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    Knowing the steel pipe price according to its dimensions is important to budget your working capital expenses. For example, if you want to find out 20 feet steel pipe price you would have to enquire with different steel suppliers to know the price of a 20 feet steel pipe. This price will depend on the grade of steel used to construct the pipe and the dimensions of the pipe.

    20 feet steel pipe price

    Usually, steel pipe prices are given in kilograms. Have a look at prices of steel pipes in India:

    Product Sold by Price
    Alloy Steel Pipe Noor Trading Company ₹120/kg
    MS round pipes Apollo Steel Pipes ₹58-63/kg
    Carbon Steel Cylinder Pipe Aman Steel Traders ₹ 182/kg
    Carbon Steel A 106 Seamless Pipe Parmar Steel ₹ 86/kg
    304 Grade Stainless Steel Pipes Grand Metal Corporation ₹ 200/kg
    Jindal Carbon steel A53 GR.B ASTM ASME Pipes Hitech Metal And Tubes ₹ 85.5/kg
    Non polished Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe K S Metal Corporation ₹130 – ₹215/kg
    ASTM A333 Carbon steel pipe Aesteiron Steels LLP ₹ 130/kg
    Galvanised rectangular pipes Apollo Steel Pipes ₹55-65/kg
    Steel Pipes Sagar Tubes ₹265/kg

    To find the price of steel pipes with specific dimensions you can either enquire with the supplier or calculate it yourself. Usually, the length of the pipe will be given in the price card of a steel pipe product. Then, it is easy to calculate the price for 6m/20 feet.

    The formula used to find weight of a pipe is Weight = Volume x Density

    Let us understand this with an example:

    Consider a 20 feet mild steel pipe (240 inches) with 2-inch diameter and has a wall thickness of 1/2 inch:

    First, we find the volume of the pipe using the equation:

    Volume = π × [(diameter/2)² – (diameter/2 – thickness)²] × length

    = π × [(2/2)² – (2/2 – 1/2 in)²] × 240

    = 180 in³ = 0.003 m3

    Now we apply the formula to calculate weight. In this case, the density of mild steel is 7850 kg/m3. We then will get the following:

    Weight = volume × density

    = 0.003 m3 x 7850 kg/m3

    = 23.5 kg

    Therefore, the weight of a 20 feet mild steel pipe is 23.5 kg.

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    How to calculate price when the length is given in feet?

    Usually, prices are not given in feet. In India the length of steel pipes is measured in meters. Therefore, meters must be converted into feet if you want to know the price of a steel pipe in feet.

    For this calculation simply convert meter into feet. For example,

    1 m = 3.3 feet

    Therefore, steel pipe measuring 10 m will be 33 feet long.

    If you are looking to convert 20 feet steel pipe to find 20 feet steel pipe price then the calculation will be as follows:

    1 foot = 0.3 m

    20 feet = 20 x 0.3

    = 6 m

    So, if you are trying to find 20 feet steel pipe price then you must enquire for the price of a 6m steel pipe.

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    How to find steel pipe price according to its length?

    Usually, most steel suppliers mention the length of a steel pipe in their product listing. This makes it easy to find the price of the steel pipe length that you are looking to buy. For example, a 3m pipe costs ₹150, then a 6m/20 feet pipe will cost you ₹300.

    The most accurate way to find out the prices would be to do a quick Google search and compare different rates from different suppliers. Narrow down a few suppliers and send them an enquiry. Make sure you enquire specifically.

    For example, common Google queries for steel pipe prices include ‘2 inch steel pipe price per foot’, ‘steel pipe price 20 feet 2 inch’, ‘steel pipe price 20 feet 1/2 inch’, etc. Make sure you ask all the specific details you want to know about a product. From the details they sent you, you can choose a supplier accordingly.

    Once you narrow down the list of suppliers don’t forget to find their location. The transportation cost will be much less if you can find a supplier that is closer to your factory location. You can also ask for discounts and offers from the supplier.

    Do note that different suppliers will have different prices for the same brand of steel pipes. However, steel pipe products from the same brands are usually priced within a certain range. Look for quality certifications when you buy steel.

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    How to buy steel pipes in India?

    There are numerous steel pipe manufacturers, suppliers and brands in India. When purchasing steel pipes remember to check the seller credentials, the grade of steel, and the product certifications. Don’t forget to compare rates between different suppliers and manufacturers to get the best rates. Add transportation cost, loading and unloading charges, GST on steel bars and other charges while calculating the final price of steel.

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