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Commercial vehicles carrying goods across India will need a national permit to cross state borders with goods. This permit license is mandatory for any commercial vehicle carrying goods across the country. The permit is issued by the respective regional transport department of a state after a national permit online application.


What is a national permit?

Also known as an All India Permit, a national permit is a document issued by the transport authority to indicate that a commercial vehicle is authorised for goods carriage across the country. State governments can issue two different permits for goods carriage: state permits and national permits.

Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989

Section 86: Application for national permitAn application for the grant of a national permit shall be made in Form 48 to the transport authority.

Section 87: Form, contents and duration of authorisation

Subsection (1): An application for the grant of an authorisation for a national permit shall be made in Form 46 and shall be accompanied by a fee of ₹1000 per annum in the form of a bank draft.

Subsection (2):Every authorisation shall be granted in Form 23-A, in case the certificate of registration is issued on Smart Card or shall be granted in Form 47, in case the authorisation is in paper document subject to the payment of consolidated fees of ₹16500 per annum to be deposited in the national permit account for the permit granted to operate throughout the territory of India. The period of validity of an authorisation shall not exceed one year at a time.

According to rules mentioned above a national permit can be applied for in two different ways:

  1. You can apply for a national permit to operate in all the countries by paying ₹16500 as consolidated fees.
  2. You can apply for a national permit and choose a minimum of three states excluding Delhi and their home state. You can add to the number of state by paying an additional amount as designated for each state.

The All India Permit for commercial vehicle price is mentioned in the section below.

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How to apply for a national permit online?

An online application for a national permit is not yet possible. But you can pay All India Permit fees for commercial vehicle online on the Parivahan portal of the Motor Vehicles department of India.

Follow these steps to apply for the All India Permit for commercial vehicles:

  1. Download Form 46 for a consolidated national permit and Form 48 from the Parivahan website
  2. Fill up the forms
  3. Submit the forms at the Regional Transport Authority of the state to which the vehicle is registered (the vehicle you are getting a national permit for)

Before applying it is mandatory to pay the National Permit fees as there is a column in the Form 48 that asks whether you have submitted the prescribed fees

National permit fees

Given in the table below is the permit license fees and national permit validity:

Type of vehicle Fee payable Permit period
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) ₹2000 5 years
Heavy Goods Vehicle ₹2500 5 years

This is the fee to be paid to get authorisation to issue a national permit. Listed in the table below are the amounts to be paid separately for each state in case you are not opting to operate throughout India but only in a few states.

States Fees payable
Haryana ₹5000
Rajasthan ₹5000
Uttar Pradesh ₹5000
Madhya Pradesh ₹5000
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir ₹5000
Punjab ₹5000
Bihar ₹5000
Gujarat ₹5000
Maharashtra ₹5000
Orissa ₹5000
West Bengal ₹5000
Kerala ₹5000
Assam ₹5000
Meghalaya ₹5000
Tamil Nadu ₹3000
Andhra Pradesh ₹3000
Chandigarh ₹1500
Pondicherry ₹1500

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National permit fees online payment

You must first pay the permit fees online and then proceed to submit the application with the state’s transport authority. To pay the fee online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Parivahan portal
  2. Click on ‘Online Payment of National Permit’
  3. Fill in your ‘Registration number’ and ‘Chassis Number’
  4. Choose to pay either consolidated fee or separate fee according to the state fees

Upon payment of the fees, you should approach the authority with the forms for issue of the national permit.

Eligibility criteria

These are the conditions put forward by the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, regarding the issue of national permit to a vehicle:

  • A goods carriage vehicle, other than multiaxle vehicle, should not be more than twelve years.
  • A multi-axle goods carriage should not be more than fifteen years old
  • A puller tractor should not be more than fifteen years old
  • A multi-axle trailer approved to carry a gross vehicle weight of more than 50 tonnes, should not be more than 25 years old

Documents required

Here are the documents required to be presented along with Form 46 and Form 48:

  • Certificate of fitness
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Certificate of registration
  • Taxation certificate

National permits are issued to vehicles that satisfy the eligibility criteria. Once the permit period expires, the vehicle owner is supposed to renew the permit within the prescribed time otherwise a late fee will be charged along with the renewal fee.

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