the best manufacturers for sourcing the flats matters as they give you quality products conforming to the standard norms of production set by the IS code. Here are some manufacturers of MS flats:

    • Hindustan Ferro Alloy Industries Private Limited
    • Mahavir Steel Industries
    • Shree Ji Steel Corporation
    • Tata Steel
    • Vishal Steel Industries
    • Ferrite Structural Steels Private Limited
    • Steelloys India Private Limited

    Other mild steel products

    Mild steel angles, channels and sections are some of the most common structural elements for industries made from mild steel.

    • Mild steel angles: Steel angles are hot-rolled carbon steel that are moulded into L-shaped cross sections. Most angles available in the market feature a 90° shape.
    • Mild steel channels: Steel channels are often used in construction for masonry support or as wall restraints. These channels provide good structural support and are the most popular choice for metal channels when it comes to construction.
    • Mild steel sections: Steel sections are widely used as a raw material in the construction industry. They are commonly used to make columns and shafts during construction of buildings and bridges.

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