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PWD tender notice invites tender proposals for PWD contracts. PWD contracts often involve building and maintenance of government construction projects. Like the CPWD eTenders announced by the central government, every state in India has Public Works Department (PWD) which is tasked with planning, designing, construction and maintenance of all government buildings and infrastructure.


On that note, let us understand how to find PWD tenders by location and the components of a tender notice PWD.

How to find PWD tender notices?

Before we look at how to find tenders by PWD, let us understand what is a tender notice?

What is a tender notice?
A notice released by any government establishment inviting tender proposals from businesses is called a tender notice. Most tender authorities follow a standard tender notice format and publishes tender notices with details like tender eligibility criteria, documents to be submitted, tender evaluation criteria and guidelines on how to create a tender proposal.


The easiest way to find PWD tender notices of a state would be to visit the official PWD website of the chosen state.

For example, if you want to participate in PWD Karnataka tenders simply visit: This will take you to the official website of Karnataka PWD where you can find tenders on the homepage itself.

Most state PWD websites have all the latest PWD tenders published on them and a link to navigate to the list of active tenders.

You can refer to the official website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for a full list of state PWDs of India and a link to their official websites.

How to find PWD tenders on a state procurement portal?

All PWD tender notices are published on the state’s e-Procurement portal as well. For example, if you are looking for Assam PWD tenders you can visit the government tender portal of Assam, to search for the state’s PWD tenders:

All the states have the same e-Procurement system, which is a tender website hosted by the National Informatics Centre. The state portals have similar features like the Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) of the central government.

You can search for PWD tenders on e-procurement portals of the states India in the following ways:

  1. Search for tenders by organisation, classification and location

Visit the procurement website of the chosen state. The homepage itself will have a display of all the latest tenders. You can expand your search by clicking on ‘Tenders by Organisation’, ‘Tenders by Classification’ and ‘Tenders by Location’, options located on the left side of the homepage.

For example: When you select ‘Tenders by Organisation’ you will get three columns to fill in under the search bar. One of the columns is labelled ‘Tender Category’. Clicking on this column will give you a dropdown menu with options including Goods, Services and Works.

Clicking on the Works option will give you all the contract work tenders that the government has invited. If you want to narrow down your search there is a ‘Product Category’ column right next to ‘Tender Category’ column. Product Category has a dropdown menu that features a list which has options of Civil works – Buildings, Civil works- Bridges, Civil works- Roads which will display a list of the latest civil works tenders in India. You can choose the category you are interested in from this menu.

  1. Main search option

You will be able to see a search bar given on the homepage in the header of the state procurement portals. Clicking on that will take you to advanced search where you can filter your tender search options. You can filter your search according to Tender type (e.g., open tenders, closed tenders), Tender ID, Tender reference number, Tender category, Product category, etc. Just entering a few of these filters or even one filter would be enough to give you search results.

  1. Log in and search

As you probably know, to participate in state tenders or central government tenders you need to be a registered user of the respective website. Register for the chosen state’s portal and log in with your credentials (e.g., Tamil Nadu eProcurement tenders, Andhra Pradesh eProcurement tenders etc.). Click on ‘Search for active tenders’ option. You will get advanced search options same as the main search option on the homepage of the portal.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to private e-Tendering portals like Tenders on Tata nexarc to get latest tender updates that are relevant to your business.

Some tender portals like PWD Delhi tender portal is linked to the CPP portal. When you register, log in and click on participate, the portal will direct you to CPPP. You will have to register on the CPPP and then participate in tender bidding.

Private e-Tender portals for PWD tenders

India has several private tender platforms that keeps an update of latest tenders released by the central government and the state governments. Tata nexarc’s Tenders is a private e-Tender platform that scours government tenders from trusted sources to bring you the latest tender invitations being floated in the country. Have a look at the features that Tenders & Quotations offers its subscribers:

  • 3 lakh+ government tenders in one place
  • Relevant tenders delivered to your email
  • Smart recommendations to help you get matching tender according to your business offerings
  • 12,000+ live tenders added daily

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