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A commercial vehicle loan is a type of loan offered to businesses (e.g., transporters and logistics companies) to purchase a vehicle for business purposes. Most banks and NBFCs in India offer vehicle finance to MSMEs and large businesses to enable them to purchase vehicles that can be used in commercial activities. A commercial vehicle loan interest rate is different from a regular business loan interest rate, as it is determined by the borrower’s profile, type of vehicle, loan amount and other factors. Let us look at the meaning of a commercial vehicle loan, borrower’s eligibility, interest rates offered by banks, application process and more.

What is a commercial vehicle loan?

If you want to start a truck transport business or a logistics franchise business or similar, you will need funds to buy vehicles. A commercial vehicle loan offers you the funds you will require for it. These loans can be applied for online and offline, come with attractive interest rates, flexible repayment tenure and quick disbursal.

Most lending institutions offer vehicle finance for new and pre-owned vehicles. Interest rates are competitive and based on the borrower’s creditworthiness, vehicle category and manufacturing brand, location and other factors.

Based on the bank you are borrowing from, vehicle financing can be taken for electric vehicles (EVs), CNGs, hybrid commercial vehicles and caravan travellers for travel.

Note: In many cases, banks do not require additional collateral for commercial vehicle loans. The vehicle purchased is considered collateral against the loan.

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Commercial vehicle loan interest rate for businesses in India

Before diving into the features and eligibility of commercial vehicle loans, let us take a look at the interest rates offered by different banks and NBFCs.

In general, commercial vehicle loan interest rates range from 9 – 24% p.a. depending on the factors mentioned previously.

Lending institution Loan interest rate % Key features
SBI commercial vehicle loan


(Also check SBI business loans and SBI e-Mudra loans)

Competitive pricing link to EBLR Loan amount: ₹10 – ₹50 lakh

Margin: 15% on road price


Commercial vehicles: Max. 84 months

EV: Max. 48 months

Upfront fees: 0.50% of the loan amount + GST

No collateral required. Loans covered under CGTMSE scheme.

HDFC Bank commercial vehicle loan


(Also check HDFC Bank business loans)

Competitive rate of interest

7.75% – 16.70% (average APR – 9.65%)

Loan amount: Up to 100% funding

Tenure: Up to 40 months

Services: Loan on new and used commercial vehicle

Top up loan available

Vehicle loan balance transfer option available

ICICI Bank commercial vehicle loan


Competitive rates based on borrower’s profile

Stamp duty charges + documentation charges + 2% processing fees

For buses, truck, tippers, light commercial vehicles

New and used vehicles, top up on existing loans

YES Bank commercial vehicle loan


(Also read YES Bank MSME loans)

Competitive rates based on borrower’s profile

Asset verification charges + documentation charges + GST and other government taxes, levies, charges

Loan amount: Up to 100% on chassis cost and 90% on fully-built

Loan tenure: Up to 60 months

Services: Loans on new and used vehicles, Top-up loan, retention refinance, overdraft, drop line overdraft, balance transfer

Kotak Mahindra Bank commercial vehicle financing Min: Prevailing MCLR or reference rate

Max: 24%

Processing charges up to 3% + documentation charges up to ₹5000 + stamping charges

Customised financing solutions

Loan tenure: 12 – 60 months

Flexible repayment

Bank of Baroda commercial vehicle loan interest rate Concessional and competitive interest rates

MSMEs: Interest rate linked to repo rate

Others: Interest rate linked to yearly MCLR

Loan amount: Up to ₹30 crore

Loan tenure: Up to 5 years

No collateral required

Margin: Loans up to 100% on chassis / up to 60% on body

Loan up to 95% for fully built vehicles

Axis bank commercial vehicle loan


9.0% – 14.50% interest rate

9.30% – 16.00% (for 3 yrs+ tenure)

Up to 1.5% processing fee + stamp duty + documentation charges

Loan amount: LTV up to 100% of the asset cost

Tenure: 1 to 5 years


IDFC FIRST Bank commercial vehicle loan 7.50% – 30.00% p.a.

Up to 5% processing fees + stamp duty + documentation charges

Up to 100% on road funding

No guarantor required

Refinance on existing pre-owned commercial vehicles

Loan tenure:

New: Up to 48 months

Refinance: Up to 48 months

Fullerton India 12% – 26% Loan amount: ₹75,000 onwards with up to 100% financing

Loan tenure: Flexible as per requirement

Mahindra Finance Competitive rates

Documentation charges + stamp duty

Loan tenure: Up to 60 months

New and old vehicles

Quick disbursal (usually 24 hours after approval)

Collateral not required; Co-applicant or guarantor required based on borrower profile and product

*This is for information only. Borrowers are requested to contact the bank/NBFC for the latest interest rates and lending terms. Source: Respective bank/NBFC websites.

