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    TMT bars stand as the backbone of construction, where different grades and types of TMT bars are used for building residential or commercial buildings, bridges, dams, roads, highways, and more. TMT bars are known for their strength, flexibility, durability and anti-corrosion properties, providing longevity to structures. There are several TMT bar manufacturers in India, including names such as Tata Tiscon, JSW Steel, and Jindal Panther. Let’s take a look at the top 10 TMT bars in India and what makes them the best in the sector.

    Here’s a list of the Top 10 TMT bar manufacturers in India (in no specific order):

    1. Tata Steel – Tata Tiscon 500SD
    2. Jindal Steel – Jindal Panther TMT rebars
    3. JSW Steel – JSW Neosteel 500D
    4. Kamdhenu – Kamdhenu Nxt
    5. SAIL – SAIL TMT
    6. Vizag Steel –TMT rebars
    7. Agni Steel – TMT rods
    8. SRMB Steel – TMT bars
    9. Shyam Steel – TMT rebar Fe 500D
    10. Amman Steel – TRY TMT bars

    As a business owner, architect, builder, or any other, it’s important that you know about the best TMT bars, their grades and prices, TMT bar manufacturing process and more. This will enable you check the quality and cost-effectiveness of the top TMT bars in India, without compromising on safety and make an informed purchasing decision.

    Top TMT bar manufacturers

    Top 10 TMT bars in India in 2024 – Top brands and manufacturers

    Most top steel manufacturing companies in India make TMT bars – and selecting the right TMT bar for your construction project can be daunting. Selecting the right grade of TMT for structural integrity and longevity, therefore is crucial .

    Here we list the top 10 TMT bars company in 2024, with details on the grades, main features, applications and approximate price per kg of TMT bars. This will help you to understand how to buy TMT bars and select from the myriad of options available.

    Note: The listed prices are indicative and subject to market fluctuations and does not include any additional charges. Please check the latest prices with your steel supplier before purchasing. Also, visit the brand’s official website for more information on products, specifications, and price.

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    1. Tata Tiscon 500SD

    Belonging to the Fe 500 grade of  TMT bars, Tata Tiscon 500SD is known for its superior strength and flexibility. Popularly used in building high-rise constructions it’s also one of the best TMT bars for seismic and earthquake-prone areas. SD here stands for Super Ductile.

    TMT Bars

    It’s also a GreenPro certified rebar making it environment friendly for use. It is made from virgin iron ore and pure steel. Its unique design makes for better grip with cement and capacity to bear heavier loads (i.e., less number of rebars are required).

    Tata Tiscon 500SD TMT bar price:

    ₹218 to ₹3438 for 6mm to 25mm sections respectively, in Mumbai, Maharashtra (for each piece of rebar of 12m length). Click here to explore all the grades of TATA TMT bars.

    2. Jindal Panther TMT Rebars

    The next in our discussion on top 10 TMT bars brands in India is Jindal Panther TMT Rebars. Used extensively in construction projects, these rebars are manufactured using advanced technology (HYQST technology) for enhanced performance, ductility and strength.

    They are also low on carbon making the rebars highly weldable. This naturally reduces the consumption of steel, ensuring lower construction costs with TMT bars.

    Jindal TMT bars and rebars are often used in RCC structures for its tensile strength and elongation assuring longevity and stability in structures. These rebars are also manufactured with precision, using virgin iron ore, and in adherence to standard quality norms for optimal performance and reliance.

    Jindal Panther TMT rebar grades: Fe 500, Fe 550D, Fe 600D, Fe 550CRS, Fe600CRS

    Jindal Panther TMT Fe 550 price per unit:  

    ₹219 to ₹5660 for units ranging between 6mm to 32mm respectively, in Mumbai, Maharashtra (for each piece of rebar of 12m standard length)

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    Top TMT brands

    3. JSW Neosteel 500D

    Let’s now look at JSW Neosteel 500D, the next brand in our list of top 10 TMT bars in India. Made with virgin iron ore, these TMT bars are manufactured for durability, flexibility, and consistent quality. These bars are weldable (low carbon content), bendable, anti-corrosive, and can easily bond with concrete. It can bear load which automatically reduces steel consumption and makes it perfect for constructing homes and large structures.

