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Trademark registration is a process mandated by the Government of India to officially register the trademark of companies to prevent duplication. Once you apply for trademark registration you can check the trademark registration status using the trademark registry website.

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How to check trademark registration status online?

Trademark is an intangible asset under Intellectual Property Rights. Trademark application must be submitted to the Trademarks registry in the application form labeled TM-A to register a particular trademark. It is recommended to keep checking the application status of trademark registration. This is because the applicants might be required to take action in certain instances.

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All trademark applications can be tracked online. To check the trademark registration application status, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Trademark Registry website

Step 2: Select the option labelled ‘Trademark application/registered mark’ Indicated on the left side of the page.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select ‘National IRDI Number’

Step 4: Enter trademark application number and captcha code

Step 5: Click on ‘View’

Once you click on ‘View’ your registration status will be visible

Types of trademark registration status

Once you submit a trademark application, it goes through various stages of scrutiny. There are different types of statuses that will be indicated on the trademark registration status page:

  • New application

This status means that the application has just been received for checking. This is the initial stage of application.

  • Send to Vienna codification

We end up poor classification is an international standard for logos and its elements. According to the classification, a unique code is assigned based on the figurative elements in the logo.

When the status indicates ‘Sent Vienna codification’ this refers to trademarks having logos, labels or artwork. This stage attributes codes as per Vienna codification for non-text trademarks.

  • Advertised before accepted

The application is advertised and open for opposition from third parties.

  • Accepted and advertised

The Trademark Registrar is satisfied with all aspects of the trademark and allows it to be registered in the Trademark Journal as a recognised trademark.

  • Opposed

Once a trademark is published in the trademark journal, the public is given three to four months to respond with any opposition to the trademark. If a third party has reported any objection the trademark registration status shall read ‘Opposed’.

  • Withdrawn

Once the trademark status is ‘Opposed’, the applicant can fight the opposition case. If the applicant chooses not to fight, the applicant can voluntarily withdraw the trademark application. Then the status will read ‘Withdrawn’.

  • Marked for exam

This status indicates that your application is being considered for a closer look by the trademark examiner.

  • Formalities check pass

The required documents such as application form, Power of attorney, specimen etc., are inspected in this stage.

  • Objected

When an examiner raises certain objections to the trademark and its registration then an ‘Objected’ status appears. An examination report is presented by the examiner indicating the objections.

You must respond to the examination report within a month from the date of issuance. If the reply isn’t given within the prescribed time, the trademark status will appear ‘Refused’.

  • Refused or abandoned

‘Refused’ status means the application is refused after checking the applicant’s response to the examination report. ‘Abandoned’ indicates that the applicant hasn’t responded to the examination report and the application has been abandoned by the Trademark Registry.

  • Registered

Once the trademark application passes all stages of scrutiny the trademark registration status will read ‘Registered’. A certificate of registration is issued to the applicant by the Trademarks Registry.

  • Removed

When a trademark is not used for five consecutive years after the issuance of the Trademark Registration Certificate, or when the trademark owner forgets to renew the trademark registration, then the status will reflect as ‘Removed’. If you don’t renew your trademark application, the trademark will be removed from the trademark journal.

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The trademark registration process may take one or two years to get processed. Therefore, it is important for a business to keep an up-to-date view on the status of the trademark application. This will help you to deal with any opposition or rejection in a timely manner.

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