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    Whether you are a home owner building your own home or a real estate development/construction company building a residential or commercial buildings, you will need steel for construction. TMT bars in general are often considered as the best steel for construction. From residential houses in seismic zones to commercial buildings in coastal areas, high-rises, skyscrapers, dams, bridges, TMT bars are a constant in every construction project. Let’s understand what makes TMT bars the best steel for house construction in India, and what other types of steel (e.g., rebars, channels, angles, roofing sheets) are used in various construction projects.

    Which is the best steel for construction?

    When it comes to selecting the right steel type for construction, TMT bars or Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are often the first choice.

    TMT bars are strong and flexible and ensure safety and durability in building structures. Their unique manufacturing process gives them high yield strength making them particularly suitable for high-rise buildings and homes in seismic or earthquake prone areas.

    Steel in Construction

    List of steel types for construction projects:

    The other top steel for house construction include:

    • Mild steel: Highly ductile and easy to weld (due to low carbon content) and used in small building projects that do not face extreme conditions
    • Stainless steel (Alloy steel): Resistant to corrosion and used in outdoor settings or exposed parts of buildings as facades, handrails, stainless steel railings etc. for longevity and aesthetic appeal
    • HYSD steel: High Yield Strength Deformed bars are robust and preferred in projects requiring heavy load bearing
    • TMX steel: Manufactured using Thermax technology (German), TMX steel rods have low carbon content, higher elongation (up to 23%), and are fire resistant, with prominent rib patterns making it more weldable and ductile than TMT bars (Also read: Difference between TMT and TMX steel)
    • Steel Rebars: Deformed steel bars come with high tensile strength and have surface deformations and can form a stronger grip with concrete, making them suitable for use in reinforced concrete structures
    • Structural steel: These are strong, ductile and long-lasting, has unique mechanical and chemical composition and are used for cross-section steel structures (Also read: Structural steel fabrication process)

    The different types of construction steel have specific application in house and building construction. Using the right steel type can impact the safety, cost, and duration of the construction project and integrity and longevity of the structure.

    What makes TMT bars the best steel for house construction?

    We understand that TMT bars are regarded as the best steel for construction in India. And one might ask, why?

    What is it that distinguishes TMT bars for construction projects, making them superior to others. Let us answer that by observing the key mechanical properties of TMT bars and how it adds value to construction projects.

    What are the main features and properties of TMT bars?

    TMT bars are known for their robust and distinct mechanical and physical properties which makes them among the top 10 best steel for house construction projects. Here’s an overview:

    TMT bars features and properties:

    TMT features/properties Value range* Significance
    Yield strength 450 – 550 MPa Gives structures strength to support heavy loads
    Tensile strength 550 – 600 MPa Prevents structures from failure in high tension/stress
    Elongation 12% – 20% Facilitates structural flexibility during seismic activities and natural disasters
    Corrosion resistance High Prevents degradation, reduces maintenance costs, and increases structure’s longevity
    Bending/Re-bending Excellence Allows structures to be shaped into versatile designs and shapes

    *Approximate values. For specifics on grades and types, please consult with your steel supplier/manufacturer

    These unique properties make TMT bars the best steel for construction especially for houses in earthquake prone zones (especially with Fe 415 and Fe 500 TMT steel). The high yield strength supports heavy construction loads, while high elongation properties allow flexibility reducing the risks of structural damages.

    In the next section, we’ll understand the manufacturing process of TMT bars and their suitability for home construction.

    man using TMT bars in construction

    TMT bar manufacturing

    The manufacturing process of TMT bars is unique and is what imparts it its distinct characteristics (Belgian TEMPCORE technology).

    • Controlled quenching: The method of rapidly cooling the hot steel bars creates a hardened outer layer and a soft, ductile inner core. This makes the bars strong and flexible.
    • Self-tempering: The residual heat from the core tempers the exterior, improving its ductility and toughness.
    • Atmospheric cooling: The bars finally cool at room temperature, stabilising the microstructural changes.

    These steps ensure that the TMT bars offer unmatched strength, elongation and durability, making them the best TMT steel for house construction and for buildings.

    TMT bar suitability for house construction

    By now you understand what makes TMT bars the best steel for house construction and of buildings. Here’s listing down its main USPs and what gives them the edge over other types of construction steel bars.

    • Longevity: Specific grades of TMT bars are highly corrosion resistant, while others come with high load bearing capabilities. By selecting the proper type of TMT therefore, one can ensure structural longevity with minimal degradation and damage. TMT bars moreover facilitates stronger bonding with different construction materials that enables the structures to be long-lasting.
    • Earthquake resistance: TMT bars provide building safety during natural disasters. They have high elongation, are ductile and can withstand high stress in earthquake prone areas, by absorbing the vibrations.
    • Versatility: TMT bars are flexible, fire-resistant, and can easily be bent and re-bent. This is important and allows architects and builders to use TMT steel in complex construction designs without having to compromise on its structural integrity.
    • Cost efficiency: TMT bars reduce construction costs and require minimum maintenance. Since they have high elongation, the consumption of steel is less in buildings. This makes it a favourite among homeowners and small builders who want to find the right balance between quality and cost.
    • Enhanced grip: TMT bars have better grip with concrete and reduces chances of concrete slipping during construction. This reduces wastage and enables builders to keep project costs in check.

    Using the right TMT rod for house construction will allow you not only to ensure building safety, but also save construction costs, enhance aesthetic appeal, and meet the requirements of modern architectural splendour.

    Which is the best TMT steel for house construction?

    When it comes to house construction, TMT bars of grade Fe 415 and Fe 500 are regarded as the most suitable. They are corrosion resistant, have have thermal stability, high elongation and ductility, making them suitable for RCC projects and for construction in areas prone to seismic activities or with exposure to atmospheric moisture.

