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    TMT bars are considered as one of the most essential construction materials and widely used in the construction industry for building homes, bridges and other civil structures.  TMT stands for Thermo Mechanical Treatment. The main reason for using TMT steel bars is its strength and the reduction in construction costs if offers.

    There are mainly 4 types of TMT steel bars that falls under different grades – Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, & Fe 600.

    The TMT steel price in India ranges from ₹54,450 to ₹76,200 per tonne in the time period Feb ‘22 – Jan ‘23. Since the price of steel fluctuates and rates differ between states, it is recommended to check the current steel rates when you buy steel for your business.

    While TMT bars are thermos-mechanically treated bars equipped to withstand stress and load, it is essential identify the right TMT steel distributor to ensure you procure the best quality at competitive rates.

    This article will highlight the advantages of TMT steel bars and how to reduce the construction cost with TMT bars.

    Advantages of TMT bars

    • Corrosion resistance
    • Fire resistant
    • Cost-effective
    • Flexibility and bendability

    How construction costs can be managed by using TMT bars?

    Steel is an essential element in every construction work as it provides strength and durability. However, with increasing construction activities, there is a sharp surge in demand, resulting in rapid increase in the cost of steel. With growing demand for steel bars, mostly due to its focus on safety and quality norms of construction, prices of even ordinary steel prices have increased significantly, making construction costs soar. The entry of TMT steel bars has been a gamechanger in the construction sector.

    • TMT bars are characterised with high strength and elongation. As a result, the consumption of steel is less, and it helps to reduce the overall cost of construction structure.
    • TMT bars provide a better grip, hence there is less chance of concrete slips during construction, thereby cutting down on wastage and conserving costs.
    • TMT bars also facilitate lasting bond between different construction materials. As a result, constructions last longer than expected lifecycles resulting in indirect cost savings.

    In the next section we discuss the factors how TMT steel bars reduce construction costs.

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    What are the factors for reducing construction costs with TMT bars?

    TMT bars offer higher tensile strength and better elongation value apart from reducing the cost of raw material. There are other notable characteristics of TMT bars that enable affordable construction. Let us examine the reasons for the same:

    • Lesser quantity: Due to its higher tensile strength, TMT bars are stronger than ordinary steel bars. Therefore, the quantity of TMT bars required for construction structures is lesser that translates into reduction of the total amount spent on steel. Also, lesser presence of steel also saves on transportation and storage.
    • Reduced labour: TMT bars are malleable and has better weldability than ordinary steel bars. This facilitates easy and swift bending of the bars into various shapes. It can also be welded with no pre-warming or post-heat treatment. These factors make it easier to be transported or handled onsite by construction labour.
    • Maintenance savings: TMT bars are corrosion-resistant with superior bonding strength. This quality allows it to stay robust and last long in diverse climates without getting decayed or rusted. This implies a high ROI and lesser maintenance and repair.
    • Better protection: TMT bars protects construction structures against natural calamities as they are made of all-weather friendly material. They are also fatigue-resistant and can handle seismic and dynamic loads effectively. So, TMT bars results in lesser construction costs with longer value for money.
    • Flexibility: Due to its flexibility and weldability, TMT bars are easier to be used in pre-fabricate parts of the construction points like meshes, frames, etc. Moreover, the low-carbon content in TMT bars makes it a better option for welded joints without loss of core-strength.
    • Transportation savings: TMT bars are extremely light-weight and flexible, making them easy and swift to transport. Therefore, the transportation costs are reduced, and thus, the construction costs.

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    To sum up: How to source the best TMT steel bars?

    TMT steel bars has been a gamechanger in Indian construction business. The tremendous and continual growth of infrastructure in the country like roads, bridges, airports implies that there will be constant demand for good quality TMT bars. While TMT bars can help reduce construction costs due to its flexibility, excellent weldability, ductility, and yield-strength, you need to ensure that you procure TMT bar that has strength, ductility, endurance, and longevity.

    Also make sure to examine the gradation of the TMT bars to suit your requirement. If you are looking to source the best TMT steel bars and buy steel, visit Tata nexarc and try the new way of steel procurement.

    Aditi Bhattacharjee

    Aditi is a seasoned content writer with 8 years of experience crafting content for the Tech-driven businesses, and helping them in understanding the complexities in Saas-bases business growth. Her informative writing empowers companies to scale the product better and grow in this landscape.