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MSME grievance monitoring system is officially called the Internet Grievance Monitoring System [IGMS]. Developed and launched by the Ministry of MSME, this an online portal that allows MSMEs to register and check the status of their grievances.

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On the online portal you can register your complaints, suggestions and even seek guidance from officers of the MSME Ministry. You could register complaints and seek information about GST, government schemes, Udyog Aadhaar, etc.

Functions of MSME grievance monitoring system

Given below are the four main functions of the system:

  • MSME complaint registration
  • Reply to a grievance issued to your company
  • Forward the grievance if it is wrongly marked to you
  • Check status of the grievance registered

How to register complaints on MSME grievance monitoring system?

Have a look at the steps to be followed to register a grievance on the MSME grievance monitoring system:

Step 1: Go to the IGMS portal

Step 2: Click on the ‘Register Grievance’ button on the top left corner

Step 3: Fill in the form that appears.

The form will ask you to choose the ‘Type of grievance’ (complaints, suggestions or seeking guidance/information). You will have to select ‘Type of unit’ (MSME unit, MSME employee, etc.). You will also be asked to fill in contact details.

Step 4: Click on ‘Get OTP on Mobile and email ID’. You will receive two different OTPs.

Step 5: Enter the OTPs sent to the email ID and OTP to Mobile in the two columns displayed

Step 6: Click on ‘Verify Mobile’. Upon verifying mobile number and email ID a form for grievance details appears.

Step 7: Select your ‘Grievance category’ from the drop-down menu

Grievance category option displays these categories:

  • Related to GST
  • Related to MSME scheme
  • Related to DCMSME scheme
  • Related to MSME – DI
  • Related to MSME tool rooms
  • Related to Public Procurement by PSUs
  • Related to scheme of KVIC
  • Related to scheme of Coir Board
  • Related to NSIC
  • Related to NI-MSME
  • Related to MGIRI
  • ASPIRE scheme
  • SFURTI scheme
  • Udyog Aadhaar
  • Delayed payment
  • MSME Databank
  • Related to loan
  • Others

Step 8: Type in your grievance in detail in the ‘Grievance description’ box

Step 9: Click on “Upload File’ button if you have any relevant file (pdf or jpg) to upload

Step 10: Check the Declaration checkbox

Step 11: Type in the ‘Verification code’ as per the captcha image

Step 12: Click on ‘Submit Grievance’ button

Once you click on the submit button the system will display a thank you message with your Grievance Number. You will also receive a confirmation mail on your email ID with Grievance Number.

How to check the status of your grievance?

The MSME grievance status can be checked using the same portal:

Step 1: Visit IGMS portal

Step 2: Click on ‘View status’ option

Step 3: Enter you Grievance number on the page displayed

Step 4: Enter ‘Verification code’ as per the captcha image

Step 5:  Click on ‘Submit’

The system will display your grievance details and the status of action taken for grievance redressal.

Points to note while registering a complaint

Each grievance must be registered separately on the portal. The portal shows the date and time to indicate when the grievance was registered. It also shows the date and time of resolving the complaint. If you are not satisfied with the settlement of the grievance, you can register your complaint again on the portal.

There are certain types of complaints that wouldn’t resolved on this grievance redressal portal:

  • The grievances resulting out of a sub judice matter, personal or family dispute
  • Complaints/suggestions relating to other ministries that will impact territorial integrity of the country or affect the friendly relations with other nations will not be answered
  • Cases in which an RTI has been filed

Also, do note that the login option on the right side of the homepage of the portal is for official purposes only. MSMEs can simply register their complaint without registering and logging in to the portal.

Other MSME grievance redressal portals

There are two main platforms that helps MSMEs resolve grievances:


The CHAMPIONS portal was launched as a platform for resolution, redressal and remedies of MSME complaints. It is a facility provided by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises for:

  • Ensuring a speedy, convenient, and effective redressal of MSMEs grievances.
  • Handholding and helping MSMEs with various government schemes/policies.
  • Providing guidance and advisory services in areas of finance, marketing, technology, raw material, labour, infrastructure and capacity building.
  • Connecting MSMEs with key officials of ministry, state governments, lending institutions and government agencies.
  • Disseminating information and details of all schemes of the Ministry of MSME.

MSME Samadhaan

MSME Samadhaan is a delayed payment monitoring system for MSMEs. This is an initiative taken by the Government of India to settle the delayed payments and disputes associated to it. Distressed MSMEs can lodge a complaint against a buyer before the Micro and Small Enterprise Facilitation Council (MSEFC) through MSME Samadhaan portal. Any Udyam registered MSME can raise a complaint on the platform.

MSME grievances can be registered on the CHAMPIONS portal or the MSME grievance monitoring system. Both platforms are made to ensure swift resolutions to all problems faced by MSMEs.

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