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    If you a MSME owner in the construction sector, you will be no stranger to steel bars. A fundamental component in construction, steel bars are used extensively to reinforce concrete. They come in various types, each suiting specific requirement. While steel rebars or reinforcement bars are used to enhance the structure’s tensile strength, round steel rods are used for mechanical and structural functions. The question therefore is – How to calculate steel bar weight? While it can be a daunting task, there’s a formula to calculate steel bar weight. We’ll take a close look at how to calculate 12 mm steel bar weight, considering its popularity, frequent usage and availability.

    How to calculate 12 mm steel bar weight?

    Steel bars are available in different sizes – 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 32 mm

    For a business owner, it’s important to understand how to calculate the weight of 12mm steel bars. This will ensure that the right quantity is used during construction, maintaining cost-effectiveness, logistics and planning.

    In the next section, we take a look at the formula and steps to calculate weight of a steel bar.

    Note: You can use the formula and process to calculate 8 mm steel bar weight, 16 mm steel bar weight or any other dimension.

    Calculating the weight of a 12mm steel bar

    For budgeting and planning purposes, and the appropriate allocation of resources it’s vital to determine the weight of steel bars you are using.

    Steel bar weight calculation formula:

    Let’s begin by understanding the formula for steel bar weight calculation.

    Weight (W) = D²L /162


    • W is the weight of the steel bar in kilograms (kg)
    • D is the diameter of the steel bar in millimetres (mm)
    • L is the length of the steel bar in metres (m)
    • Density factor is 1/162 or 0.00617 when L is in metres and D is in millimetres

    In this case, D = 12mm

    You will need to know the length of the bar.

    Generally, steel bars come in a length of 12 metres or 40 feet.

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    12mm steel bar weight calculation: Example

    Let us calculate a 12mm steel rod weight 40 ft.

    (Note: 1 foot = 0.3048 metres. Hence 40 foot = 12.192 metres = ~12 foot)

    Here is how you can plug the above information into a formula.

    Weight = D²L /162

    = 12 x 12 x 12 / 162 (D = 12mm, L=12m)

    = 10.66 kg

    In other words, if you are buying a single 12 mm steel bar which is 12 metres long (40 foot), it will weigh about 10.66 kg.

    It also means that the unit weight of a single 12mm steel bar that is 12 metres long is around 10.66 kg.

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    What is the weight of a standard 12 mm steel bar?

    The weight of a standard steel bar (e.g., TMT steel bar) would depend on its diameter (D) and length (L).

    Listed in the table below is the weight of a 12 mm steel bar across different length variations.

    12 mm steel bar weight chart

    Diameter of TMT bar Length of TMT bar Total weight in Kgs Weight in Kgs/m
    12 mm 6 m 5.33 kg 0.89 kg/m
    12 mm 8 m 7.11 kg 0.89 kg/m
    12 mm 10 m 8.88 kg 0.89 kg/m
    12 mm 12 m 10.66 kg 0.89 kg/m

    Note: Weight per metre (kg/m) is calculated as: D² x Density Factor (i.e., 0.00617 kg/mm²). Since the Diameter of the steel bar is consistent (i.e., 12 mm), the kg weight per metre does not change.

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    How to calculate weight of 12mm steel bar per metre?

    In this section, let us calculate 12mm steel bar weight. Here the formula remains the same, but length (L) is constant at 1m (since we are calculating steel bar weight per metre).

    To calculate the weight of a 12mm steel bar per metre, let’s replace the length accordingly.

    Weight = D²L /162

    = (12 x 12 x 1) / 162

    = 144 / 162

    = 0.888 kg

    In other words, the weight of a 12mm steel bar per metre is around 0.88 kg or around 880 grams.

    How to calculate 12mm steel bar weight per foot?

    To calculate the weight of 12 mm steel bar using the imperial system (i.e. feet) we will have to convert the length (L) from metres to feet.

    Weight = D²L /162

    Where L = 1 foot = 0.304 m

    = (12 x 12 x 0.304) / 162

    = 0.2702 kg = 0.27 kg

    In other words, the weight of a 12 mm steel bar per foot is approximately 0.270 kg or around 270 grams.

    What is the price of 12mm bar?

    The price range of steel bars varies.

    Generally speaking, the price of 12 mm steel bars range between ₹48 to ₹68 per kg.

    Usually, five steel bars form 1 bundle. That is, one bundle of 12 mm steel bars weighs around 50-51 kg.

    12 mm steel bar price per kg – Top steel manufacturing brands

    Now that we understand how steel bars are weighed, let’s look at its price list from top manufacturing brands.

    Tata Steel 12mm price today

    Product name Length Consumer price*
    Tata Tiscon 550 SD 12 m (per piece) ₹793

    *Prices are for Mumbai, Maharashtra location. Approximate prices, subject to change.

    JSW Steel 12mm price today (JSW Neosteel)

    Product name Length Consumer price*
    JSW Neosteel (TMT bars) 12 m (per piece) ₹792

    *Prices are for Mumbai, Maharashtra location. Approximate prices, subject to change.

    Jindal Steel 12mm price today (Jindal Panther)

    Product name Length Consumer price*
    Jindal Panther TMT Fe 550D 12 m (per piece) ₹796

    *Prices are for Mumbai, Maharashtra location. Approximate prices, subject to change.

    Placing an order for 12 mm steel bars: How many kilograms to order?

    When you want to place an order for 12 mm steel bars, there are a couple of basic steps you will have to follow.

    • Identify your requirement: For instance, 1,000 units of 12 mm steel bars of 12 metres or about 40 feet length
    • Check the unit weight: That is, the unit weight of a single 12mm steel bar is around 10.66 kg (based on the calculations explained earlier)
    • Calculate weight: That is = Per unit weight x the number of units required = 10.66 x 100 = 1,060 kg

    Required 12 mm steel bars in kg = 1,060 kgs

    You will need to order for 1,000 to 1,100 kg of 12 mm steel bars for your project.

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    Why is it important to calculate the weight of steel bars?

    Learning to calculate the weight of steel bars is important for several reasons:

    • The calculation can help you order the bars in the right quantity and avoid ordering for excess or less, which in turn would impact project timelines
    • It will enable you to order appropriately based on the load-bearing capacity of the structures
    • Knowing the steel bar weight and pricing can help you to arrive at the estimation of project cost

    Note: The above formula gives an approximate weight of steel bars. Since steel bars have cross-sectional areas, it is challenging to calculate the exact weight of steel bars. Each manufacturer generally has a unit-weight chart, and one can rely on the chart for close to accurate calculations.

    How to procure steel bars?

    Before you procure steel bars, have a thorough understanding of your project requirements and the dimension and size of the steel bars you require.

    • Finalise the diameter and estimate the number of steel bars you would require for the project.
    • Contact multiple vendors to understand the cost, quality, and delivery timelines. Take quotes from two-three different steel suppliers.
    • Evaluate quotes and understand their terms and conditions and the required time for delivery.
    • Agree upon the terms and conditions (i.e., delivery, payment terms, refund and returns, taxes, freight etc.) and place your order.
    Alternatively, get in touch with us at Tata nexarc. We have partnered with leading steel suppliers and offer steel bars, pipes, sheets and more across multiple brands. You can buy steel at the best prices, get doorstep delivery, and avail credit options. To know more, get in touch now.
    *This was originally published on 7 November 2023, and has been updated on 18 April 2024, to keep it relevant. For informational purposes only. Please check with your steel manufacturer/seller for specific details on steel bar weight and prices.

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