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MSME Puducherry is one of the MSME Development Offices set up under the Office of the Development Commissioner (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) also known as the DCMSME Chennai. DCMSME offices are established around the country to offer MSMEs consultancy services, training in courses, etc.

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About MSME Puducherry

When people talk about MSME Puducherry they can refer to two things; one is the MSME Testing Station and other is MSME Technology Centre both established in Puducherry.

MSME Testing Station Puducherry is a testing facility for MSMEs established by the Government of India, one among the many testing stations set up in the country. The main aim of these testing stations is to provide testing facilities to MSME units to help them to manufacture goods according to the acceptable standard specifications.

MSME Technology Centre in Puducherry offers a number of services to MSMEs including innovation, design, prototyping, assessment, testing and calibration, manufacturing incubation, training and placement.

MSME Testing Station – Puducherry

The MSME Testing Station Puducherry has numerous testing facilities set up for MSMEs. Businesses can use these facilities for a nominal fee to test their products. The testing station helps businesses find out whether the products manufactured conform to quality standards.

These are the products that can be tested at the MSME Puducherry testing station:

  • Cement concrete cubes
  • Reinforcement bars
  • Structural steel (angles/beams, channel, etc.)
  • Aggregates
  • Fine aggregates
  • Cement
  • Wood
  • Wooden flush doors
  • Gypsum plaster board
  • Wooden particle board
  • Pre laminated particle board
  • Tiles – Cement concrete flooring
  • Tiles – Ceramic/vitrified/glazed
  • Stoneware pipes
  • Bricks – Burnt clay
  • Bricks – Fly ash
  • Pressed clay tiles
  • Hollow/solid bricks
  • Paver blocks
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Steel tube
  • Bolt
  • PVC pipes
  • GI pipes
  • Ductile pipe

All tests are charged a nominal fee by the MSME Puducherry. MSMEs with Udyam registration are given concessions on these charges. For a full list of charges visit the official website for Testing Station of DCMSME.

If you are an MSME in Puducherry and need your products tested, you can head to the testing facility located at this MSME Puducherry address:

MSME-TS, Tamil Nadu,

Indl. State,

Thattachavadi, Puducherry-635009

MSME Technology Centre – Puducherry

Like the MSME Testing Stations, there are many MSME Technology Centres set up across the country. The Aim of the technology centre is to “primarily assist MSMEs in their respective fields through introduction of latest design and production technologies and by providing training, consultancy and common facility services by continually improving the skills and knowledge of the human resources of the Technology Centre.”

The objective of MSME Technology Centre, Puducherry are as follows:

  • To provide technical, advisory & consultancy services for existing & prospective MSMEs in the areas of Electronic System Design & Manufacturing(ESDM) sector.
  • To provide support to Entrepreneurs and MSMEs from the initial stages of product concept to prototyping, low volume production and incubation for a period of two years.
  • To focus on improving access to technology, providing skill up-gradation, and offering advocacy support to MSMEs, to ensure competitiveness in the eco-system by strengthening linkages to the mainstream ESDM sector in the region.
  • Training of technical personnel in various courses in Embedded systems, PCB design & Manufacturing, Electronic Assembly, Electronic Repair and maintenance, computer hardware & software etc.
  • To provide production facilities which will ensure financial viability without competing with MSMEs.

Courses offered

The official website of the MSME Technology Center will indicate the courses that are being offered currently. To check for a list of courses, please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the official website of MSME Technology Center, Puducherry
  2. Navigate to the option ‘Training’
  3. Select ‘Short term courses’ from the drop-down menu

Here a list of courses will be given in the form of a notice. At the time of writing there are no courses being offered. To apply for these courses, Follow the steps until Step 2. From the drop-down menu, select ‘short term courses application form’. Download and fill the application form and send it to the address below:

21- Pillaichavady Revenue Village, Oulgaret,

Taluk at RS.No:170/2 pt, situated inside IT Park (PIPDIC) Pillaichavady,

Kalapet, Puducherry-605014

Phone: 0413-2971085

Alternatively, you can email them your queries using the ID

Regularly checking the website can keep you updated on the list of courses the institution is offering. When you enquire make sure to ask about the benefits that are offered to MSMEs who wish to participate in the course so you can get monetary discounts on the courses offered.

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