    JSW TMT bars (specially Neosteel series) are also suitable for use in earthquake prone areas. It comes with high UTS/YS ratio of 1.15 which makes it shock resistant and increases its capacity to absorb energy. (Also read: How TMT bars provide safety against natural disasters).

    A stronger, more flexible, better grade – JSW Neosteel 550D offers better properties making it more suitable for construction projects and is often regarded among the best TMT bars for construction.

    JSW Neosteel Fe 550 price per piece: 

    JSW Neosteel 550D price varies based on multiple factors.

    It ranges between ₹216 to ₹5634 per piece price for 6mm to 32mm sections respectively, in Mumbai, Maharashtra (for each piece of rebar of 12m length)

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    4. Kamdhenu TMT bars (Kamdhedu Nxt)

    Another emerging manufacturing brand, in our top ten TMT bars in India list, is Kamdhenu TMT bars. It provides unparalleled flexibility and strength and is often used in commercial, residential buildings, and industrial projects.

    The brand manufactures high-grade TMT bars. These bars are highly weldable, ductile, and malleable. It has high tensile strength making it resistant to seismic shocks. They are also resistant to heat, making them suitable for concrete reinforcement structures.

    Kamdhenu Nxt TMT bars are advanced double-rib bars to provide better grip with cement.

    Kamdhenu TMT bar grades: Fe 500, Fe 500D, Fe 550, Fe 550D

    Kamdhenu PAS10000 price (Power Alloy Steel): 

    ₹365 to ₹5612 per piece price for 6mm to 32mm size respectively, in specific locations (for each piece of 12m length)

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    5. SAIL TMT bars

    Another brand often regarded among the best TMT bars is SAIL. One of the oldest and trusted steel manufacturers in the country, SAIL or Steel Authority of India offers quality TMT bars. These bars are known for their high tensile strength, flexibility, and use in earthquake prone regions.

    These TMT bars are widely used in RCC projects, infrastructure and marine construction projects, such as bridges, dams, high-rises, etc. Depending on the grade and type of TMT bars are also highly weldable, bendable, and fatigue resistant.

    Grades of SAIL TMT bars: Fe 550D, Fe 550D, EQR and SWQR

    Available sizes: 8mm to 32mm

    SAIL TMT bars price list per tonne:

    ₹51,500 to ₹54,000 per tonne for TMT bars of sizes 8mm to 32mm, in Kolkata, West Bengal. (Note: Additional charges applicable).

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    6. Vizag Steel TMT Rebars

    Vizag Steel or Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. is the next to be included in our top 10 TMT bars list. Made from fully killed steel, these rebars are of constructional grade and available in Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 500D.

    These re-bars have low carbon content, are corrosion resistant, highly bendable, weldable, and ductile making them safe to use and economical. They also have high tensile strength and can be used for any concrete structures, especially in seismic prone zones.

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    TMT steel bars

    7. Agni steel TMT rods

    Agni Steel’s TMT bars are the next we’ll consider for top 10 best TMT bars in India. Made using advanced equipment and TEMPCORE technology, these TMT bars are of international standards with IS:1786 certificate.

    Fe 550D is the most popular grade of TMT manufactured by the brand. These are highly fatigue resistant, strong, ductile, and easily bonds with concrete.

    It’s also cost-effective to use these TMT bars in construction due to lesser use of steel. These also are suitable for use in seismic regions and have corrosion and rust resistant properties.

    Agni TMT price list (in Tamil Nadu): 

    ₹73,820 to 78,020 for 6mm to 32mm bars, in Tamil Nadu for grade Fe 550D (Additional charges applicable)

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    8. SRMB Steel TMT bar

    Built with the WinGrip rib design Technology, SRMB TMT bars are also regarded among the top ten steel TMT bar brands in 2024.

    SRMB TMT bars are strong, with higher elongation, ductility (bending qualities), and weldability (strong joints). They can also withstand heavy loads, offering longevity to structures.

    They are ideal for construction, and can absorb tremors and shocks, preventing damage to structures and making them ideal for earthquake prone zones.

    SRMB Steel TMT bar rates:

    ₹353 to ₹3319 for units ranging between 8mm to 25mm, respectively, in Mumbai, Maharashtra (for each piece of rebar of 12m standard length)

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     9. Shyam Steel TMT Rebar Fe 500D

    Another brand you can consider for TMT rebars, is Shyam Steel.

