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MSME Sampark is a digital portal hosted by the Government of India for job seekers and recruiters. Registering on this portal can help job seekers find jobs and recruiters find suitable candidates for recruitment.

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What is MSME Sampark scheme?

The initiative is one of the main MSME schemes launched by the Indian government for helping small businesses find the right talent for their organisation. The scheme was introduced on June 27, 2018, and aims to bridge the skill-gap between India’s talent pool and businesses to resolve unemployment issues of the country.

MSME Sampark portal

The scheme launched the MSME Sampark portal for both job seekers and businesses to easily find relevant job openings and candidates respectively. It specifically helps small businesses and new entrepreneurs to scan various job seeker resumes and find the perfect fit for a position with the relevant experience and skillset.

It also helps job seekers to match their skill sets with role, position, required experience, monetary expectation, location and industry verticals and easily find a job under the scheme. These job seekers are students that have passed out of 18 MSME Technology Centres set up by the government of India.

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Benefits of MSME Sampark portal

The portal aims to benefits both job seekers and recruiters of the country

Benefits for recruiters:

  • Easy registration
  • Find numerous resumes easily on the portal from a large resume database
  • Resumes are vetted before they are uploaded on the portal
  • You can filter the search for resumes according to key skills, experience (min. to max.), location (current and preferred), industry, roles, education (highest degree, specialization, passing year), previous/current employer, designation, notice period, current work location, and freshness of resumes (one day old resumes)
  • No paywall to view resumes
  • Recruiters can contact the contact centre for assistance with registration and job posting

Benefits for job seekers

  • Easy registration
  • Upload your resumes on the portal
  • Fully automated interface that can sort your resume based on your inputs
  • Assistance from the customer interface team for job search
  • Find numerous job postings from national and international companies
  • Option to search current openings based on skills, recruiters, location, experience and salary
  • View contact details of the employer after registration
  • Registration is free of cost

How does the MSME Sampark portal work?

Both job seekers and recruiters must register on the portal to use its resources. Once the registration is done job seekers can upload their resume and start searching for jobs, and businesses can look for suitable candidates for their job openings.

How to register on the Sampark portal?

MSME Sampark registration is different for job seekers and recruiters.

Job seeker registration

These are steps to register on the portal for job applicants:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on ‘Job Seeker’ button located on the top right corner
  3. Click on ‘Log in’
  4. Click on ‘Don’t have a Username & Password, Click here’
  5. Fill up the ‘Get your Log in Credential’ form
  6. Click on ‘Get Credential’

You will receive a link labelled ‘Get your credentials’ through the mail you provided in the form. After clicking on the link, you will receive your Username, Password, and the link to register. Once you register you can login with your credentials.

How can job seekers search for vacancies?

After registering, a job seeker can start searching for available job openings. Here is the process of job search on the Sampark portal:

  1. Login to thee Sampark portal
  2. Click on ‘Job Seeker’ located on the homepage
  3. The job seekers can view all the latest job vacancies
  4. Click on the job you are interested to view details
  5. Click on the ‘Apply’ button to apply

The job seekers can click on ‘Manage Job’ on the left side of the page to know the status of their applied jobs.

Business registration

Given below are the steps to register for both small-scale and large-scale businesses:

  1. Visit the MSME Sampark website
  2. Click on the ‘Recruiter’ option on the homepage
  3. Select ‘Registration’ option from the dropdown menu
  4. Fill in the ‘Company Details’, ‘Nodal Officer Details’ and ‘Security’ on the registration form that appears
  5. Click on ‘Register’

How can businesses search for candidates on the portal?

Follow these steps to

  1. Log in to the portal using your credentials
  2. Click on ‘Jobseeker Search’ located on the left side of the page.
  3. A new window appears containing the details of all the job seekers with options to search skill-wise, location wise and experience-wise.
  4. View a candidate’s profile by clicking on ‘View Details’

Recruiters can contact job seekers directly by sending an email or SMS mentioned in the job seeker profile. Companies can view profiles of all the candidates registered on the portal even if they have not applied for the job vacancy posted by them.

Under the MSME Act of India, Government of India has enacted a slew of initiatives to boost the development of the sector. Numerous MSMEs have participated in these policies reaping funding benefits and subsidies for various activities.  

Some of these welfare policies include MSME Innovative scheme, CGTMSE scheme, RAMP scheme, etc. 

The job seekers under the Sampark portal have benefitted from one such initiative which is the MSME Technology Centre (TC). MSME TCs have been one of the key contributors to the Make in India initiative. 

Government of India has set up TCs across the country to support existing and new MSMEs by developing production facilities, manpower, providing consultancy and to develop the competitive edge of businesses coming under MSME classification 

TCs are also tasked with enhancing competitiveness and providing skilling services to the unemployed as well as the employed youth of the country so as to increase their chances of employability.

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