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If you are looking at starting a business in the nation’s capital city, Delhi, then here are some low investment business ideas in Delhi NCR region you may consider. Delhi has been a hub for tech and business innovation and the list of unique businesses in Delhi is endless. But starting a business requires strategic planning, basic investment and specific business licences. So, let us take a look at the top 10 business ideas in Delhi with low investment. These profit-making business ideas can be considered by all – students, young professionals, women entrepreneurs or any other.

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Top 10 business ideas in Delhi – Low investment and profit making ideas

It’s estimated that there are almost 35 million people residing in Delhi (Source: Statista), and more than 6.5k startups (Source: Startup India). The city has a thriving industrial ecosystem across banking and insurance, tourism, logistics, IT and ITeS, textile and apparel, real estate, and more. That’s a huge market with enormous potential to tap into and find your fit. On that note, let’s dive into the top 10 business ideas in Delhi NCR.

1. Logistics business

This may sound like a cliché, but starting a logistics business in Delhi is one of the most profitable business ideas you come up with. Logistics includes a wide range of services: warehousing, courier, dropshipping, eCommerce last mile delivery, grocery delivery, B2B deliveries, etc. What you need is to understand the gap in the market, invest accordingly and start your business.


You may identify a gap in the market for PTL shipping. Existing small businesses with less pallets of goods, may be paying higher rates for full truckload to big transporters. In this case, you can start a small PTL shipping business, with one or two trucks only. Here, the customers can share the truck space with another business and pay for only half the space. This is a win-win as your investment is low, there’s a ready market, and you are standing out with your unique service offering.

Basic investment:

You can approach a lender for a business loan for trucking company, and get quick sanction, based on your business plan and potential.

  • 1-2 trucks, can be new or previously-owned
  • 2-3 drivers, truck insurance, permits, company registration, and other regulatory requirements
  • ₹20 lakhs – ₹50 lakhs based on vehicles planned and annual maintenance

2. Online tutorials

If you are looking to start a business with less then ₹50,000 investment in Delhi, then this is the right choice for you. You need to have a skill that people can learn online – e.g., academics, languages, music, dance, etc. and invest in basic infrastructure such as laptop, headphones, internet connection, etc. You will also need an active bank account or UPI id to receive payments.


A unique small business idea in Delhi is to provide language lessons – e.g., spoken English, Hindi, Marathi, Telegu, Kannada or any other. It’s imperative that you have the subject matter knowledge, in this case, be a native speaker. Many people from Delhi move to other cities for academic and professional reasons. Being familiar with the local language of the respective cities is an added advantage.

As such, if you specialise in any language or have friends who do, you can partner with them and start a home-based online tutorial and teaching business in Delhi. You will have to promote your business through social media platforms and/or word-of-mouth to acquire customers. You can also partner with corporates to cater to their language training requirements. Check this list of marketing strategies for small businesses to get inspiration.

Similarly, other unique business ideas in Delhi for online classes would include to teach music or a dance form (Note – in this case you may have to collaborate with a professional institution/university to provide learning certificates after annual examinations).

Basic investment:

  • ₹50,000 or less
  • Laptops, headphones, internet connection
  • Minimal expenses on social media promotions and marketing campaigns (e.g., annual subscription to designing platforms like Canva at approx. ₹3,999/annually)
  • Website (option) using platforms like Wix (minimum spend)

3. Apparel boutique and/or garment store

Other top 10 business ideas in Delhi NCR are in the garments and fashion apparel sector. When it comes to fashion and apparel designing, you can either consider becoming a solo-entrepreneur and start you own label or get a trading licence and begin a garments business.

Fashion is a profitable business idea in Delhi considering trends and that it’s one of India’s largest markets for readymade garments. You can either own a store in a popular market area (e.g., Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh, Sarojini Market, etc.) or start a home-based boutique.


