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The name of any business should tell users what that business offers. Whether you want to start a logistics franchise or start a trucking company or provide 3PL services – your logistics company name should reflect the nature of your business. More points, if when selecting logistics business names, you can distinguish your brand by adding USPs or factors driving competitive edge. Logistics after all, is a highly competitive sector and this article on logistics business naming ideas will help you to generate unique logistics company names that will help you attract larger audiences and be search-engine friendly.


Unique logistics business name ideas in India

Goods transportation is used across all industries. And that makes it necessary for you to find a logistics business name that caters to your audience. For instance, if you want to build a logistics and supply chain business around cold chain logistics, a simple name like <Your name/family name> Cold Chain Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is more indicative than a random name.

On that note, for all those wanting to start a logistics business in India, here are some logistics business naming ideas to get started.

Creative logistics business names

There’s no end to creativity when it comes to naming your logistics business. You can name it based on different components, as long as it is easy to remember, distinctive and relatable. For instance, if you are into B2B logistics, a business name like Speed B2B Logistics fits the bill.

Here are some more suggestions on unique logistics company names:

  • Milemover Logistics
  • Herobay Freight & Logistics
  • Palletz Delivery
  • Dock-in Logistics
  • Gallop Startz Movers
  • Load Zoom Logistics

Good logistics company names by services

The gamut of services under logistics and supply chain is extensive. When creating your own logistics company names list, it’s natural therefore to shortlist name based on your core services. For instance, packaging services, courier services, dropshipping and reverse dropshipping services, warehousing services etc.

Here are some suggestions on logistics business naming ideas based on services offered:

  • Luminous 4PL India
  • Sunlite Freight Forwarders
  • Excel Lane Truckers
  • Bulk Hulk Couriers
  • Limitless Storage & Warehousing

Naming logistics business by location

This is fairly simple and straightforward to understand – you name your logistics company based on your location. The challenge here however is that in most cases the names will already be in use. So, what you have to do is be creative and use the names.

For instance, instead of using Delhi in your logistics business name, use a variation, such as Delhee or Del hi. Remember, even from a search engine and SEO point of view this is effective. (Also check this list of goods transport service providers in Karnataka).

Also, never hesitate to get creative and form logistics business names. Here are some suggestions on location-based logistics business names to get you started:

  • Pune Logistics Paradise
  • Delhee Logistic Centre
  • Chennai Move n Store
  • Beaming Mumbai Transporter
  • Kolkattaa Everyday Movers

Good logistics business name ideas by catchy phrases

Another way to name your transportation company is to use a catchy and memorable phrase. Bonus points, if these words or phrases can be related to the transportation and logistics business.

For instance, if you want to distinguish your logistics business through on-time delivery, then ETA Global Logistics can be a suitable option, focusing on providing accurate estimated time of delivery details and timely delivery. Moreover, since ‘ETA’ is a term commonly used in logistics, it’s relatable, easy to remember and spell.

Here are some other logistics business naming ideas for you to explore:

  • White goods truck transporters – focusing on trucking and movement of white goods
  • Heavy bulk cargo Co. – focusing on bulk shipping
  • Imperial India Freight & Couriers
  • Everyday warehouse solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Road Emperor Transport – focusing on road transport

Professional supply chain company name ideas

Logistics is a key component of supply chain management. And when selecting a supply chain company name, it’s important to keep it distinct and meeting your business’s goals and mission. Take note that while naming your supply chain company you don’t select a pre-existing name. While with minor spelling changes, you can still get your business registered, it’s not a best practice and hence not recommended.

Here are some supply chain company naming ideas for you:

  • Champion Supply & Distribution
  • Everest Storage & Warehouse – focusing on warehouse logistics
  • Inventory Prima India – focusing on efficient inventory management
  • Inland First-Mile Transport – focusing on first mile delivery services
  • Colossal Distributors
  • First Edge Supply Network
  • Better Returns – focusing on reverse logistics and returns management

Logistics business name ideas by vernacular

If you are thinking of logistics business name ideas for free, consider using vernacular languages in your business names. This is simple and the names can easily be understood and remembered by most. You may choose a word related to time, speed, efficiency, supremacy, professionalism or any other in your preferred language. Also, the chances of having that name/domain available is more likely.

Some logistics business name for you by your vernacular language are:

  • Badshaah/Samrat/Shehensha India Logistics – meaning champion or king
  • Desh Videesh Shippers – meaning global, domestic and international
  • Vishwaas Road Logistics – meaning trust or confidence
  • Raftaar/ Teej Transporters & Shippers – meaning speed of movement
  • Kushal/Salamatt/Suraksha Freight Forwarders – meaning safety or welfare

Transport company name ideas by value-proposition

You can also name your transport business based on your key value-proposition or mission. Though these names may overlap, in many cases they denote the core USP of your transportation business. For instance, logistics name ideas you may consider are:

  • Express 24×7 Shippers & Freight – referring to round the clock, express and expedited shipping services
  • GreenTruck Logistics – referring to truck transport using electric vehicles
  • Bargain Shippers and Road Transport – referring to economic logistics rates and transportation costs
  • Minutes Dispatch Pvt. Ltd. – referring to timely pick-up and delivery
  • Townspeed Couriers – referring to local and city-level courier services

Truck company name ideas

Let’s also take a look at unique logistics business name ideas in India for truck companies. India has an extensive roadways network. Even if shipments are sent via air, waterways or rail transport, the last-mile delivery is almost always done via roadways. Not surprisingly, there are several trucking companies and courier service providers, that cater to this specific requirement.

Here are some truck company name list ideas for you to consider:

  • Raasa Rahi Truck Transporters – meaning roadways
  • Splendour Wheel Truckers
  • Truck Gear Roadways
  • Carry Load Transporters
  • Steering Speed India Truckers

Tips for logistics business naming ideas

Now that you have an idea of how to design your own logistics company names list, let’s also understand some key points to keep in mind when naming your business.

  • Select a simple, easy to remember and spell name – While you may often find it difficult to find a domain name or a pre-existing business with a similar name, this is undoubtedly the first thing you should adhere by. It’s difficult to remember a complicated name, and even more to spell it out. So, keep it simple.
  • Research the market and competitors – Logistics is a competitive field. So, before you invest time and effort in shortlisting logistics business names, always research the market and competitors. This will provide insights on how other logistics businesses name themselves. Also, don’t hesitate to use a logistics business name generator tool to find suitable names.
  • Use words/phrases related to logistics and transportation – Your business name should be able to tell users what your products/services are. So, if you are building a logistics business, use words that are commonly used in the business.
  • Check availability – When brainstorming ideas, create a list of logistics business name that suit your business’s personality. This is because, it is likely that your select name pre-exists and the domain name is not available. Also, in several cases, specific domain names can be highly expensive. Having a list of suitable alternatives will enable you to decide better.

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