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The government of India has established tool rooms in various parts of the country so that MSMEs can get access to the latest technology available in the field of manufacturing. What are MSME tool rooms? Tool rooms are well-equipped centres, where the latest technology is deployed to help MSMEs grow.  One such tool room is established in Kolkata.

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MSME Tool Room Kolkata is equipped with technologies such as CAD/CAM, CNC machining for tooling, vacuum heat treatment, rapid prototyping, etc., and so on. Additionally, these tool rooms offer training programmes for new entrants and students.

This article highlights the efforts of MSME Tool Room Kolkata, the various training programmes it offers, and contact details.

About MSME Tool Room Kolkata

MSME Tool Room Kolkata is established with the aim of helping manufacturing MSMEs grow. It offers technological support to the industry and ensures that the industry is aware of and adopts the latest technology available in the manufacturing space. Interestingly, this tool room is set up under the co-operation programme between the governments of India and Denmark.

MSME Tool Room Kolkata is well equipped with the following common facilities:

  • CAD/CAM/CAE facilities
  • CNC machines
  • Vacuum heat treatment furnace, etc.

With the help of facilities in the tool room, MSMEs in the region are able to conduct various activities such as:

  • Design and fabrication of moulds and dies,
  • Design and manufacturing of gauges
  • Design and manufacturing of jigs & fixtures,
  • Product design and development,
  • Design and construction of press tools,
  • High precision machining and supply of metal components, and so on

Apart from these facilities the Kolkata tool room also offers various training programmes and courses.

MSME Tool Room Kolkata: Courses offered

MSME Toom Room Kolkata offers various training programmes. Here is a list of long-term and short term training programmes offered by the institute.

List of long term courses

Course name Duration Eligibility
Diploma in tool and die making (AICTE approved) – 4 years Class X Pass or equivalent examination from a recognised university or board with Mathematics and Science. Candidate must have scored a minimum of 50% in aggregate (40% for SC/ST)
Compressed Machinist (Affiliated to S.T.V.T.) 1 year
  • Class X Pass or equivalent examination from a recognised university or board
  • The maximum age limit is 22 for the general category and 24 for SC/ST category
Certificate course in machine operation 1 year Class X pass

Contact details for all the above courses:

Mr. G. C. Das

Mobile: +91-9433230753

Telephone: +91-33-25788769


List of short term courses

Following are the non-mechanical short term courses offered by the MSME Tool Room Kolkata

Course name Duration Fee
IT essentials 2 weeks ₹6,000
Hardware and networking 1 month ₹6,000
Advance networking 1 month ₹6,000
Core Python 1 month ₹5,500
Core Java 1 month ₹7,000
Oracle (SQL) 2 weeks ₹3,000
Oracle (PL/SQL) 3 weeks ₹4,000
Server administration 2 weeks ₹4,500
Cisco certified network associate 2 months ₹12,000
VLSI 1 month ₹8,000
PLC 2 weeks ₹5,000
Advance PLC 1 month ₹8,000
Robotics 1 month ₹10,000
LABVIEW 2 weeks ₹5,000
MATLAB 1 month ₹8,000
Embedded system 1 month ₹10,000
SCADA 1 month ₹8,000
Hydraulics and pneumatics 2 weeks ₹4,000
Autocad (electrical) 1 month ₹6,500
Microcontroller and programming 1 month ₹10,000
PCB design 2 weeks ₹5,000
Internet of Things (IoT) 2 weeks ₹5,000

Following are the civil and mechanical short term courses offered by the MSME Tool Room Kolkata

Course name Duration Fee
Autocad (mechanical) 1 month ₹6,500
SolidWorks 1 month ₹7,500
CREO 1 month ₹8,000
CATIA 1 month ₹8,500
Ansys 1 month ₹9,000
Power Shape and Power Mill 1 month ₹7,500
MasterCam 1 month ₹7,000
Moldex 3D 1 month ₹8,000
Unigraphics/NX 1 month ₹10,000
3D scanning and 3D printing 1 month ₹8,000
CNC programming lathe 1 month ₹8,000
CNC programming milling 1 month ₹8,000
CNC machining lathe 1 month ₹8,000
CNC machining milling 1 month ₹8,000
CNC wire EDM 1 month ₹5,000

Apart from the courses mentioned, the tool room also conducts the following programmes:

  • Entrepreneurship cum Skill Development Programme
  • Free webinars – for technical students

Contact details for admission: +91 9330193304, +91 9658778092


MSME Tool Room Kolkata: Address

Here is the address of MSME Tool Room Kolkata

MSME – Tool Room Kolkata

(Central Tool Room & Training Centre)

Government of India Society,

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Bon Hooghly Industrial Area, Kolkata – 700 108

Where are other MSME tool rooms located?

The government of India has established MSME tool rooms at the following locations:

  • Aurangabad
  • Ahmedabad
  • Bhubaneshwar
  • Guwahati
  • Hyderabad
  • Indore
  • Jamshedpur
  • Kolkata
  • Jalandhar
  • Ludhiana

Concluding remarks

MSME Tool Rooms Kolkata is equipped with the latest technology for the MSMEs to use while it also disseminates technical knowledge to established professionals and aspiring students.

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Frequently asked questions

Is MSME Tool Room Kolkata a government initiative?

Yes. MSME Tool Room Kolkata is an initiative by the Ministry of MSMEs, Government of India. Like this centre in Kolkata, the government has established tool rooms in 9 other manufacturing hubs.

What is the objective of establishing a tool room?

The government establishes tool rooms with the aim of providing access to the latest technology for MSMEs. It enables prototyping, product testing, etc. In other words, they provide international quality tools, trained personnel and consultancy in tooling and allied areas.

What are the benefits of tool rooms?

Here are the benefits of tool rooms.
  • Availability of the latest and high-quality machines and equipment
  • Can be used to improve the competitiveness of MSMEs
  • Provide skilled manpower to the manufacturing industry
  • The placement rate of trainees is more than 90%

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