As a solo entrepreneur (i.e., OPC or sole proprietor) you can start a garments business from your home. If you want to own a shop, then it is recommended to register your business, rent a store and complete the legal rental paperwork, obtain a trading licence, get 2-3 people to help you procure goods and operate, find garment vendors and wholesalers to stock your store, and transporters for logistics requirements for apparel industry. You will next have to plan your sales and marketing strategy, whether doing online or offline. This is a profitable business idea in Delhi, as the city is known for having tourists throughout the year.

Basic investment:

  • ₹30 lakhs – ₹50 lakhs for renting space, procure garments, hire staff
  • Laptop, internet, operational expenses

You can consider taking a business loan for self-employed or a business loan for sole proprietor. In case you are starting out and do not have any income proof, you can also approach specific lenders and apply for a loan without income proof.

4. Mobile accessories manufacturing

A low budget manufacturing business idea in Delhi – designing and making mobile phone, laptop and tablet covers. Mobile phone companies are introducing new handsets every month and this makes it a suitable opportunity for you to start a business in manufacturing mobile phone covers and decorative accessories. Production costs can be as low as ₹30 – ₹50 per mobile case, and based on additional elements can be charged accordingly.


Design and make mobile cases by material, user demography, handset type, etc. This will allow you to have a wide range of products in different colours, materials, and price range. You will have to make a small investment in procuring materials, setting up an unit, and getting required business licences and permits. You will also have to find customers, preferably B2B customers for bulk orders. You may even consider personalising your products and charging a premium to a B2C audience.

Basic investment:

  • ₹10 lakhs – ₹40 lakhs
  • Infrastructure, licences and permits, business registration, workshop rent

5. Travel operator and planner

Another small business idea in Delhi is to become a travel and tour operator. This is primarily a panning and coordination job with minimum investment. You will have to conduct research, coordinate with transport operators and hotels, and plan complete trips and itineraries for your customers. You will even have to hire a couple of employees for managing marketing, operations, and tour guide/lead.

Considering Delhi’s rich heritage, you can start small and conduct walking tours and heritage tours around Delhi, or plan weekend trips to nearby locations and vacation places.


One of the most popular top 10 business ideas in Delhi for ladies, is to start a women-only travel group. Many women today have the time and resources to travel and are looking for women-only groups for travelling. By starting a women-only travel group, your business can be unique and cater to a niche. This is however a competitive sector but the market potential is enormous.

Basic investment:

  • ₹30 lakhs – ₹40 lakhs p.a. (include staff salary, company registration, internet and phone etc.)

6. Content, web design and development freelancing

This is practically a zero-investment business idea in Delhi when you are working as a freelancer. This is often taken as among the top 10 business ideas in Delhi for students, as it can be taken up by anyone with the required skills and academic requirements.


If you have a background in creative writing, copywriting or designing, you can work as a freelancer and set up your own business. Delhi is a hub of start-ups and many businesses prefer to work with specialist freelancers on contractual basis instead of hiring full-time permanent employees. So, whether it is for writing content for the website or maintaining social media posts, or scripts for videos or any other marketing collateral, as an independent content creator, you can build your own business with minimum investment. Once you are on a growth mode, you can hire additional staff and offer clients value-added services.

Basic investment:

  • ₹1 lakh – ₹3lakh for infrastructure setup, customer acquisition, social media (e.g., LinkedIn promotion)

7. Homemade snacks and healthy food catering business

Another profitable business idea in Delhi, Noida, NCR region is to start a home-based snacks and healthy food catering business. This may sound cliché but there is a growing market for it. Delhi has professionals and students in the city who find it challenging to make time for meal preparations. A healthy food catering service is a smart solution for them.

Offices, during celebrations would prefer to shift to healthy food options over the unhealthy ones. House parties (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries, festivals etc.) where food is required in bulk and hygienic would prefer to try healthier, home-based options, to keep it customised and unique. In all these cases, starting a home based business for snacks and healthy food is a lucrative idea.

This is often regarded among the top 10 business ideas in Delhi for ladies.  In fact, the government has launched the Annapurna Yojana as a unique scheme for women in the food and catering business with funding up to ₹50,000 (note – this is mostly for the rural areas). Additionally there are several other business loan schemes for women entrepreneurs in India to enable and empower women.


