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    Agni Steel is one of the leading companies in India producing TMT bars. This 30 years old company has a strong presence in southern states of India with a distribution network of more than 450 dealers. One of the key factors of its success is high-quality and reliable products at competitive pricing. This article elaborates on the pricing of Agni TMT bars.

    Agni 550D TMT bars price

    Here is a price list of Agni 550D TMT bars.

    TMT bar type Size Price
    Agni 550D TMT bar 6 mm ₹ 81020
    Agni 550D TMT bar 8 mm ₹ 78020
    Agni 550D TMT bar 10 mm ₹ 76820
    Agni 550D TMT bar 12 mm ₹ 76820
    Agni 550D TMT bar 16 mm ₹ 76820
    Agni 550D TMT bar 20 mm ₹ 76820
    Agni 550D TMT bar 25 mm ₹ 76820
    Agni 550D TMT bar 32 mm ₹ 78020

    Source: Agni Steel

    Note: Freight charges are not included in the pricing. Also, prices of Agni TMT bars are subject to change periodically. Therefore, prices are not to be considered as a final rate. It is best to check the final price with the vendor.

    Features of 550D TMT bars:

    Here are some of the key features of 550D TMT bars.

    • Yield stress: 550 N/mm2
    • Tensile strength: 600 N/mm2
    • Chemical composition: Generally, the chemical composition of 550D consists of carbon (0.25%), sulphur (0.04%), and phosphorus (0.04%).

    Agni 500 TMT bars price

    • Agni 500 TMT bars price per ton: The price range of Agni 500 TMT bars used in construction is ₹70,000/MT to ₹80,000/ton.
    • Agni 500 TMT bars price per kg: The approximate price of Agni 500 TMT bars per kg is ₹75-₹82.

    Features of Fe500 TMT bars

    • Yield stress: 500 N/mm2
    • Tensile strength: 660 MPa
    • Chemical composition: Generally, the chemical composition of Fe500 consists of carbon (0.30%), sulphur (0.055%), and phosphorus (0.055%).

    Factors influencing prices of TMT bars

    Here are some of the factors influencing the prices of TMT bars and impact your buying TMT bars decision:

    • Grade: There are numerous grades of TMT bars. Grades generally denote their tensile strength, such as Fe415, Fe500, etc. One needs to choose the grade suitable for your construction needs.
    • Other specifications: TMT bars are available in different diameters, length, and weight. Pricing differs on these specifications as well.
    • Certification: Certification ensures quality and hence it is one of the price-determining factors. Agni TMT bars are IS:1786 certified.
    • Bulk purchases: Generally, bulk purchases attract more discounts. Therefore, ordering in bulk can lower the price of the TMT bars.
    • Transportation cost: Transportation cost is yet another factor that influences pricing. Generally, transportation or freight charges are added after determining the location of the customer. Therefore, it impacts the overall cost of TMT bars.

    How to procure Agni TMT bars and others too?

    There are numerous ways to procure TMT bars for your project, but among the most dependable options is Tata nexarc. The platform ensures the procurement of high-quality steel and TMT bars through verified vendors. You can effortlessly submit your requirements, receive quotes from verified vendors, and choose the one that best suits your needs. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep. Explore now!

    Tips to procure TMT bars at a reasonable price

    If you are seeking to procure steel pipes at a reasonable rate, here are some tips for you.

    • Bulk purchase: As mentioned earlier, procuring TMT bars in bulk quantities can often lead to attracting discounts or better pricing. It can turn out to be beneficial for larger construction projects.
    • Evaluate multiple suppliers: Always research and compare prices from different suppliers. It is better not to settle for the lowest quote. Explore different options to find competitive rates.
    • Negotiate prices: You can negotiate with suppliers for better rates, especially when you are making a bulk purchase. Often, suppliers offer lower prices or better terms to secure your business.
    • Seasonal offers: Many times, suppliers offer seasonal discounts or special offers. Placing orders during such a period can lead to getting TMT bars at lower prices.
    • Optimise transportation costs: Mostly, suppliers charge transportation costs separately. As mentioned earlier, it can be a determining factor in procuring TMT bars at a reasonable rate. Therefore, factor in transportation costs when procuring TMT bars. Choosing vendors near your construction site can turn out to be cost-effective. Agni Steel has a strong distribution network in Southern India i.e. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. If your project site is Southern India, your Agni TMT bars can be procured at a reasonable price.
    • Long-term relationships: Building a strong relationship with a supplier or distributor over time can lead to better deals or preferential pricing for future purchases.

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