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A tender advertisement is published to notify companies of a tender announcement. Government entities, public sector companies, etc., announce tenders through these advertisements on different public platforms. Numerous government tenders are announced in India through these advertisements.


What is a tender advertisement?

A tender advertisement is a document that advertises the announcement of a tender on a public platform. Government tenders in India are usually advertised on the government tender portals and newspapers. These advertisements are for businesses in India inviting them to bid for contract works of government departments and entities.

The advertisement will have all the basic tender details mentioned including the name and details of the tender project, opening and closing date for tender submissions and how to submit the tender. There will also be a link indicated in the advertisement that will take you to the tender document.

Contents of a tender advertisement

The contents of a tender advertisement include:

  • The name and address of the authority that has issued the tender
  • Name of the tender project being announced
  • Tender fee to be paid
  • Where to obtain the tender documents and how to obtain them

Example of a tender advertisement

Given below is a tender advertisement by the Central Organisation for Modernisation of Workshops (COFMW), an establishment under the Indian Railways:

                                                                     COFMW (Indian Railways)

Railway Offices Complex, Tilak Bridge, New Delhi – 110002, India

Ph no: 91-11-23378344, Fax:91-11-23370347, Website:

                                               Invitation of tender through e-Procurement system

Bid invitation notice no: OPB – 551               Dated:18.03.2016

Controller of Store, COFMOW, New Delhi, on behalf of President of India, invite e-Bids from experienced Indian manufactures through e-Procurement system for supply of the following machines:

Tender No. COFMW/OP Description of machine Quantity (Nos.) Cost of bid documents Bid guarantee amount Closing date and time
201210/2016 Electric overhead travelling cranes, Cap-20 & 30T 3 ₹1500 ₹358000 18.04.2016 at 15:00 hours
502110/2016 Electric overhead travelling cranes, Cap-2 & 5T 6 ₹1500




18.04.2016 at 15:00 hours


502210/2016 Electric overhead travelling cranes, Cap-10 & 15T 4 ₹1500


₹302000 19.04.2016 at 15:00 hours


Conditions for bidders: Above tenders are uploaded on IREPS website ( The firm who desires to participate against e-Tenders, are advised to electronically register themselves on the above website for which they would require to obtain class-III digital certificate under Government of Indian IT Act 2000.

This is a tender advertisement sample is a great example of advertisements by government departments announcing tenders.

Tender advertisement process

Have a look at how a tender advertisement is published by government agencies and institutions:

  1. Tender Inviting Authority (TIA) decides to invite tender proposals from external businesses
  2. TIA prepares tender documents and a tender notice
  3. Tender notice will be published on CPP Central Public Procurement) portal and the website of TIA.
  4. TIA can choose to publish their advertisement on public platforms like newspapers. This would mean that the tender notice is sent as the tender advertisement to the newspaper to print.

During the tender advertisement period, interested bidders must collect the tender documents to get detailed information on the tender project.

Tender advertisements lead to tender documents published on a tender portal. All government tenders in India are published on the CPP portal which is the e-Procurement system mentioned in the example. You can download tender documents from the website and find out how to participate in the tender.

A tender document will contain:

  • Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) and its Appendix: Tender Information Summary (TIS)
  • Instructions to Bidders (ITB)
  • Appendix to Instructions to Bidders (AITB)
  • General Conditions of Contract (GCC)
  • Special Conditions of Contract (SCC)
  • Schedule of requirements
  • Services and activities schedule
  • Performance standards and quality assurance
  • Method statement
  • Work plan
  • Critical material schedule
  • Qualification criteria
  • Key personnel schedule
  • Critical equipment schedule

Where can you find tender advertisements?

Government institutions usually don’t advertise tenders widely. Some departments choose to advertise them in newspapers for better reach. These advertisements are usually published in the Classifieds section of newspapers.

To keep an eye on newly announced tenders, businesses must sign up on CPP portal. You can go to the CPP portal and find tenders using the search option. Clicking on any of the tenders displayed on the list will take you to the tender details page. On this page you will be able to download the tender notice both in English and Hindi.

If you are a MSME owner, looking at participating in government tenders, you can explore private tendering portals, such as Tata nexarc to find government tenders easily. It saves you time and the hassle of logging in to the government tendering portal every day to check on active tenders and latest tenders. With a subscription, you will also receive tender updates and information on newly announced tenders and never miss a relevant business opportunity.

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If you are a business owner looking to advertise tenders, there are many private e-tendering portals that will let you sign up and float your tenders on their platform. Signing up for these platforms has multiple benefits including an existing customer base.

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