You can create a niche. For example, vegan food, kids food, regional food, desserts and sweets, etc.

Basic investment:

  • ₹50,000 to get started (Note – In this line of work, advance payments on orders is the norm)
  • Website development and maintenance, social media management
  • Company registration charges

8. Fitness trainer and coach

If you have an existing certificate, degree or licence to practice as a fitness trainer or coach or yoga practitioner (or even a nutritionist/dietician) then you can start your business immediately. Health and fitness is a growing industry and in cities like Delhi, people are keen to take a focused approach to healthy eating and lifestyle.

To begin, you can start a YouTube channel and take to Instagram to build a follower base and clientele. Gradually you can invest in a fitness studio or gym based on your stream of income and nature of clients.


If you have a diploma in yoga (or any other relevant certificate) you can start teaching yoga only. You can apply for a business loan for YouTubers to start your channel and invest in basic infrastructure to take online classes for 3-4 hours a day only. The operational costs are minimal and is among the best top 10 business ideas in Delhi with low investment.

Note – It is recommended that if you are in growth mode you register your business and even apply for trademark registration for your business name, logo, content assets, etc. Also, ensure that you have the required certificates and licences required.

Basic investment:

  • ₹2 lakhs ₹5 lakhs for infrastructure, marketing and promotions

9. Handmade craft business

There are several manufacturing business ideas you can consider when it comes to start a handmade crafts or accessories business with low investment. Delhi is a competitive market and building a hand-made accessory business is among the top business ideas in Delhi without investment. You can specialise in making decoration or festival items, jewellery, handbags, gifting items, pottery, etc.

As a small-scale business in Delhi, you can either be a sole-proprietor and employ a couple of more artisans to help you with the craft. You will also need to collaborate with artisans to expand your business and offer new and unique items to your customers. Though branded products and fast-selling items have their market, there is growing demand for custom handcrafted items, especially that is affordable and ready to access.


You start a pottery business, where you make different items such as coffee mugs, vase, trays, etc. You can sell them directly via your website or tie up with local shops to sell your wares. You can also conduct workshops and weekend classes on pottery making. Similarly, you can partner with corporates and conduct workshops on team-building etc. You will need to master the craft and have additional skilled resources to help you expand the business.

Basic investment:

  • ₹5 lakh – ₹30 lakh based on the craft
  • Business registration and other legal procedures

10. Event management

We kept this at the end as being an event planner never goes out of fashion. Among the top 10 business ideas in Delhi NCR starting an event management company. Throughout the year, Delhi sees different celebrations and events. Whether it’s a corporate party, or a wedding, birthday, or any other. Being an event planner therefore can be a lucrative business opportunity.

There are however some key challenges – you will have to coordinate with multiple stakeholders and have a wide network of contacts; and you will have to build a strong portfolio to showcase the work done.


As a small event management company, you can start managing small get togethers and parties of up to 50 people. This will help you to understand the way the business works. You will have to plan expenses, payments, catering, guest lists, decorations, travel and hotel bookings, etc. Always invest in a relevant software to keep all details in one place.

Basic investment:

  • ₹20 lakhs – ₹50 lakhs
  • Company registration and business licence
  • Software, tools and infrastructure setup
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Getting started with your top low-cost business ideas in Delhi

Before you start a business in Delhi or any other city, always conduct market research. Understand the gap in the market, the consumer behaviour and demand, the present competition and market threat.

Also, pay attention to the basic needs of starting a business. For instance, if you need to rent an office spare or store, check on the location, availability of basic utilities, and mode of transportation.

Take legal and financial guidance and ensure that all legal and business requirements are in place. In case your business requires special licences, ensure you have got them. Also, adopt technology and digital solutions in business for efficiency.

Ensure that your products and services are planned such that it offers value-for-money. For instance, if you are selling a niche service, such as web design and development, your pricing should reflect your expertise and value it is bringing to the customer.

Learn, adopt, and adapt to make your business thrive and grow in Delhi.

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