Eligibility criteria for commercial vehicle loans

There are some basic eligibility requirements that one must meet to apply for CV loans. Listed below are some of the general eligibility requirements, though lenders can choose to omit or add criteria based on their policies and the borrower’s profile:

  • Indian citizenship, age within 21 – 65 years
  • Satisfactory financial track record of individual and business
  • Udyam MSME registration certificate for MSMEs
  • Type of business: Proprietorships, partnership firms, limited liability partnerships, private companies, fleet owners, trusts and societies, self-employed, and individuals engaged in transportation business or hospitality etc.
  • Business vintage:
  • Salaried borrowers and self-employed individuals: 2+ years
  • Logistics businesses and fleet operators: 1 –3 years of vehicle ownership
  • Private/Ltd. Companies, trusts, societies, partnership firms: 2+ years existence and audited financials

Documents required for commercial vehicle loans

The list of documents required for CV loans is similar to documents required for business loans. Borrowers are requested to check with the financial institution for the latest requirements list. Some of the commonly asked documents for commercial vehicle financing are:

  • Duly filled in application form, 2 passport sized photo
  • Photo identity, age proof, address proof and others as per KYC guidelines: E.g., Aadhaar card, PAN card
  • Income proof: E.g., Audited financials for last 2 years, bank statements, ITR
  • Vehicle ownership details: I.e., documents on list of vehicles owned by the borrower, insurance, RC copy etc.
  • Repayment records (if any)
  • Proof of experience: E.g., commercial vehicle registration copy

Features: Commercial vehicle finance

Let us take a look at some of the common features of commercial vehicle loans.

Business Loan
  • Commercial vehicles loans are usually offered without any collateral asset as security (check with the bank on down payment on loan)
  • Interest rates vary depending on the borrower’s profile, loan amount and tenure
  • Vehicle financing (can be up to 100% financing) is usually offered to businesses in logistics and transportation and to businesses/individuals requiring vehicles for commercial purpose
  • Processing time is quick, with loan disbursal in as less as 72 hours

Commercial vehicle loan EMI calculator

As a business owner, how do you know what’s the EMI you will have to repay when you borrow a commercial vehicle loan. Let’s understand with this example:

Amount required: ₹1,00,000

Interest rate: 11%

Tenure: 2 years (24 months)

Based on calculations
Monthly EMI: ₹4,661 (for 2 years at 11% p.a.)

Interest payable: ₹11,859

Total amount payable: ₹1,11,859

You can learn more about business loan EMI calculations for connect with your nearest bank for details on your EMI and other requirements.

Next steps: Applying for vehicle financing

As a closing thought, if you need vehicles for your business, consider taking vehicle finance. It’s a smart choice for enterprises looking at growing their business, reducing transport costs, or even saving time and the hassle of negotiating with logistics partners.

You can apply online and offline for a commercial vehicle loan. The process is similar, though it’s faster when done online.

For offline application:

  • Visit your preferred NBFC/bank branch
  • Collect the loan application form
  • Speak with a relationship manager for guidance and assistance
  • Check eligibility, calculate EMI, and collate all documents
  • Fill in the form, attach the documents and submit the form
  • Get a response within 7 days after the bank officials have your documents and application
  • Wait for the funds to be disbursed within another week’s time

For online application:

  • Visit the bank/NBFC official website and click the ‘Apply now’ (or similar) option for vehicle loans
  • Fill in all details (personal and professional) along with mobile number and email for OTP verification
  • Upload the required documents and await a call back from the bank/NBFC on the next steps

Alternatively, you can also call the bank’s customer support numbers or connect with a loan direct sales agent for any assistance.


What is the difference between a car loan and a commercial vehicle loan?

A car loan is offered to individuals to purchase a car for private/personal use. A commercial vehicle loan is offered to organisations or individuals to purchase a commercial vehicle (e.g., trucks, lorries, tempos) for business use.

Do I need collateral or a guarantor for a commercial vehicle loan?

Whether you need a collateral, a guarantor or a co-applicant is determined by the bank based on your creditworthiness. In many cases collateral is not required, though banks may ask for a guarantor or co-applicant. It’s recommended to understand collateral loans and how they work before applying for a vehicle finance.

What are the different types of commercial vehicle loans?

You can get the loan to buy different vehicles such as busses, tankers, trucks, tempos, tippers etc. It should however be used for a commercial purpose. You can get CV loans for:
  • New vehicles
  • Pre-owned or second hand-vehicles
  • Top-up loans
  • Balance vehicle transfer
  • Overdraft
  • Drop line overdraft

What is the difference between a business loan and commercial vehicle loan?

A business loan is a credit facility offered to businesses to run their daily business operations seamlessly. Business loans can be used for meeting immediate cash flow and working capital challenges, pay rent and salaries, buy inventory or equipment (i.e., machinery loans for business). A commercial vehicle finance on the other hand is offered to businesses/individuals for the purpose of purchasing a commercial vehicle for their business. It is a business loan for vehicle, but unlike a regular business loan, this loan can only be used for purchasing vehicles and hence needs to meet the specific eligibility criteria and submit the required documents.

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