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    JSW Steel is one of the leading steel producing companies in India. It is a flagship company of the JSW Group, which has now diversified in many other sectors such as infrastructure, paints, energy, cement, venture capital and so on. They are a leading steel manufacturing brand with JSW Neosteel TMT bars as one of their most popular offering. Do you know the story behind the success of this steel giant? This article elaborates on the full form of JSW, its history, product range, plant locations and more.

    About JSW Steel

    As mentioned earlier, JSW Steel Ltd is a part of the US$ 22 billion JSW Group. The full form of JSW stands for Jindal South West. The company is led by Mr. Sajjan Jindal who is the chairman and managing director of the company.

    JSW Steel has a strategic partnership with a Japanese steel company namely JFE Steel. This collaboration enables access to the latest technology for JSW Steel.

    Anecdotes about JSW Steel

    • JSW Steel was established in 1982 as Jindal Iron and Steel Company.
    • The first steel plant of JSW Steel was built at Vasind near Mumbai, Maharashtra.
    • JSW Steel has built the world’s largest conveyor system that travels ~24 km from the captive mines to its Vijayanagar plant. The objective of the conveyor system is to reduce transportation costs. The system is especially useful when logistics and transportation remains the key challenge of the steel industry.
    • For the maiden IKEA store in India, JSW Steel provided 1,300 MT of steel plates, around 350 MT of GI coils and 5,000 MT of TMT bars.

    What is JSW full form?

    JSW Steel Limited is one of the leading steel producers in India. JSW steel full form stands for Jindal South West Steel.

    JSW full form

    *Image for representation only. Not actual.

    Is Jindal Steel and JSW the same?

    JSW Steel and Jindal Steel are two different steel manufacturing companies in India.

    JSW Steel is a part of the JSW Group and is regarded as the second largest private sector steel producer in India. It offers a wide range of steel products, popular ones being JSW Neosteel TMT bars, JSW Vishwas premium GC sheets, and JSW Everglow advanced roofing technology.

    Jindal Steel and Power (JSP), has its presence in steel, mining, infrastructure and other industries. It offers a range of customised and standardised quality steel products from its plants in Angul, Raigarh, and others. Its products include rails, beams and columns, plates and coils, angles and channels, round bars, and the highly popular Jindal Panther TMT Rebars.

    Production facilities of JSW Steel

    JSW Steel has 14 steel manufacturing facilities in India. Here are the company’s production capabilities in a glance.

    JSW Steel’s production capacity in India & USA 28.5 MTPA
    Steel plants in India 14
    Iron ore mines 13
    Expected steel capacity by 2025 38.5 MTPA

    JSW Steel plant locations in India

    Here is a list of JSW Steel plant locations:

    • Vijayanagar Works, Karnataka: It is JSW Steel’s integrated steel plant. The plant sprawls over 10,000-acres. Moreover, it houses India’s largest blast furnace. The plant has the capability to produce hot rolled coils and sheets, billets, etc.
    • Dolvi Works, Maharashtra: JSW Steel Dolvi plant is situated at a strategic location in Western Maharashtra. It is well connected to a jetty that can handle cargo of up to 15 MTPA.
    • Kalmeshwar Works, Maharashtra: The plant is located near the city of Nagpur, which is again a strategic location. The central location enables JSW Steel to supply products all over the country.
    • Salem Works, Tamil Nadu: JSW Steel’s Salem Works plant is India’s largest Special Alloy Steel Plant (Long products). Moreover, it was awarded the coveted Deming Prize for 2019.
    • Tarapur Works, Maharashtra: The Tarapur Works plant produces galavnised products of JSW Steel.
    • Vasind Works, Maharashtra: It is the first plant of JSW Steel and has the capability to produce galvanising products, galvalume products and colour coated products.
    • Bhushan Power & Steel plants: JSW Steel completed the acquisition of Bhushan Power and Steel in 2021. With this acquisition, the company now has plants in Chandigarh, Derabassi, Kolkata, and Odisha.
    • Asian Colour Coated Ispat: JSW Steel completed the acquisition of Asian Colour Coated Ispat in 2020 and has acquired its steel plants located in the country.
    • Global plants: JSW Steel has plants in the USA and Italy.

