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    A rebar coupler is a technological product that is important when a long length of bar is needed. The main objective of these couplers in reinforcement is to join two different TMT bars for continuous reinforcement. It is also considered as the alternative to the lab splices or the wild connections. Apart from this, it is commonly used in construction areas like constructing dams, bridges and buildings.

    Further, rebar couplers are produced and attached to the rebar with some different technology and due to this there are different characteristics like robustness under real site conditions, tensile capacity and ease in the assembly and control over the installation. Let’s talk more about rebar coupler, their types, advantages, manufacturers in India and their sizes. We also help you understand the prices of rebar couplers in India.

    What is a rebar coupler?

    Rebar couplers, also known as mechanical splices. They are usually used in reinforced concrete structures to replace normal rebar lap joints. Apart from this, they join the lengths of two reinforcing bars together. There are several types of rebar couplers available in the market, some of which are:

    • Compression only mechanical splices/End bearing splices: These are used when the two bars being joined are under compression only.
    • Tension and compression mechanical splices: These are used when the two bars being joined are under both tension and compression.
    • Mechanical lap splices or tension only splice: These are used when the two bars being joined are under tension only.
    • Dowel bar mechanical splices: These are used to join dowel bars that are used to transfer loads between slabs.

    In addition, rebar couplers can be further categorised into threaded or non-threaded. Let’s explore this in detail.

    Rebar coupler types

    There are commonly two types of rebar couplers in the reinforcement

    Threaded rebar coupler

    • Roll thread rebar coupler- In the roll thread rebar couplers, the rebar is threaded with the help of a threading machine. This process helps fit these couplers in reinforcement. And the TMT bar ends are also traded in the machine. After this procedure, the rebar coupler’s installation is done for both the ends and the TMT bar like bolton nuts and bolts for the continuous reinforcement.
    • Cold forged rebar coupler- Similar to the roll thread rebar coupler, these are also threaded with the help of a threading machine. However, in this coupler reinforcement process, the TMT bar ends are forged with the help of a fogging machine, and it is done through the hydraulic pressure machine. After the completion of the forging process, the TMT bar loses a minimal part of the plant and thickness automatically increases then the bar end is threaded with the help of a threading machine and fitted properly within the rebar couplers.
    • MBT rebar coupler- These are designed for the crucial condition of regular reinforcement. In the reinforcement, MBT is used when there are very less lap lengths and it does not much of the bar is left for the continuous reinforcement. It is commonly used within the retro rafting constructions and around 6 to 8 bolts are present in the top one MBT.

    Non-threaded rebar coupler

    • Crimping rebar coupler- It is considered as the first coupler in the reinforcement of the construction industry and it was introduced in the market after the launch of the threaded rebar coupler. In this rebar type of coupler, there is no thread present and are without the thread. The coupler is directly fitted into the two ends of TMT bars. At the end, the coupler is crimped with the help of a crimping machine.

    Uses of rebar copular

    It is being used for joining rebars at the full tension capacity. The end of TMT bars to be joined are provided with thread, and bars are also joined with the help of coupler sleeves that transfer the force into the rebar around the connections.

    Rebar coupler manufacturers in India

    In India, there are several manufacturers of rebar couplers. Here’s a list of some of them:

    Suppliers Nature of the business State Country
    Innovegic Manufacturing/ export/ supply Gujarat India
    Vani Industries Manufacturing Gujarat India
    Amita Rebar Coupler Manufacturing and exporting New Delhi India
    Surya engineering Manufacturing Mumbai India
    Lokpal Industries Suppliers and manufacturers Delhi India
    Vishal industries Export/ supply/ manufacturing Kolkata India
    Anant Enterprise Manufacturing Kolkata India

    Rebar coupler size chart

    Similar to the TMT bar, they also comes in the same such as 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, and so on.

    Size of rebar coupler (mm) Length Weight Pitch Outer diameter Single unit contains (nos.) Single bag weight in Kg Certificate
    16 42 92 2.5 24 250 23 CE
    18 45 136 2.5 27 200 27 CE
    20 50 159 2.5 30 132 20 CE
    22 54 210 2.5 33 121 25 CE
    25 62 340 3.0 38 80 27 CE
    28 68 460 3.0 42 56 25 CE
    32 76 633 3.0 48 42 26 CE
    36 84 905 3.0 53 27 24 CE
    40 95 1160 3.0 59 25 29 CE

    Rebar coupler price in India

    Bar diameter (mm) Rebar coupler price (₹)
    12 25
    16 40
    25 60
    32 110

    Advantages of rebar coupler

    • Rebar couplers helps improve the structural integrity.
    • It also helps in reducing the lap length calculation.
    • Further, it enhances the uses of bars by not wasting the bars like the lapping.
    • By using the them, work speed can be increased by quick instalment.
    • It is considered economical amongst every system joined within the reinforcement.
    • Also, it has high-quality control and is easy to supervise.

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