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Central Public Works Department or CPWD is an agency of the central government that oversees all forms of public service operations or development work in India. The work and projects of Indian Government including facilities on roads and highways, safety and maintenance, and restructuring of government buildings are managed by the CPWD. The department invites tenders for any CPWD project. To apply for CPWD tenders you must be an enlisted contractor on the CPWD portal.


How to find CPWD tenders?

You can find CPWD e-Tenders on four different portals:

.   (

.   (


.   (

CPWD e-Tender and e-Auction website are new websites launched by the government for all new users. All the existing users of the Tender Wizard portal can use these new portals to find CPWD tenders as well. Updating existing profiles is mandatory to perform any activity on the new websites for all the users. Existing users have been sent User ID and password to email IDs registered with their current Tender Wizard account for logging into the new CPWD tender portals.

All intending bidders must check both Tender Wizard website and the new websites for participating in CPWD tenders online and checking CPWD tender documents. Tender Wizard login and logging into other CPWD websites is only possible if you are enlisted as CPWD contractor.

How to enlist as a contractor on the CPWD portal?

To participate in government contracts you need to register on or the GeM portal.

However, to participate in the CPWD e-tendering process you must enlist as a contractor on the CPWD portal. Contractor is a company executing or intending to execute the work under a contract. According to enlistment rules of CPWD contractors can be the following:

  • An individual, who is a citizen of India
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership firm
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Private limited company
  • Public limited company

To enlist as a contractor, visit ‘Contractor Enlistment Management System (CEMS)’ available on CPWD web site. While applying for enlistment you need to make sure that you commit no mistake while filling out the enlistment form on the CPWD website. You will only get one chance to edit the details given in the head of the application including name of applicant, address etc., once submitted. However, no changes can be made to details of work experience, class and category furnished by the applicant.

The goal of enlistment of contractors is to have a ready list of suitable and competent contractors who are fit to undertake CPWD projects to reduce the requirement of verification of credentials while companies apply for any CPWD tender.

What should you know about being a contractor on CPWD portal?

CPWD tenders are divided into two:

  • B&R (Buildings & Roads)
  • Horticulture

B&R category has various classes of enlistment. These classes are I(Super), I(AAA), I(AA), I(A), I, II, III, IV and V. The classes of enlistment in horticulture category are Class I, II, III and IV. Contractors can fall into any of these classes depending on the conditions they fulfill. Every class has a set criterion that helps the government determine the class of a contractor. Enlisted contractors can bid up to the respective tendering limit.

CPWD contractor tendering limit
Tendering limit is the maximum cost a contractor is allowed to bid. Simply put, the contractor is only allowed to bid for those tenders for which the estimated cost is lower than or equal to the tendering limit set for the contractor.

Given below is the tendering limit of enlisted contractors in accordance with the categories and classes they fall into:

Class Buildings & Roads (₹ Crore) Horticulture (₹ Crore)
I(Super) 650 Not applicable
I(AAA) 260 Not applicable
I(AA) 260 Not applicable
I(A) 75 Not applicable
I 50 2.30
II 15 0.80
III 4 0.40
IV 1.30 0.20
V 0.40 Not applicable

Eligibility criteria for enlistment

There are two main eligibility criteria for all companies wishing to enlist as a contractor on CPWD e-Tender portal.

1. Work experience

Work experience will be judged based on completed projects in the last 7 years from the date of application for a CPWD tender. Each project completed will be evaluated in terms of the total value of the project. The value of projects executed during the last 7 years will be calculated by increasing the actual cost of work at the rate of 7% per annum. The contractor should have a work experience certificate signed by the client, whom the project was done for. The bank accounts and income tax statements will also be checked to evaluate the projects completed and payments received.

2. Financial soundness

The CPWD has also set criteria for determining the financial soundness of a contractor. This will be based on three factors namely: net worth certificate, average annual turnover and banker’s certificate.

Eligibility criterion for being a contractor for CPWD B & R tenders:

i. Work experience

No of projects completed                     Value of the project (₹ Lakh)
I(Super) I(AAA) I(AA) I(A) I II III IV V
Three 7000 3500 1750 1100 400 110 35 10 3
Two 10500 5250 2600 1600 600 160 50 15 4
One 21000 10500 5200 3200 1200 320 100 30 8
ii Financial soundness
Criterion                       Minimum amount (₹ Lakh)
I(Super) I(AAA) I(AA) I(A) I II III IV V
Net worth certificate 6,500 2,600 1,300 750 500 150 40 13 4
Average annual turnover 20800 8320 4160 2400 1000 300 80 26 8
Banker’s certificate 20800 8320 4160 2400 1000 300 80 26 8

Eligibility criterion for being a contractor for CPWD horticulture tenders:

i. Work experience
No of completed projects                    Value of the project (₹ Lakh)


Three 21 11 6 3
Two 32 16 8 4
One 64 32 16 8

ii. Financial soundness

Criteria                 Minimum amount (₹ Lakh)


Net worth certificate 23


8 4 2
Average annual turnover 46 16 8 4
Banker’s certificate  46 16 8 4

There is also a nominal enlistment fee that should be furnished along with the application for enlistment (Note: This is not the EMD or the tender fee). This fee is non-refundable. Therefore, ensure that you fulfill the prescribed eligibility requirements before applying to be a contractor and making the online payment. Applications received without enlistment fee will be rejected.

Once you enlist as a contractor and sign up on one of the CPWD portals, finding CPWD e-tender is easy. The CPWD e-Tendering process is fairly similar to applying to government tenders. The CPWD Tender Wizard portal manages all aspects of procurement including vendor registration, bid upload, bid document purchase, bid preparation and bid submission making the tendering process easy for enlisted contractors.

You can find CPWD tenders using Tenders & Quotations service of Tata nexarc where you can explore over 1.3 Lakh tenders and get email/SMS updates on fresh tenders.