    Is JSW bigger than Tata steel?

    Tata Steel and JSW Steel are two of India’s leading steel manufacturing companies.

    Revenue: JSW Steel’s revenue in 2024 was ₹176,010 crores, while that of Tata Steel for 2024 was ₹230,980 crores. (Source: Wikipedia)

    Plant capacity: JSW Steel’s current capacity for steel manufacturing stands at 28 MTPA in India and the USA, which it aims to expand to 37.5 MTPA by 2025. Tata Steel currently has a capacity of 35 MTPA across its steel plants in India and globally. In India, its capacity stands at 21.6 MTPA.

    This clearly shows that massive scale of both the steel giants. As such, both Tata Steel and JSW Steel are major big players in the steel industry with each having edge over the other in different areas.

    JSW Steel product list

    *Image for representation only. Not actual.

    The product range of the JSW Steel

    The company supplies various kinds of steel products as raw material for several industries. Here is a list of some of the steel products that the company offers.

    • Hot rolled steel coils: JSW Steel offers hot rolled steel coils with thicknesses of up to 25.4mm and widths of up to 2050 mm. The company manufactures these hot rolled steel coils at two of its facilities -Vijayanagar (Karnataka) and Dolvi (Maharashtra). The company’s Hot Strip Mill in Vijaynagar is capable of rolling coils of up to 2150 mm, which is said to be the widest in the country.
    • Colour coated steel coils: Colour coated steel coils are corrosion resistant and durable. JSW Steel offers colour coated steel coils with a wide range of thicknesses, widths, colours and profiles. Coatings of different materials including regular modified polyester, silicon modified polyester, super durable polyester, poly vinylidene fluoride and vinyl coated metal are applied on these coils.
    • Galvanised steel products: JSW Steel is one of the leading steel exporters in India and is known to be the largest manufacturer and exporter of galvanised steel products. The company’s range of galvanised products includes galvanised coils, galvanised corrugated sheets, etc. These products are manufactured in the company’s plants at Vijayanagar, Karnataka and Vasind, Tarapur and Kalmeshwar in Maharashtra.
    • TMT bars: TMT bars is an example of one of the important raw materials for the construction industry. JSW Steel manufactures TMT bars under the JSW Neosteel name, that offer enhanced strength and durability. They are developed with a high grade of purity of virgin iron ore. (Also read: JSW Neosteel price in India)
    • Steel wire rods: JSW Steel offers steel wire rods for a variety of applications. Some of the features include high-speed wire rod mills (120 mtr/sec), low sulphur and phosphorous content (0.005%-0.035%), etc. They can be used in multiple applications such as automobile, general engineering, welding, jewellery and cosmetics and so on.
    • Others: Apart from the products mentioned above JSW Steel also manufactures cold rolled steel coils, Galvalume, steel doors, special alloy steel products such as blooms, billets, rounds and so on.

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    What next for JSW Steel?

    • JSW Steel recently broke ground for its new steel production facility in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The downstream steel plant with a capacity 120,000 tonne per annum will also have the capability to produce steel sandwich panels and steel doors.
    • According to the Economic Times, JSW Steel plans to invest ₹10,000 crore in reducing carbon emissions. The company plans to take various measures such as the use of renewable energy, the use of the best available technologies for decarbonisation, and so on.

    Frequently asked questions

    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about JSW Steel.

    1.What is the full form of JSW?

    JSW stands for Jindal South West.

    2.What is the share price of JSW Steel?

    Currently, the price of JSW Steel shares is around ₹700. However, share prices change on a daily basis. Therefore, it is best to check the share price on a given day.

    3.Is steel from JSW Steel the best?

    JSW Steel produces high quality steel. However, what suits your project the best can be determined by the requirements of your project and the cost.

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