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MSME Jaipur is officially called MSME Development Office Jaipur or the MSME-DO Jaipur. This establishment is under the ambit of Office of the Development Commissioner (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) also known as the DCMSME Rajasthan. DCMSME Rajasthan is locally known as MSME Rajasthan.

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About MSME Jaipur

MSME Jaipur is a testing station for MSMEs established by the Government of India, one among the many testing stations set up in the country. The objective of these stations is to provide testing facilities to MSME units to help them to manufacture goods according to the acceptable standard specifications.

The testing station provides third party assurance to various government and private agencies and helps MSME to upgrade quality of their products.

“We at MSME-TS, Jaipur believe that our varied experience coupled with the latest technology, helps us in giving the best testing results. It is our commitment towards the public service essentially that differentiates us from the rest. We are committed towards making MSMEs globally competitive and sustainable. MSME TS, Jaipur being Government of India Organization is significantly contributing to ‘Make in India’ programme,” explains MSME Jaipur.

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Testing facilities of MSME-DO Jaipur

The MSME-DO Jaipur has numerous testing facilities set up for MSMEs. Have a look at a few testing facilities of MSME Jaipur:

Mechanical/metallurgy testing

Testing facilities as per IS 1786/2062/733/1611/1239/3589/4270/4923 /3589/318:

  • Tensile strength – 0.2% proof stress/yield stress, % elongation
  • Bend/rebend test
  • Hardness test
  • UBL test for main hole cover (IS 1726,12592)
  • Dimension and other visual parameters

Chemical testing

  • Chemical composition of ferrous and non-ferrous material (copper/ aluminum and its alloys) as per IS 1786/2062/733/1611/ 1239/3589/4270/4923/3589/318
  • Chemical properties of cement (IS 269)
  • Chemical properties of water (IS 456)
  • Coating thickness (IS 6697)
  • Galvanising test (IS 6745/2633)
  • Salt spray test (ISO 9227)
  • General tests such as flash point, viscosity, moisture content, water absorption, ash content, sp. gravity, PH determination, density, etc.

Paper testing

Testing facilities as per IS 1060/12766/1848/4658

  • GSM
  • Opacity
  • Brightness
  • Density
  • PH
  • Tearing strength
  • Moisture content
  • Ash content
  • Cobb test
  • Wax pick
  • Thickness
  • Bursting strength
  • Smoothness
  • Folding endurance
  • Tensile

Civil construction material testing

This is for testing of cement, cube, bricks and aggregates as per IS 269/456/1077/383. Testing facilties include:

  • Physical parameter of OPC/PPC Cement (IS 269)
  • Bricks testing (IS 383)
  • Aggregate testing (IS 383)
  • Glazed/Vitrified tiles testing (IS 15622)
  • Bitumen content test
  • Testing of compressive strength for cement concrete cubes/block/cement mortar cubes/lime cubes (set of three) (IS 456) interlocking tiles/pavers (IS 15658)

All these tests are charged a nominal fee by the MSME- DO office. There are concessions available on these charges (given below under the ‘Benefits’ section) for micro and small industries with Udyam registration. For a full list of charges visit the official website of MSME-DO Jaipur.

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Benefits of the testing station

There are several benefits extended to MSMEs who choose to test their products with the MSME-DO Jaipur testing station:

  • 25 % concession on testing charges is given to micro industries that are registered with the Ministry of MSME
  • 10 % concession on testing charges is given to small industries that are registered with the Ministry of MSME
  • Third party inspection
  • Timely and efficient services National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) trained staff
  • Single window interaction with customers
  • Nominal testing charges
  • Short term training programme on material testing
  • Expert advice on testing and quality

Functions of MSME Jaipur

The important functions of MSME Development Office of Jaipur are assistance and consultancy services for MSME sector in the state:

  • Assistance/consultancy to prospective entrepreneurs and existing units
  • Preparation of state industrial profile, district industrial potential surveys, sample surveys, etc., and production indices
  • Preparation of project profiles, feasibility reports, etc., and updating these reports
  • Organise entrepreneurial development programmes
  • Conduct management development programmes
  • Conduct skill development programmes and motivational campaigns
  • Promote and encourage vendor development and sub-contracting
  • Monitor quality control and upgrades, energy conservation/energy audit, pollution control related activities
  • Organise computer training programmes, common facility workshops and export promotions
  • Support testing facilities through field testing stations
  • Help with project appraisal for banks/Financial Institutions
  • Help Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation (RSIC) with inspection of stores
  • Provide marketing support through NSIC enlistment by giving technical inspection reports
  • Support to Directorate of Industries in technical matters

Courses offered

The establishment organises programmes on technology upgrades and subjects include ISO-9000, ISO-14001, HACCP, Biotechnology, effect of WTO on MSMEs, Intellectual property rights, waste minimisations, etc.

The courses offered by the institution are in the following disciplines:

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Glass & ceramics
  • Leather & footwear
  • Electronics
  • Metallurgy
  • Electrical
  • Industrial management & training
  • Economic investigation

You can check the advertisement page of MSME DO Jaipur website to know about the courses being offered. A list of courses offered will be uploaded on this page. You can click on the download button to know the details of the course and its fee structure.

At the time of writing, there are no courses being offered.

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How to contact MSME Jaipur?

If you want to contact MSME Jaipur, you can either send them an inquiry to their address or simply email them. Here are the contact details:


Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises


Phone / Fax: 0141-2210553



You can find a full list of Assistant directors and their contact details from the official website. These officers are charged with supervising different MSME schemes of the central government extended to MSMEs of Jaipur.

The list mentioned above has details of which scheme each of these directors handle. You can contact each of them according to the MSME subsidy schemes that you have chosen to participate in.

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