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    Balaji Steel Industries is a steel supplier and distributor from Karnataka. It is one of the most popular steel supplier companies in south India well known for its quality steel products sourced directly from reputable manufacturers of the country. The company was founded in 2017 to cater to the needs of manufacturers looking for quality steel products. It is headquartered in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka.

    Balaji Steel products

    Balaji Steel is an authorised distributor of steel products manufactured by major steel brands like Jindal Steel, JSW Steel, Tata Steel, Vizag Steel, SAIL, etc. Have a look at the products sold by Balaji Steel company:

    • Steel angles

    Steel angles are hot-rolled carbon steel that are moulded into L-shaped cross sections. The sides of the cross section are called legs of the angle. Most angles available in the market feature a 90° shape. Many angle suppliers in India can even customise the angle sizes according to client specifications. These are used in making frames, machinery parts, etc.

    The grade of steel angle sold by the company includes IS 2062, E250, E300, E350, E410, E450. The sizes available start from 50 x 50 x 5/6 mm to 250 x 250 x 22/25/28/32/35 mm (length of leg 1 x length of leg 2 x thickness of the legs).

    Always request for a steel angle weight chart to get actual dimensions, sizes and weight of angles to ensure it meets your project requirements.

    • Steel beams

    Steel beams provide the necessary support to buildings and other structures. They look like two long steel plates called flanges, connected by a perpendicular steel plate called a web. They are used to build platforms such as the middle floors of a skyscraper, or the upper floor of a warehouse. The structural integrity and the load bearing capacity of steel beams depend on the grade of steel used in the construction of the beams.

    The grade of steel beams sold by the company includes IS 2062, E250, E300, E350, E410, E450. The firm’s product list includes universal beams, Indian Standard medium beams, narrow parallel beams and wide parallel beams.

    • Steel channels

    Steel channels are used in the construction industry for structural support. There are different types of steel channels that are used for different purposes like building roofs, car frames, joists, studs, etc. Heavy-duty steel channels are used to make primary frame rails of a car frame. Braces and other structural components are made from lighter steel channels.

    Steel channels are sold in different sizes ranging from 75 x 40 x 7.14 kg/m to 400 x 100 x 50.1 kg/m [Depth (mm) x Flange width (mm) x Sectional weight (kg/m)].

    • Steel columns

    Steel column is a structural element used in buildings and other structures. Its primary purpose is to support the structure and maintain its stability. Its size depends on the load bearing requirements of the building. They are made using high-strength steel so that they can withstand heavy loads and forces without deformation. Sizes available range from 152 x 152 x 23/30/37 kg/m to 356 x 368 x 129/153/177/202 kg/m.

    • Steel pipes and tubes

    Balaji Steel supplies steel pipes and tubes with square cross sections, rectangular cross sections and circular cross sections. Steel pipes are round hollow sections that are used mainly in the transportation of fluids, gas, powders, etc. Water supply in cities is generally done through steel pipes. Steel tubes come in various shapes such as round, square, rectangular, oval, etc. They feature better durability and strength than steel pipes.

    • Steel roofing sheet

    The company provides galvanised and color coated roofing sheets highly resistant to corrosion. It promises long life, lower maintenance and repair costs

    • Steel plates and coils

    A steel plate is any steel material that is formed into a plate. These plates come in various lengths, widths, shapes, finishes, etc. Steel coil is a sheet or strip of steel that is wound or coiled after rolling. Coiled steel is used for a variety of applications including building components, machinery and electrical equipment, kitchen appliances, etc.

    Balaji Steel provides four types of plates and coils:

    • Hot rolled
    • Cold rolled
    • Hot rolled pickled and oiled coils and sheets
    • Galvanised plain coils and sheets

    Apart from these products, Balaji Steel also supplies purlins, rails and decking sheets.

    Balaji Steel price

    Some of the common keywords typed on the internet by companies looking for steel products is Balaji steel Bangalore, Balaji steel Jaipur, Balaji steel Vadodara, etc. The best way to find area wise prices for the products is to contact the supplier directly.

    As mentioned already, the company are steel suppliers which means they buy wholesale from steel manufacturers and sell it to steel businesses. Therefore, the company will have their own prices for products that they deal with like every other steel supplier.

    The easiest way to find out Balaji Steel price would be to contact the company directly. Ask the customer executives all the details of the specific product you are looking for including the current price.

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    How to contact Balaji Steel?

    There are three ways to contact the steel supplier.

    1. You can mail them a query to the email address:
    2. You can call them on +91-9686617282 and +91-9606661166
    3. Fill up the online query form given on the official website

    All the contact information can be found on the ‘Contact’ page of the official website of the company including the online query form.

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