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    Calculating steel bars’ weight can be quite a challenging task. Did you know there is a formula for calculating the weights of steel bars? While we have a dedicated article on the formula for calculating steel bars, this article takes a closer look at calculating the weight of 12 mm steel bars.

    Calculating the weight of a 12mm steel bar

    To calculate the weight of a steel bar with a diameter of 12mm, you can use the following formula:

    Weight (W) = (D^2/162) x L


    • W is the weight of the steel bar in kilograms (kg).
    • D is the diameter of the steel bar in millimeters (mm).
    • L is the length of the steel bar in meters (m).

    In this case, D = 12mm

    You will need to know the length of the bar.

    Generally, steel bars come in a length of 12 meters or 40 feet.

    12mm steel bar weight: Example

    Here is how you can plug the above information into a formula.

    Weight (W) = (D^2/162) x L

    Weight (W) = (12^2/162) x 12

    Weight (W) = (144/162) x 12

    Weight (W) = 10.66 kg

    In other words, if you are buying a single 12 mm steel bar which is 12 meters long, it will weigh about 10.66 kg.

    It also means that the unit weight of a single 12mm steel bar that is 12 meters long is around 10.66 kg.

    Weight of 12mm steel bar per meter

    To calculate the weight of a 12mm steel bar per meter, let’s replace the length accordingly.


    Weight (W) = (D^2/162) x L

    Weight (W) = (12^2/162) x 1

    Weight (W) = (144/162) x 1

    Weight (W) = 0.88kg


    In other words, the weight of a 12mm steel bar per meter is around 0.88 kg or around 880 grams.

    12mm steel bar weight per foot

    Now, if you need to know the weight using the imperial system i.e. feet, here is how you can do it.

    You can use the same formula. However, you will need to convert length to meters from feet.

    1 foot = 0.304 meters.

    Now, let’s plug this into the formula.

    Weight (W) = (D^2/162) x L

    Weight (W) = (12^2/162) x 0.304

    Weight (W) = (144/162) x 0.304

    Weight (W) = 0.270kg

    In other words, the weight of a 12 mm steel bar per foot is approximately 0.270 kg or around 270 grams.

    12mm steel bar price per kg

    The price range of steel bars varies.

    Generally speaking, the price of 12 mm steel bars range between ₹48 to ₹68 per kg.

    Usually, five steel bars are bundles together. Meaning, a one bundle of 12 mm steel bars weighs around 50-51 kg.

    Placing an order for 12 mm steel bars: How many kilograms to order?

    Now you can place an order for 12 mm steel bars with the help of the basic information you have.

    For example:

    You need 1,000 units of 12 mm steel bars for your project that are 12 meters or about 40 feet long.

    From the above calculation, we know that the unit weight of a single 12mm steel bar is around 10.66 kg.

    The formula for calculating this will be:

    Required 12 mm steel bars in kg = Per unit weight x the number of units required

    Required 12 mm steel bars in kg = 10.66 x 100

    Required 12 mm steel bars in kg = 1,060 kg

    You will need to place an order for about 1,000 to 1,000 kg 12 mm steel bars.

    Why is it important to calculate the weight of steel bars?

    If you ask the vendor, he would be able to let you know the weight of the steel bar. However, here are a few reasons why you should calculate it by yourself.

    • The calculation can help you order the bars in the right quantity. This will prevent excess orders and wastage. On the other hand, it will also prevent ordering insufficient units, which otherwise may lead to project delays.
    • From the project point of view, it is important to find the load-bearing capacity of the structures. Steel bar unit weight is an important factor in those calculations.
    • Knowing the steel bar weight and pricing can help you to arrive at the estimation of project cost and total steel bars required for the project. This will also help you to understand the delivery timelines of the vendors.

    Note: The above formula gives an approximate weight of steel bars. Since steel bars have cross-sectional areas, it is challenging to calculate the exact weight of steel bars. Each manufacturer generally has a unit-weight chart, and one can rely on the chart for close to accurate calculations.

    How to procure steel bars?

    • Firstly, you need to determine your needs. Estimate the type of steel bars you need, their diameter, etc.
    • Once you finalise the diameter, estimate the number of steel bars you would require for the project.
    • Contact multiple vendors to understand the quality, diameter, and delivery timelines. Inviting quotes from three or more vendors is usually a good idea.
    • Evaluate quotes and understand their terms and conditions and the required time for delivery.
    • For reliable procurement, you can consider procuring steel bars from Tata nexarc. All you need to do is post your requirements along with the quantity and required specifications. You will then receive quotes from verified suppliers. Select the vendor that suits your requirements.

    On a concluding note

    Calculating the weight of steel bars is critical for any project. However, the formula may or may offer accurate results. Hence, getting basic information from the manufacturer is vital.