    Its popular rebar grade Fe 500D is strong, weldable, and corrosion resistant. It also comes with high tensile strength and elongation properties, making them suitable for heavy load RCC structures.

    Shyam Steel also manufactures CRS TMT rebars, which are more corrosion resistant than standard grades.

    10. Amman-TRY TMT bars

    The last brand in our list of top 10 TMT bars in 2024, is Amman-TRY TMT bars.

    These are high quality steel TMT bars, designed for building residential homes and other buildings. These TMT bars are manufactured using TempCore technology, making them strong and ductile.

    The brand’s TMT rebars are bendable, weldable, heat, and corrosion resistant. They are also economical and can help to save up to 20% on steel consumption during construction.

    Popular grade: Fe 500 TMT bar

    Amman Steel TMT price per kg:

    • ₹59 per kg for 6mm TMT + GST and other charges
    • ₹58 per kg for 8mm TMT + GST and other charges
    • ₹57 per kg for 10mm to 25 mm TMT + GST and other charges

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    Top TMT steel bars

    Which is no 1 TMT bar in India?

    There are several noted brands that manufacture quality TMT bars. While there’s no definite No. 1 TMT bar in India, the popular brands include:

    • Tata Tiscon
    • JSW Neosteel
    • Jindal Panther
    • SAIL – Steel Authority of India Limited

    Kamdhenu Nxt, Agni TMT, and Amman TMT are popular regional brands for any of the construction projects.

    Fe 415, Fe 500, and Fe 550 are the most common and popular choices among buyers.

    The TMT bar manufacturers are the top brands in India.

    Which company is best for TMT?

    Tata Steel, SAIL, Jindal Steel, and JSW Steel are some of the top TMT bar companies in India. Their popular offerings include:

    • Tata
    • JSW
    • SAIL
    • Jindal

    These brands offer TMT bars in different grades for any type of construction projects. The TMT bars are robust, flexible, strong and resistant to corrosion and are often regarded as among the best TMT bars companies for different projects.

    Which TMT is best for house construction?

    For building a residential house, consider using one of the top 10 TMT bar brands in India. Some of the popular brands in India you can consider are:

    TMT bars for house construction

    • Tata Tiscon Fe 500SD
    • JSW Neosteel 550D
    • Jindal Panther Fe 500 and Fe 550D
    • Kamdhenu TMT grades Fe 500 and Fe 500D
    • Shyam Steel TMT rebar Fe 500D and CRS TMT rebar
    • SRMB Steel TMT Fe 500 + SR TMT bar

    Project nature and location determine the selection of TMT bars. For instance, due to their high tensile strength, Fe 415 and Fe 500 are the most popular TMT bar grades for house construction in earthquake prone areas. However, Fe 550 is more suitable for construction of houses, bridges, dams in coastal areas, that require heavy loads.

    How to check quality of TMT bars?

    A simple method to ensure that you are getting quality TMT bars is to go for a reputed TMT bar brand (i.e., those listed among the best TMT bars brands) and check for ISO and related certification marks. This will ensure that you are getting quality products.

    Alternatively, you can check the TMT bar quality by checking its bendability. Good quality TMT rebars will not break or crack when bent. Similarly, you can check for its elongation and tensile strength, that is the amount of stretch that the bar can undergo and the maximum stress it can withstand before it cracks or breaks.

    There are several other steel bar tests that you can undertake to check and confirm the quality of TMT bars.

    TMT steel bar quality

    Buying TMT bars in India

    The top 10 TMT bar manufacturers in India produce rebars that come with unique mechanical properties of steel, that cater to the diverse needs.

    Construction of residential homes and critical infrastructure projects often utilizes TMT bars. The top 10 TMT bar brands are not shying away from using new technology in steel manufacturing or trying alloys to enhance their properties.

    Selecting the right grade and brand is pivotal and can affect the quality of construction, safety, and the reputation of the business.

    At Tata nexarc we have partnered with verified sellers and offer a wide range of TMT bars, rebars, and other steel products from multiple brands. You can buy steel at the best rates, get credit facility, and on-time delivery. Contact us now to get quotes.

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