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You may have heard about the MSME Data Bank before. However, do you know what MSME Data Banks are? Or do you know its purpose and benefits? This article takes a closer look at the benefits of MSME Data Bank, registration process and guidelines.

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What is MSME Data Bank?

As the name suggests MSME Data Bank is a database of MSMEs. Launched in 2016, the MSME Data Bank acts as a repository meant to gather and maintain information about Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in a centralised system. It is a Government of India initiative that aims to facilitate the growth and development of these enterprises. However, how does it help in the mission of fostering growth? What is the main purpose of the MSME Data Bank? Let’s learn more about it.

MSME Data Bank contact number

Email ID:

MSME Data Bank customer care number: +91-9599230207

Purpose: What is the use of MSME Data Bank?

Here are the key purposes of MSME Data Bank.

  • Centralisation of information: As mentioned earlier, one of the key purposes of the MSME Data Bank is to collect comprehensive data about MSMEs. This data includes various aspects of their businesses including nature of business, financials, employment, and so on.
  • Monitoring: Another purpose of the MSME Data Bank is to monitor MSMEs’ growth. It helps the government track MSMEs’ performances and understand challenges. This further helps the government in understanding roadblocks and formulate schemes and policies accordingly.
  • Accessing creditworthiness: Such centralized information can help banks, NBFCs or other financial institutes while lending. Having access to such data enables them to evaluate the creditworthiness of an MSME.

Benefits: MSME Data Bank registration

What are the benefits of MSME Data Bank registration for MSMEs? Here we have listed some of the benefits of MSME Data Bank registration.

Access to finance: Since financial institutes can verify financial and other business-related information on MSME Data Bank, it is relatively easier for MSMEs to prove their creditworthiness. This, in turn, helps them to seek a business loan, whenever needed.

Government initiatives: As mentioned before, the MSME Data Bank helps the government to understand the needs and challenges of MSMEs better. As a result, the Government of India can formulate better relevant policies and schemes for MSMEs.

Building better support services: The government of India’s Ministry of MSMEs offers various kinds of services including training, counselling, marketing support, initiatives for technology adoption, etc. MSME Data Bank helps the government to be more effective and relevant for the current needs of MSMEs.

Who can register?

Any company that is distinguished as an MSME as per the MSMED Act can register on the portal of MSME Data Bank. For MSME Data Bank verification, you will receive an email on your registered email ID. You will need to click on the given link to verify your email address.

MSME Data Bank registration

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to register on MSME Data Bank.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the MSMS Data Bank.

Step 2: Click on Register. You will find three options to register. Click on ‘MSME’.

Step 3: Enter your Udyam registration number, your mobile number and the captcha seen on the screen. Click on ‘Validate details’.

Step 4: On the next page, enter details of your organisation such as the name of the company, address, etc.

Step 5: You will then have to enter other financial details like turnover of the company, employment status, bank name, account number, IFSC code, and so on.

Step 6: If you are a manufacturing company, you will also need to enter factory details and if you are a service provider you will need to enter information related to services you provide.  (Details of required information from the manufacturer as well as the service provider are mentioned below).

Step 7:  Review all the information you have filled in. Check for any errors and then click on ‘Submit’.

Step 8: You will receive an email for confirmation of registration.

MSME Data Bank registration: guidelines

Here is the information that you will need while registering.

For a manufacturing company

In case you are a manufacturing company, MSME Data Bank will ask for the following information while registering. It is best to keep them handy.

  • Address: Address of the enterprise along with details such as state, district, and pin code. This information is fetched from the Udyog Aadhaar number that has been previously entered.
  • Number of employees: You will need to enter the number of employees working from your factory.
  • Annual capacity: You will need to enter the installed capacity of your factory in terms of the number of units.
  • Measurement unit: From the dropdown menu, you will have to select the right measurement to quantify your product. For example, litre, metre, kilogram, tons, and so on.
  • Investment: You will also need details about the investment your company has made in plant and machinery.
  • Power consumption: You have to enter details of the current power loan in Kw/HP.
  • Product description: Mention the description of the products you manufacture. You can add details of multiple products you manufacture however mentioning at least one product is mandatory.
  • Product code: Mention the HS product code. As you enter the product name and description, an indicative list of HS codes will be populated in the form of a dropdown menu. You can select the right one.
  • Raw material details: You will also need to list down the raw materials you use for production. Giving information about at least one raw material is mandatory.
  • Main customers: You will need to mention the names of your major customers.
  • Turnover: Mention the company’s turnover in the last financial year.

For a service provider

If you are a service provider, you will need to enter the following information while registering.

  • Address: You will need to enter mention the address of your company. Then, data related to other fields such as district, state, pin code, etc., will be auto-populated.
  • Service description: Describe the services your company offers from the address mentioned above. You will need to mention the name of the service and its description.
  • Service code: Once you fill in all details about your service, data regarding the HS code will be auto-populated with relevant codes. You will then need to click on the drop-down menu and select the right code.
  • Employees: You need to provide the number of employees working in the company.
  • Investment in equipment: In case you have made any investment in any kind of equipment, you will need to mention it in this field.
  • Main customers: You need to provide details of your major customers.
  • Turnover: You will have to provide details about last year’s turnover of your company.
  • Power consumption: Mention your current power load in KW/HP.

MSME Data Bank login process

You can access MSME Data Bank through an app from mobile and through a portal from your computer.

MSME Data Bank app

If you are using an Android-based mobile, you can easily download MSME Data Bank app through the PlayStore. Log in with your credentials to access it.

MSME Data Bank portal

As mentioned earlier, you visit the MSME Data Bank portal (, log in with your credentials to register and access the data.

Concluding note

MSME Data Bank registration is not a mandatory process. Therefore, you can skip it. However, enlisting your company in the Data Bank offers multiple benefits. This data helps the government to formulate the right policies for companies like you and the industry at large. On the other hand, banks are able to design better business loan schemes. Therefore, it is advisable to register your company on the portal of MSME Data Bank.


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