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One could plan to convert their private vehicle registration to commercial vehicle registration. This can be for any purpose of your business, for example, commercial passenger vehicle registration for Uber. This article explains how you can convert vehicle registration from private to commercial.


Here is a step-by-step process of vehicle registration conversion.

Step-by-step process of vehicle conversion: private to commercial vehicle registration

Here is the step-by step process of converting private vehicle registration to commercial vehicle registration.

Step 1: Visit Select vehicle related services under the online services menu.

Step 2: Select the option of Conversion of vehicles.

Step 3: Enter the registration number and chassis number and click on Validate registration button

Step 4: Click on proceed.

Step 5: A new page will open. Enter the Vehicle Registration number and Click on Proceed

Step 6: Select the Conversion of Vehicle option from the dropdown menu bar under Online Services.

Step 7: A message box will appear. It will say – ‘Please be ready with the scanned copies of the following documents which are required to be uploaded while submitting the application. Conversion of vehicle documents: Insurance certificate, LOI for conversion, Pollution Under Control (PUC certificate), Registration Certificate (RC).’ Do you want to proceed? Click on Yes or No as per your requirement.

Step 8: A new page will appear, enter the chassis number and mobile number. Click on ‘Generate OTP’.

Step 9: You will get an OTP on your mobile number. Enter the OTP number.

Step 10: Click on the show details button.

Step 11: The owner’s details will appear on the screen. Verify the Owners details.

Step 12: Verify insurance details. You need to edit details in case the insurance has expired.


Step 13: Enter vehicle conversation details. These details include:

  • Converted to vehicle type
  • Converted to vehicle class
  • Converted vehicle category

Click on Payment to proceed.

Step 14:  Click on the payment button to proceed to online payment.

Step 15: Confirm to move the application to the next stage.

Step 15: Click on ‘I accept terms and conditions’. And click on Continue.

Step 16: Select your payment gateway.

Step 17: Select your bank and then click on proceed.

Step 18: Make online payment.

Step 19: After successful payment, the transaction will get approved, and the receipt will appear. You can print your fee receipt.

Note: Although the process of converting a private vehicle registration to commercial vehicle is online, in some cases, you might have to visit the RTO office for physical examination of the vehicle.

Documents required for changing private registration to commercial

Here is a list of documents you will need to submit.

  • Application Form
  • Original Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle
  • Vehicle’s insurance
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
  • Fitness certificate
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the financier if the certificate is purchased on loan
  • Identity and address proof such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, Voter’s ID, utility bills, etc.
  • Tax receipts
  • Permit documents
  • Affidavit

Fees for commercial vehicle registration

Fee for commercial vehicle registration is around ₹1,000. You will also need to pay road tax at the time of applying for conversion.

Note: Fees and charges are subject to change as per the government’s policy. It is best to gather information about the fees at the time of conversion.

How to check the status of the conversion application?

  • Visit Vahan Citizen Services website
  • On left side, under ‘Choose option to avail services’, select Registering Authority including State and RTO. For example, State Maharashtra, RTO: Thane.
  • Click on I accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of services’ and then click on Proceed.
  • A window with a note on authentication by Aadhaar card will appear, click on Proceed
  • Select ‘Know your application status’ that appears under the Status menu.
  • Either enter the application number or vehicle registration number
  • Enter displayed captcha
  • Click on submit
  • The status of your application will be displayed on the screen

Changing private vehicle insurance to commercial insurance

Along with the change in registration, you will also need to complete other formalities before start using your vehicle for commercial purposes. One such example includes insurance.

You will also need to switch the vehicle insurance too from private to commercial insurance. Here are the steps to do so.

First, complete your registration process of conversion from private to commercial vehicle.

Note that you will not be able to convert the existing insurance policy that is suitable for private vehicles.

You will need to buy a new insurance policy for the commercial vehicle.

For buying new insurance for your converted commercial vehicle, you can get in touch with your existing insurance policy provider and explore the insurance policies meant for commercial vehicles.

Alternatively, you can also check for policies from other insurance providers.

Determine your needs, explore all options and choose the best one.

Renewal of commercial vehicle registration

Renewal of commercial vehicle registration involves almost the same steps. Here are the steps in brief involved in the renewal of commercial vehicle registration:

  • Obtain a renewal form from the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Fill in the application form for the renewal of commercial vehicle registration.
  • Sumit the form along with the required documents in the RTO office.
  • Depending on the age of the vehicle, you may be required to visit the RTO office for inspection of the vehicle.
  • Pay the required fees.
  • Once the officer give positive nod after inspection, your registration is renewed.

Concluding remarks

In order to use your vehicle commercially, you will need to convert the entire process of conversion. Additionally, driving a vehicle without proper insurance is now allowed. Hence, you will also need to buy  suitable commercial vehicle insurance for the vehicle.

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