    Fe 415 

    Is used for small apartments (up to 3 floors) and in RCC projects. They have high elongation (up to 20%), are ductile and easily weldable. They also have high yield strength and tensile strength and are corrosion resistant. They also have high thermal stability – all of which makes them the best steel for house construction.

    Fe 500

    IIs preferred in projects that require to bear heavy loads, such as high-rise apartments and commercial buildings. They are also highly corrosion resistant, have decent elongation, are ductile and suitable for structures such as dams, bridges, etc. They have soft pearlite core and are most suitable for projects in areas prone to earthquakes and seismic activities (especially Grade 500D which can be used in earthquake zone 3,4, and 5).

    How to select the best steel for house construction?

    We understand that TMT bars, mild steel bars, rebars, CR bars, are some of the popular construction steel bars that you might consider while building a home or building. But how do you select the right type of steel bar?

    Listed below are some tips on selecting the best steel for construction to help you make the right choice:

    Assess the construction project requirements:

    Before buying steel for construction, understand your project requirements. That is, whether it is a one-storey or high-rise apartment, proximity to coastal area, occurrence of seismic activities, load bearing requirements, etc.

    Based on these factors, select the right type of steel for construction. E.g., High tensile steel such as TMT bars with high flexibility and elongation, are preferred for high-rise apartments and residential homes.

    Evaluate grade of steel:

    Steel is available in different types and grades. Based on your requirements, select a steel grade that meets your project requirements.

    For instance, Fe 415 is often considered the best TMT steel for house construction. It has high yield strength and ductility and can withstand shocks in seismic zones.

    Consider corrosion and rust resistance features:

    Understand if the structure will be exposed to atmospheric moisture and other harsh conditions and choose the steel type such that structural integrity is not compromised. For instance, using stainless steel in railings and gates to resist corrosion and rust formation.

    Check for flexibility and ductility:

    Some structures require steel to be highly ductile and flexible, such as areas requiring intricate designs. Go for cold rolled steel as they are easier to shape and still maintains high quality strength.

    Measure weight of steel rod:

    The weight of the steel rod will impact the structure’s overall integrity and construction quality. Hence, before commencing construction, calculate the unit weight of TMT rods or any other steel bar being used. This will ensure that you don’t over/under order and have the right weight rod for your project. It will also impact transportation, project cost, ease of installation and more.

    Calculate long-term project costs:

    A home/building is built for the long term. As such, when choosing best steel for construction, calculate long-term costs.

    TMT bars and stainless steel are comparatively expensive. But they are low on maintenance and lasts longer. As such, investment in them provide returns in the long-term.

    If using mild steel bars, which is a more affordable option, care should be taken to check that it meets the safety requirements.

    Verify steel quality:

    Ensure that the steel you are using adheres to the IS code for steel used in construction. This is essential as it will prevent you from using substandard material that will otherwise fail under stress.

    Take expert guidance:

    Whether you are building your own house or a professional builder, always seek advice from experts – structural engineers, architects, construction experts etc. on the best steel for house construction. This will enable you to make the right selection based on your requirements, budgets, local environment and building’s legal regulations.

    TMT bar for house construction

    Best steel for house construction with price

    Evaluating the pros and cons of different steel types and identifying the best steel type for construction in India will require you to learn about its price. This will enable you to calculate overall project costs and ensure that you are not exceeding budgets.

    Here’s a snapshot of the price per kg of different steel types for construction (Note: The table below is for reference only and you should consult with your steel supplier before purchasing).

    Construction steel price per kg

    Type of construction steel Price per kg* Price per tonne*
    TMT bars ₹48 – ₹65 ₹48,000 – ₹65,000
    Mild Steel Bars ₹35 – ₹50 ₹35,000 – ₹50,000
    Stainless Steel ₹180 – ₹350 ₹180,000 – ₹350,000
    Reinforcement Bars ₹39 – ₹54 ₹39,000 – ₹54,000
    Cold Rolled Steel Bars ₹45 – ₹60 ₹45,000 – ₹60,000
    Steel Rebars ₹37 – ₹52 ₹37,000 – ₹52,000
    Steel Coils ₹42 – ₹57 ₹42,000 – ₹57,000
    Steel Channels ₹43 – ₹58 ₹43,000 – ₹58,000
    Steel Angles ₹44 – ₹59 ₹44,000 – ₹59,000
    Steel Sheets ₹50 – ₹65 ₹50,000 – ₹65,000
    Steel Roofing Sheets ₹60 – ₹75 ₹60,000 – ₹75,000

    *Prices are indicative and subject to change. General price range and will vary based on grade, size, location, seller, and other factors. Does not include GST, freight, packaging and other charges. Check with your steel seller for final prices.

    At Tata nexarc we understand your diverse requirements for steel. We have partnered with leading steel sellers and offer steel across different brands and grades in one place. You can buy steel at the best prices, avail credit option, and get doorstep delivery. To know more, get in touch with us today.

    Which are the top 10 best steel for house construction?

    When you look at the best TMT steel for house construction, it is an endless list. Most of the leading brands and manufacturers offer TMT bars of different grades. Other than TMT bars, other steel types are also used in house construction.

    Also read: Top 10 TMT bar brands in India

    Listed below are some of the top brands in India for construction steel:

    • Tata Tiscon 500 SD TMT bars
    • JSW Neosteel 500D TMT bar
    • Jindal Panther TMT rebars
    • Kamdhenu TMT (Kamdhenu Nxt)
    • Agni steel TMT rods
    • SAIL TMT bars
    • Amman TMT bars
    • SRMB TMT bars
    • Tata Durashine sheets
    • JSW Colouron+ colour coated roofing sheets

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